When To Replace Chainsaw Chain- Ultimate Guidelines. Useful Article For You

For a vast variety of applications, a chainsaw is an evitable piece of equipment in every household these days. However, you must know when to replace your chainsaw chain with a new one for the best performance. 

If you are looking for the answer to this question, then we are sure that you’ve come to the right place as we will provide information on what wears out the chainsaw chain so that you can avoid them. Besides, we also explain the reasons for chainsaw chain replacement and when to replace chainsaw chains. Let’s get in!

What Factors Worn Out The Chainsaw Chain?

Several factors are contributing to the wearing out of chainsaw chains. The following factors are just the most common things that can spoil the sharpness of the chainsaw:

  1. First of all, the chainsaw chain can become dull because it hits the rock while functioning. This accident happens due to sawing wood near the ground, as the cutting chain can easily mess up with rocks, stones, dirt, and stuff like that. Note in mind that dirt enervates the cutter’s sharpness in seconds, which strongly influences the smooth functioning of the chainsaw.When To Replace Chainsaw Chain
  2. The second reason leading to the wearing out of the cutter’s chains is nails stuck in the wood. Specifically, as you know, most of the time, trees surrounding the residual areas serve as a fencing system. This practice means that there are chances to find unexpected metal objects, such as nuts, nails, bolts, or screws on the trees you are sawing. Hence, please look carefully at the piece of wood you cut before allowing your chainsaw contact with these logs!
  3. The third reason is the lack of proper use of lubrication. As oiling solves the overheating issues in your chainsaw and ensures the machine functions properly, it is very crucial to choose lubricants suitable for the saw and its chains.
  4. Rusting is the major cause for wearing out your chainsaw chains; it can result from incorrect chain cleaning and oiling. In addition, poor storage with high humidity can quickly boost the process of chainsaw rusting and harm its durability, which is why experts advise storing the machine inside places less influenced by extreme weather conditions.

A Rusty Chain Results in Poor Performance of Chainsaw

Why Do We Need To Replace The Chainsaw Chain?

After we have listed out all the factors that affect the life of your chainsaw chain, let’s move to the reasons why it is a must to replace this tool. 

The first reason for replacing chainsaw chains is to reduce the time and effort cutting. To be more specific, we all know that cutting something with a sharp knife is faster and easier than a worn-out knife. It happens in the same manner in the case of the chainsaw. Wearing out chains means “wearing out” the time and effort.

In addition, cutting wood with a worn-out saw is dangerous because no one knows when the chain will get stuck. And when that happens, the machine can get hotter and burn out.

So, are there any signs that show when to replace the chainsaw chain? Yes, there are.

When To Replace Chainsaw Chain?

The first visible sign of wear-out chainsaw chain is through the crooked shape of the cuts. When a chainsaw chain is going to the end of its life, the shapes in the edges of cuts it performs are more rough and crooked. When you notice this problem, it is a sign that impaired cutting edge is restraining the chain from cutting a smooth and consistent line. Some people might have the chain sharpened, yet, having a new chain is still highly recommended.

Another sign showing that your chainsaw chain needs replacing is the difficulties in positioning. In detail, when put against a log, a good chainsaw should stay unmoving. If you see that your chainsaw goes through a series of rattling noises, your chainsaw chain needs replacing as soon as possible.

Apart from that, if the chainsaw can not stick itself into the wood without a steady hand, this sign shows that the chain already lost its capability to draw itself to the piece of wood. 

When you are in this situation, you are throwing away the most major benefits of a chainsaw. So why don’t you replace the old chain with a new one?

In addition, smoke might be a symptom of poor chainsaw chains. 

In this case, given the usual quality of lubrication, it would be best to put your chain into the suspect list. When you see smoke coming out of the saw, let it have a quick check on the motor and then the chain. Some senior users often ignore these signs because they assume that this smoke is normal while the saw is running. But the good chainsaw shows nothing but smooth functioning and consistent cutting sound. 

Smoke Might Be The Symptom Of A Wear out Saw Chain

Finally, you should change the chainsaw chain if you notice missing or damaged teeth. It would be best if you examine the chain teeth for any signs of missing or broken. And if there is some wear and tear, sharpening won’t help. Hence, when a tooth has a low standard, you should consider it as a possible danger, and changing the chain is a must. If you can not change the teeth right now, do not use the chainsaw until it is renewed.

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The Final Verdict

Hopefully, this article has provided you with the latest updates on when to replace chainsaw chain. With this guide, we hope you know how to prevent the chain from deteriorating and know the common symptoms showing that the chainsaw chain is compromised.

Thank you for reading!

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