What Is The Most Dangerous Sport? (Football, Cycling and More)

For this article, we will be looking at the most dangerous common sports that you find relatively familiar with, such as boxing, MMA, basketball, and so on. Now, here is our answer to the question: What is the most dangerous sport?

What Is The Most Dangerous Sport?

You can find many studies on the internet about the number of sport-related deaths and injuries. But, frankly, it is almost impossible for some types of sports that every kind of injury that happens everywhere around the world to be taken into account. 

#7. Football

What Is The Most Dangerous Sport

Football is the most played sport all around the world. Research from the fall of 1982 to spring 2016 dedicated by NCCSIR tells us that football poses approximately 70% of serious injuries on male players, whereas it is 66.7% on female players. 

Furthermore, 133 deaths were related to football during this period, making the sport the most fatal.

#6. Cheerleading 


Cheerleading has a pretty high injury risk of 46.4% for females and 60% for male cheerleaders. It also has a 3.6% fatal percentage which is not very high compared to other sports. 

However, some stats indicate that the head injuries caused by this sport are much more than that of football.

#5. Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey

Almost not fatal but poses the highest risk of serious injuries – ice hockey. 100% of the injuries will be extremely severe and can last throughout the players’ lives. A collision on the ice at top speed can lead to dreadful harm to players of both genders. 

A seven-year study shows that contacts between players cause concussions 41% of the time for women and 72% for men. That is the reason why ice hockey players need plenty of equipment to shield their bodies from severe damages. 

#4. Basketball 


Basketball players get jammed fingers, sprained ankles, and black eyes. The injury cases in 1000 games are in a small ratio. 

Still, being the most popular sport, with over 32 million players in 33 years, from 1983 to 2016, the number of accidents and deaths happening in a basketball game is quite significant. 

The most seen issue is the sprained ankles. A separate study shows that players who wear shoes with air cell heels are 4.3 times more likely to injure their ankles.  

#3. Cycling 


Another common but dangerous sport is cycling. Like basketball, the percentage of injuries and deaths may not be impressive, but the number of damages speaks. 

These are excessively threatening because they happen on the road. Vehicles can hit cyclists, and they might not be timely cured. 

In 2019 alone, there were 1,089 deaths, according to the National Safety Council of the US. Seven hundred twelve of them happened in motor crashes. The estimated number may vary depending on the data sources, but the risk remains high.  

#2. Mixed Martial Sports


Considering all factors like the number and severity of injuries and deaths, the most dangerous sport is combat. 

Even though MMA stays relatively low on the estimated injuries chart from NSC, the severity and intensity of the damages are far more than we can imagine. The fatality of MMA is comparable to professional boxing.

The laceration is the most common injury; however, blowout fractures, hematomas, nasal fractures, dental injuries, and concussions are common in MMA.  

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#1. Boxing 


Now, here comes the most dangerous sport in the world. This danger is attributed mainly to the style of fighting in boxing. If MMA involves hitting various areas on the body, boxing solely focuses on the head. 

Boxers also present much worse symptoms of CTE than football athletes. This phenomenon may be due to the rotational force of hook punches compared to more linear force in collisions, which traumatize the brain. 

A punch in a boxing match can be between 650 – 1,100 lbs of force. A study of Frank Bruno, who was a WBC champion, shows that his punch generates about 1,400 lbs of force, 53 times greater than the force of gravity.

Besides, boxers usually suffer from eye damage during fights, and the punch can be so hard to the extent that their hearts stop beating. From 1890 to 2019, 1,876 boxers died as a direct result of damages they have from bouts. 

Head injuries bring them a lot more difficulties in life as a result of CTE. It can lead to weakness in the lower limbs, the hesitancy of speech, mood problems, and difficulty thinking. Hence, boxing is arguably the most dangerous sport in the world.  


So that is our answer to the question: What is the most dangerous sport? There are no guarantees for a no-accident sport, so you may want to protect yourself with the proper equipment and remember “Safety first!”

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