What Makes A Sport A Sport? 4 Great Values Of Sports 

What makes a sport a sport? In daily communication, it is not too difficult to see that the word “Sport” is being used widely, applied in many different contexts. 

This is one of the most frequently mentioned yet confusing words for everyone because of its multiple meanings. 

So what really makes a sport a sport, and what are the values that it brings to life? Let’s find out through this article!

What Makes A Sport A Sport?

There are many different ways to define “Sport”. According to the Oxford dictionary definition, sports are activities that involve physical exertion, skills and competition between players. Sports activities often take place outdoors in the presence of spectators.

So, the distinctive feature of a sport is competition. For example, football is a sport. This activity is held outdoors, there is competition between 2 teams, each team consists of 11 members under the control of the referee. Games may not need spectators, but sports must have spectators.

What Makes A Sport A Sport

How To Distinguish Between “Sport” And “Game”

To better understand what sport is and to avoid confusion between sports and games, let’s learn about their similarities and differences.

The Similarity

“Sport” and “Game” are quite similar. Both are physical activities that are performed by people based on specific rules. Mutual competition occurs in both types.

The Difference

People often get confused when referring to the two words “Sport”, “Game”. Games are not sports. The biggest difference is that sports include physicality, skills, and competition, while games are often highly competitive but lack physical activities. 

For example, we cannot call chess a sport. Although chess is highly competitive and requires a lot of skills from players, there is no physical activity included. So chess is a game. 


Likewise, “Esports” is not “sports”, even though it comes with “sports” in its name and has a lot of similarities with traditional sports, such as football, volleyball, etc. Esports lack movements, also known as physical activity.

Below are some photos to help you understand better between “Sport” and “Game”:




The Values Of Sports

Bring Happiness And Health

The most obvious benefit from practicing sports is to help our bodies become healthier and more active, both physically and mentally, thereby reducing the risk of having dangerous diseases such as heart disease, obesity, diabetes, etc. 

For those who have a heavy working schedule and large workload, it is necessary to consider participating in a sport such as football, basketball, badminton, etc. 

Maintaining a regular exercise routine not only helps relieve stress, improves sleep quality but also contributes to work efficiency and brings happiness to people.

Sports bring happiness

Enhance Solidarity

The message of solidarity is most clearly expressed through sports activities. It is sure that you have heard that sport brings people closer together because there are no boundaries in sports. It has the power to connect people, engaging people from all cultures and ethnicities.

The reality is that two people who are complete strangers to each other can instantly become close just because they both love the same sport. 

The community of sports lovers is very large. The number of sports fans is incredible,such as football with 3.5 billion people, cricket with 2.5 billion people, tennis with 1 billion people, etc.

A sport cannot be a sport without the participation and teamwork of many people based on the spirit of solidarity and healthy competition. It has the ability to build a happier and safer community of people who share common values.

Sports enhance solidarity

Boost Confidence

Trying and persevering to the end to achieve the best results in sports will contribute to enhancing confidence and self-belief in each of us. This is another valuable spiritual impact of sports. 

In sports, it is normal to win or lose. It is the approach to sport with a spirit of fairness, respect, and dedication that will make it easier to face failures. That is also a good lesson to learn in life.

Sports boost confidence

Bring Values Of Life

Besides the values mentioned above, the best thing that sport brings is that it teaches us to appreciate and understand the importance of the core values ​​in life: Fairness, Equality, Inclusion, and Respect. 

All people, regardless of background, gender, age, race, language, religion, culture are equal when it comes to sports. These great values are not only important in sports but also guide people to become better every day.

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In conclusion, it is very important to understand what sport is and what makes it valuable. Each of us should share the benefits ​​that sport brings to the world. 

What makes a sport a sport is not from the glory, the victory gained after a long journey of competition with each other, but it comes from the good values created by the people involved. That is all we should honor when it comes to sports.

Reference Source: Values Education through Sport


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