What is an Impact Driver Used For – An Insight of A Powerful Tool

In the today’s high technology world,  a number of different tools are employed for various needs. The drills/drivers are among the most significant tools to drive or loosen screws and nuts. An impact driver is one of such powerful drivers/drillers to perform the similar tasks at a much easier and faster rate.

The impact driver is a gadget that produces and impacts a rotational force, that is downward in the direction. Catering the needs from mechanics to the larger construction projects, this driving tool is quite useful in fulfilling a number of drilling needs.

How An Impact Driver Works?

The powerful impact driver comes with screw bits and socket sets and can be proficiently used for performing drilling tasks. What makes the impact driver different from an ordinary drill is the existence of a fast moving hammer.

This fast-moving hammer continuously moves the bit and helps to relieve the stress from your arms. While an ordinary drill is not capable of doing so, rather it moves the bit only. That results in tired and stressed arms. By applying a strong, rotational and downward force, an impact driver can be used to loosen or fasten the screws with an appropriate amount of torque.

how an impact driver work

Types of Impact Drivers:

Catering various mechanical and electrical needs, this power tool comes in manual or powered mode to fulfill different functions. What is an impact driver used for - this can be elaborated with a thorough explanation of its types.

  • Manual Impact Drivers: It is considered as an energy consuming option in which the impact driver consists of a heavy outer sleeve and surrounded by the inner core. By translating the rotational inertia of the sleeve to the lighter core, a greater amount of torque is produced.
  • Powered Impact Drivers: As the name suggests, this type is powered by a motor or compressed air to produce a rapid rotational force repeatedly. Due to the motorized functionality, the tool is amazing in terms of enhancing speed and productivity.

The areas where speed is a critical issue, the powered impact driver comes really handy and provides everything accomplished at a faster rate.

Uses of Impact Driver:

What is an impact driver used for and how it can proficiently help us in varying ways, let’s explore some of its potential uses:

  • Efficient Woodwork: With the efficient functionality of an impact driver, you would be facilitated to screw down planks, boards and other types of wood pieces in the least time. Hence, you can smartly screw down plywood subfloors with an impact driver.
  • Building Decks: The situations that need a large number of screws to be driven, Impact driver is an ultimate solution then. For building decks, this power tool is handy enough to handle everything proficiently.
  • Perform Metalwork: Besides woodwork, varying metals can be tackled with this smart tool. A number of bolts and nuts can be fastened with an impact driver.
  • Installing Windows: For tight spaces where it is not that much easy to exert pressure, an impact driver is helpful enough to perform the desired task easily.

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Selecting The Best Impact Driver:

If you are intending to get a drilling tool for your shop, home or other needs, brainstorm your mind and go through some steps to get the best quality impact driver.

  • Know Your Exact Needs: You must determine first, why you need such a drilling tool. Depending upon your needs, you can find out what kind of impact driver may work for you.
  • Look For Different Options: Once you are clear which impact driver is suitable for your needs, it is the time to come out of your comfort zone and shop for the best available impact driver. There are many of the brands and models available, but which one may give you the best results as per your needs. Look for the following factors while shopping for your desired impact driver:
  • Speed: Different models and brands are aimed at providing varying levels of speed. So what is the required level of speed in your needs and which model can give you the desired results within an affordable time span. So, get your impact driver while keeping this factor in mind.
  • Torque: Although, an impact driver impacts a high amount of torque, but obviously certain tasks require a certain level of torque to be generated. Depending upon your ultimate needs, select the one that may generate the required level of torque.
  • Battery Life: For the cordless impact drivers, battery life is a significant factor to be considered. Choose the one that comes with the lasting battery so you may perform your tasks for a long time without interruptions.

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