14 Wood Lathe Projects For Beginners To Help You Boost Your Creativity

Processing wooden products has never been easy. It requires you to be knowledgeable, meticulous, and especially hard-working. But for beginners, this becomes even more difficult. 

Understanding this concern, we have compiled and sent it to our readers wood lathe projects for beginners in the hope that we can help you believe in your passion and talent.


1. Wooden bowl

wood lathe projects for beginners

In fact, with a skilled artisan to produce a wooden one usually does not take too much time; just a few simple steps can be completed. Therefore, we think this is the most typical project for beginners with enthusiasm and passion for learning.


Basically, to process a wooden bowl with a lathe, we just need to prepare a square or rectangular log. And very quickly after that, just if you listen attentively and look at the actions of other artisans, you will most likely create beautiful bowls.


The most important thing for you is to stay calm, confident, avoid fear, trembling because this will cause your product to fail.

2. Wooden Rings

Wooden Rings is a pretty easy project because from the design to the lines. And it is extremely easy. And we realize that, if you choose to go from such simple, small projects. So Wooden Rings is a great project for beginners.

It doesn’t matter if you choose wood chips to operate; the important thing is what you will learn from those scraps.

Choosing to make wooden Rings, we should use pieces of solid wood because only they can help us successfully manipulate and create perfect products. Besides, the size is also something you need to consider. Take great care to measure your finger.

3. Square server

Compared to round trays, square or rectangular trays are easy projects for beginners. You will only need to know ​​​​the size and then work with the lathe to quickly get the finished wooden tray. 

In our opinion, this is a project to help beginners grasp many turning techniques as well as manipulate them accurately.

With this project, you just need to prepare the wood and have a steady, confident mind that can be done! 

However, do not be too easy to neglect; if you have that thought, the products you create will not be what you want. Confidence is a good thing, but overconfidence has many consequences.

4. Wooden chopsticks

Wooden chopsticks are a typical and important project that helps beginners become familiar with lathes and master many different operations. Therefore, Wooden chopsticks are the perfect choice for future success.

By simple operations to create finished Wooden chopsticks, you will better understand the lathe spindle function and arouse the excitement to work on more projects with more difficulty.

5. Wooden Spoons

Perhaps, Wooden is the ideal choice for beginners. With just a simple turn on a very fast lathe, you can create a lovely spoon by yourself, contributing to a more diverse kitchen space.

You only need to prepare a lathe and wood, plus your ingenuity and meticulousness to implement the project successfully. 

But do not be subjective because of this ease, because if you are careless, everything will go very far, and of course, this project will lead to failure.


6. Wooden cutting board

It’s no coincidence that we include a wooden cutting board as one of the easiest projects for beginners. In fact, creating wooden cutting boards does not need to take too much time. Much of it depends on your manipulation and ingenuity.


Need to prepare for this project simply pieces of wood of the right size. And most of the shaping operations are very easy. If you are knowledgeable and have the basics, don’t worry; just be confident in yourself.

7. Wooden wall clock

Overall, the Wooden wall clock is a great project for beginners. As long as you try and study hard, it will be very easy to create a beautiful wooden clock.


You need to prepare a round wood of the right size and then adjust the edge and finally smooth the surface. The end product is a lovely watch. And it will be wonderful to be in your own home decorated by a clock that you make yourself.

8. Wooden cork

As you can see, the details on the wooden buttons are all very simple. And this seems to be the perfect choice for beginners to learn and perfect their skills to move on to higher projects later. The most important thing is still the perseverance to train from yourself.

Before creating a cork, you need to determine the size and style of the stopper to match the bottle. To ease this process, you should choose the cork from a little simpler because that will make it difficult for you.

9. Wooden cup

When talking about wood lathe projects for beginners, it is impossible not to mention the Wooden cup. We think that it is perfect for those who start choosing the Wooden cup through the overall assessment. This project can help you to progress and can lead to big projects with much more difficult levels.

To rotate a suitable cup, we need to prepare a full lathe and wood. And the most important thing is still your dedication to the product. 

There is nothing more wonderful than creating lovely cups for your loved ones or loved ones. This is a meaningful gift!


10. Mini Candle Stool

Mini Candle Stool is quite an interesting project for beginners. Because, to create such products, we do not need to spend too much time so that we can learn and accumulate more experience effectively.

The sophistication and elegance of this product allow us to create breakthroughs with the product’s design. We can use the products we make to decorate the living room space more vividly. 

Or, if possible, create novel products to market. It is the perfect choice if you are both learning and earning extra income from your design.


11. Weed Pots

The slightly higher level of detail required is the Weed Pots project. However, for beginners who want to challenge themselves, this project choice is extremely reasonable.


Before you start making Weed Pots, you need to prepare the tools and materials. At the same time, shape the size and shape of the vase to avoid awkwardness in the making process. 


In general, these products are quite easy to make with just a little attention. You can use the finished Weed Pots to decorate your room or give it to your loved ones.

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12. Wooden pen

The wooden pen is one of the top 14 wood lathe projects for beginners. Perhaps from the outset, we would assume that such a product would be out of reach for newcomers. However, if you are a basic person, it becomes extremely easy.

By participating in the Wooden pen project, your skills will become stronger and can go far in the future. 

To create a pen, we need to go through many stages, from adjusting the head and body to creating a lovely and usable pen shape. Therefore, when implementing this project, you need to clearly define the purpose as well as forge your perseverance to complete it as best as possible.

13. Ring Minder

Ring Minder is a project with many prospects, which is the first step that beginners should try. To complete this project well is neither easy nor difficult. Given their rather large size, it seems to be a big challenge for newbies. However, if you pass this project, we are sure that you will be a successful person in the future.

The project aims to be able to create effective ring holders suitable for bathrooms and kitchen areas. Products with high aesthetic value help you avoid the case of falling rings while bathing or during cooking.

14. Tea Light Holder

If you are a newbie and do not know which project to choose to help yourself gain more experience, don’t worry because there is a Tea Light Holder. 

This is a pretty simple, easy project. And we think that beginners should start with the smallest things.

With this project, you are free to design the style you like and not follow any stereotypes at all. 

In addition, with the Tea Light Holder, you can decorate them in the bedroom space, which is very romantic and warm. The value of products lies not only in their external beauty but also in your efforts and dedication to them.


The above article is about Wood lathe projects for beginners that we think are practical for your future plans. Hopefully, you can choose the right project for yourself through this article and be successful with what you desire.

Reference source: Easy Wood Turning Lathe Projects

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