What Is A Double Double in Basketball? 

When basketball players go onto the floor, they want to achieve many goals. While each player sets their own goals for each game. One of the goals is to achieve a double-double.

But “what is a double-double in basketball”? You heard it all the time while watching a basketball game. Or when you read about famous players. You saw the record which showed how many times they gained it.

PowerTool prepared the best article to explain this to you. Now, let’s go and find out what is it.

What is a double double in basketball?

A double-double in basketball is when a player accomplishes two of the following numbers in the same game:

  • 10 or more points
  • 10 or more rebounds
  • 10 or more assists
  • 10 or more blocks
  • 10 or more steals.

What Is A Double Double in Basketball

Double-doubles have long been seen as a sign of a wonderful and exciting game.

The double-double is far more prevalent in today’s game than in the past. Yet it is no less exhilarating or tough to achieve.

Achieve a double-double in a basketball game

Being a one-dimensional player in today’s game is just not going to cut it. As your opponents improve their skills every day. The necessity of having several sides to your game grows.

Start learning how to dribble and pass if you’re a decent shooter.

Start learning how to score if you’re a strong rebounder.

Start studying how to strip the ball if you’re skilled at blocking.

While skill in one area may win you some playing time, versatility is what will keep you off the bench. Coaches want athletes who can perform multiple things on the floor.

Coaches look for versatile athletes that can do it all when it comes to basketball. 

Earning a double-double is an excellent method to show off your abilities in various aspects. It will also show that your coach and teammates can rely on you.

You can gain a double-double in a game when you have double digits in two of the following statistical categories in the same game:

  • Points
  • Rebounds
  • Assists
  • Steals
  • Blocks.

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Now, let’s show you more information about these categories:


Earning 10 points in a game is the easiest goal for a player. And it is frequently the first category players complete in a game.

You only need five baskets, maybe fewer if you hit three-pointers. 

It is not unusual for a player to score ten points in the first half or even the first quarter.

It’s pretty easy, right?


Getting 10 rebounds in a single game is pretty simple for the big guys. For example, a power forward and a center can gain this easily.

Since their position is beneath the basket and the bulk of the time.

Centers will typically have more rebound opportunities than power forwards. But it also depends on their playing style.


Recording 10 assists in a single game are an easy task for the ball handlers. They are often the point guard and small forward. 

Most players will struggle to score a lot of points while passing the ball so often. But you are a professional player, as easy as pie.


It can be a difficult task to achieve. In today’s game, recording 10 steals in a game is exceedingly difficult. Even during a famous champion like NBA, people have a hard time achieving this.


Blocks are the same as steals. They are pretty hard to achieve too.

Professional players will also have a hard time with this task. Even if their block rate is high. It’s still hard for a single player to achieve 10 blocks in a single game.

What Is A Double Double in Basketball

People don’t consider a double-double as the best performance in basketball. No one thinks it can be great as a triple-double. But to reach a higher goal like triple-double. They have to achieve a double-double first.

Achieving this requires skillful techniques while playing. It’s not as simple as you thought it is. You can be the greatest brilliant player in the world. But it doesn’t mean that you could record a double-double easily as it sounded.

How common are double-doubles?

For famous tournaments like NBA, a double-double is not a strange thing. However, they are more common now than they were previously. They’re still very frequent in college basketball.

But not so much in high school or middle school.

As we mentioned above, because steals and blocks are pretty hard to achieve. Double-doubles involving these two categories are far less common than the other combinations.

What Is A Double Double in Basketball

No more than 17 players have ever had more than ten steals in a game.

Blocks are increasingly hard to achieve. Especially with players achieving 10 or more blocks in a single game more than 150 times in history.

Thus, the most typical double-doubles are a mix of other aspects: points, assists, and rebounds.

Furthermore, a double-double with points and rebounds occurs more frequently. It happens more than others double-doubles. Since these are two aspects that pretty easy to achieve.

It explains why many people call this combination: “traditional double-double.”

The second most popular is points and assists. These are often achieved by guards.

Double-doubles are quite common in general. You’ll probably see at least one in every tournament.

Which players have record the most double-doubles?

You are a big fan of basketball. Of course, you will hear their name before. Players who have recorded the most double-doubles are famous players. We’re sure that their name is pretty familiar to you.

    • Tim Duncan with 841 double-doubles with the combination: points and rebounds.
  • Karl Malone with 811 double-doubles with the combination: points and rebounds.
  • Hakeem Olajuwon with 774 double-doubles with the combination: points and rebounds.
  • Kevin Garnett with 741 double-doubles with the combination: points and rebounds.
  • Shaquille O’Neal with 727 double-doubles with the combination: points and rebounds.


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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there other doubles rather than double-doubles?

Yes, there is. In basketball, they have the term called ‘triple-double too. People often said that the triple-double is the older brother of the double-double. Which means it’s hard to achieve than a double-double.

Instead of having just two aspects with double figures for each combination. A triple-double requires three aspects (offensive categories) with double figures.

In a game, you might notice that a player changes his playstyle after gaining a double-double. It may be because he wants to achieve a triple-double.

2. Can I practice to achieve a double-double in a basketball game?

Of course, you can. As we mentioned above, a double-double can be easy and hard to achieve at the same time. But it depends on the combination you choose to achieve it.

If you want to gain it, go for the easiest combination: points and rebounds.

What you need is to play basketball enough to improve your skills and play styles. You can’t gain any achievements if you don’t spend enough time practicing it.

Besides, playing hard doesn’t mean you can automatically achieve it. You will have to work hard and be determined.

Lacking work ethic while playing will be a huge obstacle.

3. Why do players want to achieve a double-double?

To show off their skills and their abilities. If you’re a good player, why not showing off your abilities to the world?

People like to watch a competitive and exciting game rather than a boring one. To make a game exciting enough, the players have to be excellent. They have to be good in many aspects and excellent in many skills.

A double-double is a chance for you to show that you’re good enough.

Also, it will help players to gain more satisfaction from their coach. It also enhances their relationship with their teammates. You’re a person who they can rely on when on the court.

How wonderful that sounds.


Now, you have the answer for “what is a double-double in basketball”. You know more about your beloved sports. No confusing time when people talked about this. We hope that you have a good time while reading this article. Maybe one day, you will become a great player. And you will achieve lots of double-doubles in the future.

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