What Is Table Saw Rip Capacity? –  How Much Do You Need?


The rip capacity of the table saw is the key factor that decides how well you can rip wood. However, there are still many people who misunderstand the meaning of the ripping capacity.  So, what is table saw rip capacity

We’ll give a comprehensive explanation for this term. Besides, we also answered some common questions related to the rip capacity to give you a thorough guide to choose the right table saw. 

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What Is A Table Saw?

What does table saw rip capacity mean? First of all, to understand more, let’s discover basic knowledge about the table saw

Table Saw Basics

For woodworkers, the table saw is an indispensable tool in their work. It is one of the largest pieces of equipment that helps them cut all the materials in an efficient and accurate way. 
A table saw consists of three main components: a horizontal table to lay the material, a rip fence to manage the material, and a circular saw blade driven by an electric motor.

How To Pick The Right Table Saw For Your Work? 

There are various types of table saw for you to decide on, such as portable table saws, cabinet saws, hybrid saws, etc. To pick the right saw for your work, you should consider the standard of all of the saw’s constituents thoroughly: 

  • The fence system
  • The weight and position of the trunnions
  • The grind and finish of the top and extension wings
  • Features that make the blade more powerful

The depth capacity is another worth-considering element that assists you in selecting the most suitable table saw. It is the measurement of how deep you can cut your materials. For example, a 12-inch blade can roughly slice through a 4-inch thick sheet of wood. 

About Table Saw Rip Capacity

Now you may understand some basic information the table saw. Next, what does rip capacity mean? Let’s find out the answer. 

What Is Rip Capacity? 

The rip capacity is defined by the maximum width of a project that you can fit into the blade. It is crucial to bear in mind that rip capacity is used as a measuring instrument for the right and left of the blade.
However, if a producer just provides the only rip capacity, it definitely mentions the rip capacity to the right of the blade. Suppose this can limit the scale of your workpieces, it is often one of the most vital specifications.

What Is Rip Capacity On Table Saw?

You may find out what rip capacity is on the above part.  Now, what is the rip capacity of a table saw? Let’s discover!

Rip capacity on a table saw is defined by the space between the edge of the table’s saw and also the fence’s fringe when it reaches the utmost capacity.  

Interestingly, the rip capacity will determine the price of a table saw. The lower the rip capacity is, the smaller table saw is. 

How Much Rip Capacity Do You Need?

The rip capacity will depend on the type of project you are working on. For instance, a 25-inch rip capacity is adequate for cutting sheet materials. Besides, a massive 35-inch rip capacity will be a perfect choice for cutting lumber. 

You will need a smaller rip capacity if your work concentrates on smaller projects such as building furniture.

What Are The Common Rip Capacities On Table Saws?

There is three most popular size for the rip capacity on a table saw:

  • 28 inches: This is the smallest rip capacity offered by most low-cost and mid-priced table saws. This capacity helps you to rip a standard plywood of 48 inches in half.
  • 30 inches: This is the ideal rip capacity for many artisans which will support the bulk of your project. Contractor table saws, the most versatile table saw, have a maximum rip capacity of 30 inches.
  • 50 inches: This is often the biggest rip capacity,  and only the largest and best table saws will have a maximum of 50 inches. 

Normally, most normal projects will never necessitate such a huge capacity. Nevertheless, a table saw with a 50-inch rip capacity will allow you to cut your materials more exactly and quickly.

Where Can You Find Rip Capacities On Table Saws?

It is not easy to determine the rip capacities for table saws on many websites. Thus, after doing some research, we recommend some simple steps to look for the rip capacity on a table saw. 

Some appliances stores provide you with both the left and right rip capacities for the majority of their table saws. 

To search for the rip capacities, you should scroll down to look for the specification of the machine. In the end, there will be the rip capacity placed in a table. Sometimes the rip capacity will show in the description. 

How Do You Increase Your Rip Capacity?

Each table saw comes with a certain rip capacity, which decides how it is worth. You may wonder whether it is possible to increase the table saw rip capacity or not.
The answer is an absolute yes. Here are some options for you to do your DIY project at home to extend rip capacity.

Choosing A Table That Broadens One Side Of The Table Saw

This is the most effortless method. If you want your table to become clean and uncluttered, this will be the best choice you can have.  

Find out the right model for your table saw which suits the extension that you will make for the table. Our suggestion for you is a table saw stand.

In general, it will be slightly challenging and time-consuming for you to find out the compatible table extension for your table saw. These accessories will also cost you a large amount of money.
However, compared to buying a new table saw, buying a table extension brings you tremendous benefits. Your table saw will be more versatile, and your work will be more flexible and effective. Better still, a table extension is straightforward to use right out of the box.

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Adjusting The Fence System

Compared to building an extension table, modifying the fence system presents more challenges. This method requires composure and dexterity, making it a complicated DIY project. Also, you have to use a set of tools for measuring, adjusting, and uprooting.

People often use their rack and pinion system to extend the rip capacity. At the same time, they also make the guide rail extended. You can search numerous tutorial videos which describe in detail the process using the clamping fence system.


What is table saw rip capacity? We hope that this article has cleared up your confusion. The rip capacity is a crucial aspect to consider when buying and using the table saw.

Therefore, understanding this specification comprehensively will help you choose the right table saw and allow you to do your project more effectively. 

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