When Can I Put Furniture On Refinished Hardwood Floors? Some Useful Tips

When Can I Put Furniture On Refinished Hardwood Floors

When can I put furniture on refinished hardwood floors? If you’ve just given your floor a fresh look and are wondering the right timing to place your furniture, you’ve come to the right place!

People tend to put the rug or furniture back before the finish is supposed to have a given time to penetrate, harden, and ultimately cure. By doing so, your project will be ruined and spoiled, which incredibly wastes time and money. 

However, different materials used to refinish the hardwood will require a particular time. Therefore, it is wise to check with professionals before starting the refinishing.

Below is some information about the standard times that you should follow before returning the furniture to refinished hardwood floors.

Oil-Based Polyurethane – When To Put Furniture Back On Refinished Hardwood Floors?

When Can I Put Furniture On Refinished Hardwood Floors


Oil-Based Polyurethane generally requires more time to dry before you can put the furniture back. Therefore, we recommend that the more drying time you give the floor, the longer lifespan of the refinishing. 

To enhance the floor’s durability to be more challenging, and more minor damages may occur after refinishing, you can apply more coat layers to the hardwood floor. 

For example, if you want to give 4 layers of coat, it is advisable to give each coat at least 24 hours to dry before applying another layer. Hence the hardwood surface will be more intense, complex and can resist any pressure. 

Another factor when using oil-based Polyurethane is humidity, as the main component of Polyurethane is oil-based, so it will not effectively absorb the water. Therefore, you need to leave the hardwood to rest for more than 3-4 days to dry it fully, and then you can move your furniture in. 

Last but not least, the wood type is also essential when starting to refinish. It is crucial to read the instructions before applying any substance on the wood; the product may not be compatible with the hardwood floor and may cause severe damage. 

Water-Based Polyurethane – When To Put Furniture Back On Refinished Hardwood Floors?

When Can I Put Furniture On Refinished Hardwood Floors 1

Another worth-thinking option for your project; the water-based poly needs less time to dry than the oil-based poly. How long should you leave it until the floor gets fully dry?

We highly recommend that after refinishing the hardwood, you should leave it for at least 3-4 hours before stepping on the surface. It will take up to 24 hours to completely dry, and then it will be solid and robust enough to accommodate the weight of your furniture. 

While waiting for your floor to cure and dry, you need to keep your lovely pet away from the floor, as after refinishing, the wood floor is vulnerable to scratches.  

Other Finish – When To Put Furniture Back on Refinished Hardwood Floors?

Apart from the 2 finish options above, you can choose from various great products for your project. Depending on the finish you take, different requirements will need to be done when finishing your wood surface. 

The best advice is to carefully read the instructions printed on the label to fully understand the product. Hence you can minimize any risk that may occur and maximize its effectiveness. 

Typically, the typical rule of thumb is to leave your floor at least 48 hours before moving back your furniture. Earlier than that, the floor will not be shiny and durable. 

The Cure Time And The Dry Time Are The Same, Aren’t They?

When Can I Put Furniture On Refinished Hardwood Floors 2

Although many people use these two terms interchangeably, they are not the same thing. So what’s the difference? We’ll give you the answer you want based on our research and experiment. 

The cure time relates to the amount of time the hardwood needs to let all solvents evaporate as well as the odor and fumes dissipate. Meanwhile, the dry time is when solvents evaporate on the top surface but still linger on the deeper layer. 

Depending on the surface you’re revamping, there will be different length times for the cure and dry process. 

However, it would be best if you got your attention on these golden reminders. The floor is extremely vulnerable to scratch until it completely dries. Do not walk onto the floor with dirty shoes, or you’ll risk staining it with dust and grime. 

It is best not to walk around the not thoroughly dried surface unless you absolutely must do it. And staying at home after finishing the floor is not advisable, because you can inhale chemical solvents which might cause nausea, headache or even poison.

How To Maintain Refinished Hardwood Floors?

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As you can see, refurbishing the hardwood floor is a long process, and it will take at least 3-4 days to complete. Therefore, you should maintain the refinished floor to avoid multiple times of refinishing.

When you move the furniture, lifting it instead of dragging it to avoid scratches. Also, you and your family member should step onto the floor with bare feet since the dust under the shoes can easily scratch the floor.

Also, if you are not tight with the budget, you can apply multiple coat layers to the surface. More layers mean better protection of your wooden surface, helping it maintain the shiny look for a longer period. 

Additionally, avoid mopping the floor with high water pressure. Otherwise, you will ruin the shiny surface. Alternatively, you can take the damp cloth to wipe out stains on the floor to maintain a sumptuous texture.

When To Put Rugs On The Refinished Hardwood Floor?

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You’ve probably got the answer to the question, “When can I put furniture on refinished hardwood floors?”. Yet, how about rugs and carpets? Is it safe to return these accessories to your floor at the same time as your furniture, or do they need a different timing?

This is the biggest mistake if you think that the rug can be put right after finishing the floor. Thanks to its lightweight, it will not cause any excessive damage on the surface, but a rug is an object that can absorb the solvent effectively.

After that, the rug will stick firmly to the surface, and you likely will not have a second chance to finish your floor because you need to replace the new one. 

The best advice is that you need to wait until the floor is fully dry according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Then, you are welcome to place rugs or pieces of furniture back on the surface.

Do You Need Expert Help For Your Project?

If you are green to this field, the assistance from the expert is helpful to avoid any mistake that may occur, but you’ll pay for the service. 

However, if you frequently do the finishing project, you can save much money from not hiring an expert. However, different products will have additional instructions, so keep in mind to read them carefully before getting started.


We hope you’ve got the answer to the question: When can I put furniture on refinished hardwood floors?. With the help of this article, we believe you will successfully give your floor a fresh look without any mistakes or damage.

If you need any further information or assistance, we are here to help. We look forward to seeing your splendid project. 

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