What Is A Band Saw Used For? Usefuls That You May Not Know

What Is A Band Saw Used For

In the segment of chainsaws on the market, the band saw is one of the most used models. However, most people often only use it to cut wood without fully exploiting the potential it has. That’s why before making the purchase decision, you need to know What Is A Band Saw Used For? To have a better insight into this tool, don’t miss the following article.

What is Bandsaw?

A bandsaw is an electric saw with a long and sharp saw blade. There is a permanently toothed metal strip that is between the wheels to cut the workpiece. Specifically, the workpiece here is usually wood, plastic, metal, etc.

The wheels of the bandsaw rotate continuously in the same plane. It uses blades available in many sizes and tooth pitches. This design makes it more flexible and capable of cutting a variety of materials.

Like other electric saws, the band saw also uses a motor to work. Larger workpieces require more powerful engines. In addition, the ability to miter or angle cutting is also found in some band saws depending on their table features and surface.

What Is A Band Saw Used For?

More than an ordinary saw, this versatile saw can complete a variety of projects. Thanks to its outstanding uses, the band saw has become an indispensable saw in any woodworking shop. So What Is A Band Saw Used For?

Functions of the band saw

  • Lumber Cut

Since the 1800s, people have used the first band saws for ripping lumber. To create a large work, people often use this method to cut it into many small parts before joining them. With a robust fence piece, you can cut similar-sized pieces of wood.

  • Woodworking

There is no doubt about the woodworking uses of a saw. However, you can expect more with a band saw. Its boards, corners, and other details give you any freehand cut you want.

With a band saw, the size of the piece of wood is no longer an obstacle. Want to cut straight wood to a certain size? Don’t worry because this partner can help you. Its blade size provides ideal cuts with high precision.

  • Rip-Cut

Another prominent use of the band saw is its ability to cut rips. This tool creates light cuts without cracking the wood. Rip cutting is the commonly used method for cutting workpieces across the grain.

  • Circle Cut

Circle wood cutting

The band saw is the first choice for fine circle cutting. To cut wood in a circular shape, users can adjust the height of the legs according to their needs.

  • Metal Cut

Carpenters highly regard the sharp blade of this saw. High sensitivity and precision allow it to easily cut metal pieces such as metal pipes, plates, etc. Besides, if you want to change another metal shape, you need to change the blade. Compared to other saws on the market today, this is considered a big challenge.

  • Re-sawing

This is a method of cutting a workpiece across its thickness. Therefore, this use of the band saw makes some other machines jealous.

For sawing back a piece of wood or shredding it, this tool would be a good choice. However, do not forget to put a little pressure on the metal or wood in the process.

  • Multiple Pieces Cut

Besides the above uses, people also use the bandsaw to cut many pieces. Instead of cutting each workpiece in turn like other machines, the band saw allows you to cut multiple workpieces at once.

All you need to do is stack the workpieces together and secure them with tape. Then adjust the blade to the perfect height and start cutting. It can be a little difficult at first, but once you adjust the blade and the workpiece, you can cut them as quickly as you would with a piece.

What types of Bandsaws?

  • Compact Bandsaw: This is a cordless, hand-held saw commonly used for small projects. It operates through a rechargeable battery. The advantage of this type is high durability, withstand harsh conditions, and be easy to move.
  • Benchtop Band saw: A type of table saw. Thanks to its powerful motor and high precision, it is considered an important tool in woodworking workshops.


Above is some useful information about the bandsaw – an indispensable tool for your cut projects. More than an ordinary saw, this tool also provides users with various experiences in a safe, convenient, and time-saving way. Hopefully, after reading this article, you have learned what a band saw is used for. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to comment below. 

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