What Does Waived Mean In NBA? Discover Now

Do you want to know more about the terms and policies of waiving players? What Does Waived Mean In NBA? If you are a fan of sports, especially basketball, this phrase is not too strange. But for those who are new to basketball, waiving in the NBA is still a fairly new thing.

As you know, the NBA is extremely famous and has gradually become popular worldwide. However, numerous basketball notions could be really difficult to comprehend. The answer lies within this article to discuss and explain to you those confusing things. 

What Does Waived Mean In NBA

What Does Waived Mean In NBA?

Before you get to know waivers in the NBA, you should clearly understand team players in the NBA.

What are team players in the NBA?

The NBA has 30 teams, with 15 players permitted on each team. 

Consequently, there ought to be an aggregate of 450 list spots, in the midst of which the group isn’t necessary to settle on each of the 15 players. They have the option of bringing in 13 of their finest players among them in the NBA.

To pick the best part in the groups, the NBA enlists the coaches to select skilled players for each team. The coach is required to ensure that no single team reserves all of its skilled players.

Each team has decided on the players that will be on their contract. If the team determines that a specific player is not skilled enough to play with the team, that player might be placed on waivers. What does it mean to be “waived”?

Definition of waived in the NBA

A player being waived by a team implies he is not qualified enough to meet its requirements even when the contract hasn’t expired yet. In this case, the team must still pay him according to the agreement.

Within 48 hours, other teams may attempt  to claim the player and assume and continue his contract with the old team. If not, he is open to any offers from any team.

In situations where various groups attempt to claim a similar player, the guidelines require the player to sign with the group with the lowest victory rate.. For a group to take on the waived player’s agreement, it should have sufficient roster space. 

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When Can An NBA Team Waive A Player? 

A team can release a player whenever during the ordinary season and eliminate them from their role. Yet, if the waiver is mentioned after March 1, that player can’t take a roster spot in his new team (the one that claimed on him).

Moreover, a team must contract a player before March to add him to their postseason roster. The contracts will change and impact the salary cap, but it will not alter the roster. 

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For What Reason Does The NBA Put Players On Waivers?

In general, if a player is deemed a poor fit for the NBA, they will be waived to free up one of the team’s 15 roster places.

In some cases, a team will sign a player under contract with a terrible company that takes up a lot of the wage gap. So, they release the player hoping that another group will claim him and take on the contract. 

On the other hand, the team can select the most appropriate open-roster player after waiving the player. This is a regular case when a team has a winning reputation and wants to maintain its status.

After placing the player on a waiver, the team must wait for the other team to pick up the player’s contract since they are obligated to pay him unless the other team does.

Sometimes, a team may bring players (and their contracts) from teams they don’t want. These players are usually attached to deals so that one side may get rid of the player and his contract right away. The receiving team must next decide whether to keep the player, trade them, or waive them.

They obtain the waiver into their team, so the original club doesn’t have to pay for that player. Nevertheless, it is up to the team to decide whether the waiver is chosen for its own advantage or for personal reasons.

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How NBA Teams Pay Waivers? 

As you can see, if a player is waived by the team, he is solely responsible for paying the remaining contract cap to the waiver.

On the other hand, the previous group must pay the rest of the agreement if nobody guarantees the player the following 48 hours.

Thus, if no club accepts the waiver contract, a player will proceed to an unrestricted agency, where any team can pick him without his team’s agreement within 48 hours. Nonetheless, the team that waived the player is still liable for the remaining balance of the contract.

Also, buyouts will be a bit different from the concept of waiving you have read above. A buyout is a form of contract release between the player and the team. 

The contract with the previous team is no longer valid, and they are now entitled to sign a new deal with any team they want, most likely in the veterans minimum.


So what does waived mean in NBA? A player is waived when the team find he not proficient enough.

Waivers ensure that every team has a chance to obtain the players they require, no matter how desperate. At the same time, guaranteeing that a player’s promised money is received. We hope our explanations are helpful enough for you to obtain knowledge about the meaning of waived in basketball. 

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