Daily Sports Story: What Sport Has The Most Injuries? Discover Now

Needless to say, sports are beneficial for both your physical and mental health. However, they also hide some risks and cause some sport-related injuries to the body. So, what sport has the most injuries? Read this article now to discover the answer and analyze how they are dangerous in those sports.

What Sport Has The Most Injuries?

Most Danger

Could you guess which is the sport having the most injuries? Is it a sport that requires us to move the body a lot? 

Certainly, and it is basketball! 

So, why does a sport seeming to be good for health cause some serious traumas?

Let’s pay attention to the basketball court. It’s extremely dangerous when someone falls down and hits any parts of the body on the floor, and it’s even more serious if he hits his head on it. This is a severe injury that could result in a high rate of injury.

Basketball requires players not only quick runs, high jumps, or clever throws but also body movements, such as bending to get over the tackles or pass a ball between two hands. Players have to combine many factors and skills to pass through opponents and throw a ball in a high over arm’s reach. As a result, a player must use his muscles, and it is unlucky for him if he is injured on an arm or leg.

What Sport Has The Most Injuries

Many Risks

Besides basketball, we will continue to discover some sports that also hide many risks for participants.


X-games include some sports of adventures, and skateboarding is an example. X-games require the players to balance the body in sports equipment or in the air when they perform acrobatics. As a result, players are prone to get some broken bones if they are not careful during the games. 

X-gamers have to get accustomed to calculate the time to touch the ground exactly. Or else they will catch unexpected injuries. Because of the recovering ability, X-games are usually appropriate for the youth.

Skiing, Snowboarding, And Surfing

These sports require you to balance your body on a small thin board.

Skiing is the most dangerous in these three sports because of its intenseness when players ski down the high slopes. The unexpected speed on the slope will cause sudden hurt falls while the skis don’t leave your feet, and they are dangerous with players’ bones. 

In addition, you will not know what is under the white snow layer and what could happen then. Unfortunately, if a player hits a rock or comes into the surface becoming ice, the injuries could be more serious, and you would be taken to hospital for treatment.

Regarding snowboarding and surfing, they also cause some pressure, and you may get drowned if you fall. That’s why you need somebody to accompany you during practice. However, the board will not stick to your feet so that you can move the body freely.


Could a king sport cause some dangers? Nothing strange! Soccer players must spend a lot of time practicing regularly and learning competing strategies. They have to prepare a strong and resistant body to handle the worst situations if they get injured.

Hits In Soccer Are Dangerous

Soccer often causes serious injuries on the legs when a player hits another and falls over in the yard. The injuries from plashes could become extremely serious if two players are using a strong power to kick the ball. It’s so terrible! Yet a lucky point in soccer is that the yard is grass, not wood or any hard materials.


Hockey causes some injuries in other ways. According to statistics, three million ice hockey participants will have about ten thousand of them get injured, and most injuries become concussions. During a hockey match, it’s not easy to avoid getting the leg stuck into the hockey stick and slipping on the yard, especially on the ice yard. Additionally, players could be in pain and get troubles with the head after falling on the yard.


Many people feel scared when they see a boxing competition on TV because of its violent atmosphere. Since the boxer has to hit his opponent until one cannot stand and fight anymore, the traumas usually happen in all matches, including the winner or the loser.

Even worse, the participants can get some severe injuries or can be disabled, and they have to sit in a wheelchair for the rest of their lives. For that reason, you should consider carefully before becoming a boxing player.

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Conclusion: Are Sports Terrible When Causing Injuries?

What sport has the most injuries? We are sure you have got the answer after reading our post. To be honest, every sport gets different injuries, and those risks are not expected. But don’t worry much. When you understand the reasons why that sport causes the injuries, you will know how to protect yourself as much as possible. Putting on safety clothes and following the instructions will help you keep the body safe when you play a sport.

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