4 Basic Uses of MDF Boards You Might Not Know. Useful Article For You

MDF is a material created by crushing hard or softwood into fine particles. Then, using wax and resin binder through high temperature, press the particles into blocks. These finished products will go through the next impact process to become everyday items for everyone.

So, the use of MDF Boards is very useful and necessary for us. To better understand the benefits that it brings, this article will show 4 basic uses of MDF boards you might not know.

Some Uses of MDF Boards

Because of its flexibility, high durability, and reasonable price, MDF is often popular in-home or professional projects to create furniture and household items. Besides, it also has the effect of being fireproof, soundproof, or vapor barrier.

Furniture and home appliances

Items like the bookshelf or wardrobe you bought are most likely made from MDF. Manufacturers say low-density fiberboard is easy to shape, making production simpler and more cost-effective. As a result, the products sold are affordable but durable.

The more durable the items used in the home, the more consumers like them. Therefore, items made from this material have become popular and popular until now.

Fire protection

Another interesting use of MDF that you may not know is its very good fire resistance. Thanks to that, they are widely used in construction, especially for large houses, commercial centers, shops, offices, places with strict requirements for safety.

Some homeowners use low-density boards to protect their families from fires or prevent fires from spreading with ordinary homes.


Uses of MDF Boards

Wood is usually a very good soundproofing material, so MDF is no exception. Therefore, these boards are the first choice of speaker manufacturers to prevent vibration inside the speaker.

In addition, media rooms, apartments, and offices will have floors, roofs, or walls made of fiberboards to prevent noise and noise pollution. Most builders use it for the projects you are using, but many people probably don’t know about it.

Vapor barrier

This type of board is resistant to high humidity and takes a long time to dry, so decay takes longer, which is convenient, making it an excellent vapor barrier. Commercial centers, houses, or commercial buildings are a reasonable choice for these wooden panels.

In addition to being good at resisting water vapor, this material also can prevent heat loss, so it can help keep your room warmer and prevent heat loss to limit electricity costs.

Advantages and disadvantages of MDF

MDF board has a price advantage, which facilitates the production of diverse features. But, this material is wood, so it is not immune to limitations such as being too heavy, getting stained when meeting water.


  • Easy to synthesize, so the quantity is always abundant to serve everyone’s needs.
  • Because it is made from the residues of wood or bagasse, the affordable price is suitable for many people.
  • Good quality and durable, so the created items also last longer.
  • Very smooth surfaces are convenient to paint to create your favorite color
  • There are no gaps and debris, so the finished product meets the aesthetic requirements
  • Easy to cut with hand saws or routers, so it is easy to shape outcomes.
  • Screw-in a nail or screw that won’t flake or tear off.


  • Heavy, so it’s hard to move.
  • Not suitable for coloring as water will cause yellowing.
  • There is no wood grain, so the aesthetic is a little less.
  • Holds screws not very well.

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Tips for using MDF Board

MDF is inherently a good material with long-lasting durability. This type of board will become even more durable if you apply precautions such as not using hammers, preventing water penetration, or using solvent-based paints.

Using a hammer will break the structure of this board, so a gentle drill to make holes will be more convenient for you.

Some types of MDF will double in size and then crumble when soaked in water. So, preventing them from coming into contact with water is a good way to protect this type of board. 

You should prime before painting the finished color so that the coating looks good and lasts longer. Solvent-based paints are the first choice instead of water-based paints that wet the wood grain.

An important note is that when you cut boards, you should cover your face carefully to prevent wood dust from sticking to your face causing it to be unsanitary. 

Besides, preparing more than one saw blade will not interrupt your working process because these composite wood panels can wear out the saw blade very quickly.


The uses of MDF Boards are diverse and practical to our lives. At first glance, the name seems strange, but it turns out to be a familiar material used every day. You can walk around the house once, find out which family items are made of MDF, and share them with us in your spare time.

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