Will Epoxy Stick To Cured Epoxy? Reveal The Truth 

You are about to redecorate and fix some piece of furniture in your place. You intend to choose epoxy resins which are the great finish nowadays, to become the new layer for your old cured epoxy. Yet, you are being stuck in the confusion of “will epoxy stick to cured epoxy?” or not. 

If so, dropping by our content is a good decision. Let’s dive in with us to see the thoughtful answer!

 Will Epoxy Stick To Cured Epoxy?

Absolutely yes. However, applying this way to recoat your furniture isn’t always a wise option. Below we will dig deeper to bring a perfect view of which epoxy situation will stick to and will not stick to existing epoxy. 

Will Epoxy Stick To Cured Epoxy

What Situation Do You Need To Cover Existing Epoxy?

The epoxy resin is an outstanding formula to utilize as the best finish for wooden pieces of furniture like cabinets, tabletops, wood floor, to name a few. 

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And what is more, this material is quite long-lasting and tough, so it is usually preferred to use in severe conditions such as garages, vocational workshops, etc. 

However, it doesn’t mean they won’t be indestructible, damaged.  So, here we are about three key states where we need to consider covering the existing epoxy layer:  

Corrupted State

Although epoxy coatings are quite durable, it’s somewhat unavoidable to damage as some bulky object suddenly drops on them. In this case, to fix or enhance the surface against the further flaw, you might cover the existing coating with a new epoxy layer. 

Improperly Application For The First Epoxy Coating

Another scenario using this way is to correct the mistake improperly applied from the first epoxy layer. Right now, we will list some common issues caused by the above reasons: Poor bond, delamination, faint colors, and so on. 

Also, we want to mention some roots resulting in the above problems; you need to keep them in mind to avoid repeating those mistakes.

  • Sketchy preparation
  • Applying the wrong amount of epoxy required
  • Be affected by the temperature and humidity factors
  • Having mistake when mixing the epoxy formula 

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Strengthen The Existing Epoxy Finish

The necessity of the protective layer to strengthen your furniture may also be a reason to have the second epoxy layer over cured epoxy coating. Especially when your epoxy layers are in a severe environment and regularly resist pressure that falls from heavy and large equipment. Therefore, thicker epoxy will lessen the losses due to earlier impacts.

Where Should You Not Apply Epoxy Stick To Cured Epoxy? 

After capturing when epoxy resin will stick over the previous epoxy layer, we will now dive into the other part.  

As a matter of fact, there are two main cases where using an epoxy coat to existing epoxy is out of the question. 

The first scenario is when the old epoxy layer has flaked off or caught the cleavage, this means that there is a quite serious issue to cope with before painting the epoxy’s second layer. If you decide to ignore the problem and keep on repainting your faint epoxy coat, we bet your furniture situation will be getting worse and worse.

Moreover, you should not apply this way to save the cured epoxy coat from the antique state when your existing layer applied a certain kind of sealant material. In case you still keep your initial idea to paint a new epoxy coating, this layer won’t work since it won’t have adhesion correctly.

To deal with any of the two situations mentioned above, you have to sand the whole existing layer out away. Then, follow us to the next section about how to bond new epoxy over existing epoxy. 

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How Do You Stick Epoxy To Cured Epoxy?

Now we will share the short yet comprehensive guide with three steps to stick the second epoxy over the cured epoxy finish.


  • If correcting some previous faults in the application, scrape off outright any sticky on the epoxy surface and discard them.
  • If there is some crater or several holes on the surface, fill them smoothly with some mixed resin. Additionally, it would be best to keep in mind to leave the new patch until it dries out completely before moving on to the next step. 
  • Then, moderately sand the whole piece, which boosts the bond between the first and second epoxy coating. Finally, it is the right time to cover a new epoxy resin coating on its top. 

Final Thoughts 

Until these bottom lines, if you are still interested in our content, we outright believe that you have already reached the clarity of thought about the earlier confusion “Will Epoxy Stick to Cured Epoxy?”. Furthermore, you have also gathered some useful knowledge about epoxy resin- the best material to refurbish on the woodworking market. 

Thank you for reading! And please don’t forget to share our sites with others if you think we brought helpful content.  

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