What Is A Brad Nailer Used For?

Driving small nails is not an easy job. If you are too tired of hammering nails into your hands instead of Brad nails. A Brad Nailer will be the best solution for you. Many people say that this nailer is very good. What is the Brad Nailer used for? PowerTool will share with you the answer in the following article!

What is a Brad Nailer?

For many carpenters, the Brad Nailer is a very familiar tool. It is a specialized nail machine that helps you drive micro nails into place.

This type of nailer is a better choice than a regular hammer in driving small nails. No more worrying about the hammer touching the fingers.

Brad Nailer uses very small nails, aka Brads. People use it in decorative items or fixing light-weight items.

In fact, Brads are truly small nails, they are usually size 18. It will certainly be difficult to attach them in the correct position. It’s no joke that the hammer can hit your hand more than Brads.

It is difficult to see Brads when they are in furniture. People will be less tired of hiding them with bait. This nailer can bring you a lot of benefits.

What is a Brad Nailer used for?

Brad Nailer is a utility tool and designed for detailed woodwork. It is a type of nail gun and has the following main uses:

  • Fixed crown molding
  • Fixed baseboards
  • Crafting crafts
  • Crafting wood furniture

You can safely use the Brad Nailer without worrying about the traces they leave behind. These Brad nails are very small in size and are barely visible on the furniture. Let’s find out in detail the use of this nailer in the next paragraphs.

Fixed crown molding

Crown molding is also a type of baseboard. Their special feature is their use for ceilings. A typical house will have a border between the ceiling and the wall surface. This lining will make the surface of the house more beautiful.

These borders will be fixed with thin nails. Ultra-thin nails like Brad won’t need to bother covering the mark.

Often after nailing the object, some traces will appear. But because Brads is so small we won’t see them.

It is because of this advantage that Brads usually appear in fixing crown molding. Brad Nailer will help us attach nails more accurately. Brad’s nails are too small to use a hammer. The ceiling is also quite high, so it will be difficult for us to mount it there.

Fixed baseboards

Baseboard is lower than crown molding. But it’s still too hard to use a hammer with a Brad nail. Nailer will maximize in this case.

Brads are the perfect tool for attaching baseboards to wall surfaces. When using it with thin pieces of wood, it will not double knot wood. Large nails can tear thin pieces of wood!

You also don’t need to worry about ugly holes appearing. The thinness of Brad nails makes them almost disappear. There will not be any elaborate masking or use of wood putty.

Crafting crafts

The crafts are small but have a great effect. You might use a Brad nail to lock the joints.

The smallness of this nail is a big advantage. It does not leave holes or tear thin materials. Its size is suitable for the way that we use it.

Brad Nailer can also repair the decorations in your home. For example, picture frames, wooden clock frames or other small decorations. It will be very expensive if you take it to the store for repair. Or replace it with a new one. Repairing objects in the house is also interesting work.

Crafting wood furniture

No family is without wooden furniture. Brads nail is very suitable for thin wood panels. They do not leave holes and do not break the laminate when they are driven in.

This is also the reason that carpenters love to use Brad Nailers for their work. They often use Brad nails to temporarily fix the details of wooden furniture. When there is a change they can be removed easily. Of course, it won’t leave a trace. The holes are very small and they do not need to proceed to cover them.

Whether you are a carpenter or not, you should own a Brad Nailers to renovate some things in your home. It helps you save costs and be proactive in repairs.

What nail size does Brad Nailers use?

Depending on the purpose and needs of the user, you will choose different nail sizes. Brad Nailers available in 18 and 21 gauges are popular in the market. Each type of size will have its own purpose of use.

Many people prefer to use an 18 gauge Brad nail. It will be more secure in attaching many wooden panels at the same time. Since Brad 21 nails are more fragile, they are suitable for thinner materials.

Brad Nailers 18 will also provide a stronger nailing force. The other important thing is that you should choose the right Brad or nail size for the job. Whether your material is thick or thin is also a determining factor in gauges of nails.

Choosing the right nail size helps the nail to perform at its best. It will firmly fix the material to which it is attached.

What are Brad Nailers pros and cons?

You can use Brad Nailer in a lot of different situations. It is convenient and suitable for use in many situations.


  • No slits when mounted on thin wood panels
  • Suitable for mounting fine moldings and contours
  • The hole left is so small that it is barely visible
  • No need to fill the holes
  • Suitable for the initial fixation of furniture
  • Can be used on baseboards


  • Can’t connect large and heavy wooden boards
  • Cannot be used flexibly in tight spaces
  • Unable to firmly attach thick wooden boards together

What is the difference between Brad Nailers and Finish Nailers?

If you have never used nail guns. You won’t be able to tell the difference between Brad Nailers and Finish Nailers. They all have the same appearance. However, their uses are completely different.


Brad Nailers as mentioned above, it has small nails used to fix light items. Therefore, Brad Nailers is also smaller in size than Finish Nailer.

Nail size

Brad Nailer’s bonding force is also less because of the smaller nail size. They use nail size 18 while Finish Nailer uses nail size 15 to 16. Therefore, Brad Nailer is often used to fix thin wood panels. And the Finish Nailer is used in large furniture, thick pieces of wood and things that need a large bond.

Size hole

Both machines have different hole sizes after nailing. With small nails, the Brad Nailer will not leave holes. When using this machine, you will not have to fill the holes after attaching the nails.

However, after using Finish Nailer it will leave many holes. You will have to fill them with putty.


Finish nails will have a stronger bonding force than Brad. Simply because they are larger and longer in size. When attached to the material it can penetrate easily. The binding force is very strong.

Brad nails have a lighter attachment capacity. It is usually only used to fix light materials.

With bulky items and need a large bonding force. Finish Nailers is the perfect choice for them. In contrast, Brad Nailer is only suitable for thin wood panels, delicate and light furniture.

Depending on your case, you will make the decision to use these two types of nailer. They all have a good effect. But it will go wrong if you choose the wrong nailer for your project.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use Finish Nailer to attach baseboards to the wall?

You can use Finish Nailer to do that. It can perfectly secure your baseboard.

2. Can 16 gauge nails be used with thin boards?

I recommend 18 gauge nails. 16 gauge nails can crack your laminate when attached.

3. Is it easy to use Nailer?

The answer is yes. You will easily attach the nail in the right place. If it’s your first time using it, it may take a few tries to get used to the vibrations. But then you can use it proficiently.

Final Words

Brad Nailers is a nifty tool. It will solve all the problems of slim and light item renovation. What is a Brad Nailer used for?

We have shared it with you in this article. Hopefully, the above sharing will help you make the best choice!

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