Find Out When To Replace Chainsaw Bar? Best Tips For You!

When To Replace Chainsaw Bar? The chainsaw is a portable tool to cut wood or other thick materials. And it is combined with several parts, specifically a firm blade and a metal chain around it. When the chainsaw has some problem, you only need to find the broken sections and replace them. It is better than buying a whole new one in terms of saving money. 

Find out When To Replace Chainsaw Bar

But it will save much more money and time if you know to diagnose symptoms before your chainsaw stops working. You can examine the chainsaw bar because it is an important piece and easy to do. And if you don’t know how to, don’t worry, When To Replace Chainsaw Bar will guide you.

A Chainsaw Bar

When To Replace Chainsaw Bar

You should notice some changes in your chainsaw if you don’t want to spend on a new chainsaw. It’s not difficult at all, so don’t be discouraged!

#1 Curved Chainsaw Bar

A straight bar will be curved over time because it cuts mostly woody and firm objects. But you can’t know immediately at that time unless you are an experienced carpenter. Instead, you can put it next to a straight surface such as a wall or the table’s edge and compare them. Make sure you do it frequently to know when to buy a new chainsaw bar timely.

#2 Tiny Metal Debris Stuck On The Bar

When the machine is sawing, it creates heat at the touching point. The heat detaches the metal layer outside the chainsaw bar and causes the tiny debris unintendedly that is hard to clean. Or the wood dust from sawing could cling to the bar that, if not washed, will damage your chainsaw in a short period. Check the surface and replace another bar as soon as possible.

#3 The V-shape Saw-head 

We all know the fact that a new chainsaw bar has a U-shape. Turning to a V-shape means your saw has been working for a long time. And the bar, mainly in the head, has been worn out. This signal is seen quite clearly because it is about appearance. If you recognize the difference, change the new one immediately before it damages the whole machine.

#4 Loose Chain

The chain is the second primary component that helps to saw. The loose chain results from being used too often and too long, which leads to the dislocation between the chain and the bar. You can harm yourself if you use a chainsaw in this situation. So take a quick check before working. And change a new bar or a new chain or both to avoid any damage.

#5 Unused Sprocket

The sprocket is the item inside the cover that causes the moving of the chain around the bar. It will dry after a few months if you don’t provide a suitable lubricant in time. That results in the hindrance to the sawing movement, slower than usual, and maybe affects the whole machine once the sprocket breaks. So inspect carefully right now and replace a new sprocket and a new chainsaw bar if needed.

A Chainsaw Sprocket

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How To Change The New Chainsaw Bar

After investigating the issue, it’s time to come to the solution which will help you change “your friend’s clothes.” Come step by step, and you will see it is not hard to follow.

#Step1 Purchase A Suitable Chainsaw Bar

You can’t buy a suitable bar for your chainsaw unless you do research properly. Different versions offer differences in size, structure, material, color, etc. Checking the information of the needed bar will save your shopping time!

#Step2 Take Off The Old Bar

Next, disassemble the cover layer by unfastening the screw nuts. Tension the chain so that it falls out of the bar. And you can easily take off the old one to change it into a  new blade. 

#Step3 Replace The New Chainsaw Bar

Position the new bar in the exact place of the old. After that, arrange the new chain around the bar, and remember to tie the chain around the sprocket first, then continue with the bar. And make sure they fit perfectly. Finally, you reattach the cover with the nut-like the way it was before.

#Step4 Make A Quick Test

Put in the effort and do a test to see whether it works. And you should also adjust the chain, or else it will take your extra time to rearrange. 

In conclusion

When To Replace A Chainsaw Bar gives you some advice that can be applied right now. Read and see whether your chainsaw has got any problem. Prevention is better than cure. A chainsaw is an indispensable piece of equipment for carpenters, so take care of it carefully like a friend.

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