Which Is Better Among Table Saw Vs Miter Saw Vs Circular Saw?

A great woodworker needs a good saw, so they always look for the best among table saw vs miter saw vs circular saw. Before checking a sea of products in the market, it is necessary to know the features and functions of each type. 

Therefore, this article provides you the differences among the table, miter, and circular type. Check it, and you can understand the suitable type you need for your job.

Table Saw

The structure of this type is easy to understand. It includes a flat table allowing you to place the woods and a built-in circular blade. They play a role in cutting woods with accurate parameters.

You also can raise and lower the blade as you want. However, it will not be convenient, for the angle and direction are fixed by using a connection of the saw blade with a motor below the table. 

Moreover, the action of cutting is easy to understand. Place a piece of wood on the table, and then push it to the line of the saw after measuring to cut. 

The table saw is suitable for various cuts, such as cross-cuts, rip-cuts, or miter cuts, etc. However, the difficulty level for advanced cuts is medium. 

Because of the table saw’s versatility, people commonly use it at most woodworking workshops. Amateurs and professionals alike find no trouble using this tool. 

You can find many models in the market, and if you are a woodworker, you should have one. 

Miter Saw

This type includes a circular blade set up with a swing arm. Instead of using the table, it has a saw’s base to make a cut steady. You can bring it anywhere and use it anytime you want, but it should not be casual because of the saw’s heavyweight.

Although some people consider it similar to the type above, the miter saw does a better job at making miter and compound cuts. By modifying the machine angle and bringing the arm down to the wood piece, you can easily control the line and make the most accurate cut.

This saw type provides a specific cut, while a table saw is used to cut wood for general purposes. People widely use it for advanced cuts like a miter cut which offers the highest accuracy and complicated technique. 

If you are not a woodworker and just need a tool to cut basic lines, a table saw is more suitable. 

Circular Saw

A circular saw is known as a handle saw that you could hold to cut through the wood. It also includes a circular saw blade, but the difference is a handle grab. 

Because the tool is lightweight, you can control it comfortably while making a basic cut. However, it requires you to be a master for an advanced cut, for example, a curve-cutting, as it is slightly hard to handle if you don’t get used to it. 

There are various models to adapt to your preference in terms of size and weight in the market. Thus, by understanding your needs, you can purchase the most suitable product easily.

Differences Between Table Saw, Miter Saw, And Circular Saw

You need to compare table saw vs miter saw vs circular saw to understand each type’s benefits and setbacks. Let’s check the information below. 

How It Works

These three types share the same function of cutting, but the method is different. Each has its mechanism to cut wood, and it is essential to understand before cutting.

The circular saw is the simplest to use. All you need is to grab its handle and make a cut freely. Nevertheless, the table saw’s mechanism is based on the table. You can use the flat table for a steady and smooth cut. 

The miter saw is more utilized than others as it can adjust the direction and angle of a cut. Thus, if you need a complicated piece, a miter saw is necessary. 


People often use a table saw or a miter saw when they want to invest in their woodworker career. Moreover, those with a workshop at home will try to purchase both of the saw types.

However, if you just want some general cuts to make a basic shape, a circular saw is ideal because you can handle it easily.

In other words, a table saw and a circular saw is geared towards basic cuts, while a miter saw specializes in more advanced cutting tasks. 


The more complicated piece the machine can excel, the more accuracy it provides. Based on this statement, a miter saw wins this round as it  delivers the highest accuracy for wood cutting. 

The second place belongs to the table saw, as you can use a table to make your cut more steady. 

The least accurate is the circular saw. It requires you to have good strength to control the cut. Therefore, if your arms cannot handle it fluently, the accuracy will drop significantly. 


In this case, a circular saw is the best idea. You can transport it between work sites and use it whenever you want as long as you have enough strength to handle the cut. Table saw is ranked second in terms of portability. It is heavy and quite bulky, but its wood structure is still better than a miter saw entirely built of metal.

Frequently Asked Questions

You might have some questions when deciding which is your best bet among circular saw vs miter saw vs table saw. Check out the two queries below to know more about these tools.

When Do You Use The Table Saw, Miter Saw, And Circular Saw?

Whenever you need to cut wood, a saw is necessary. However, to find out which one is the most suitable, you should figure out your preferences. 

Aspiring woodworkers typically start their career by having a table saw. This piece of equipment assists them in getting used to and experiencing various types of cuts. 

Then, they will use a miter saw to improve their performance or when their project entails more detailed cutting jobs. 

Otherwise, your cutting purposes will help you classify your needs. For general cutting, it is ideal to use a circular saw for its convenience and portability. If you need a more specific piece, a table or miter saw is the way to go.

Carpenter vs Woodworking: Who Should Buy What?

Carpenter is a career related to building a house, for example, making woody windows, door frames, trimming moldings, etc. Thus, a miter saw is recommended because these tasks require high precision. 

Woodworkers specialize in building furniture, so their works involve cutting large-sized sheets of wood, ripping plywoods to build desks, shelves, cabinets, etc. That’s why a built-in-table saw is the most useful cutting tool in their arsenal. 

Both woodworkers and carpenters rarely use a circular saw because of its low accuracy. However,  it can be an acceptable alternative when they have nothing to use in emergency cases. 

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Using the most suitable power saw will help you reach the best performance in cutting wood. All you need is to choose between the table saw vs miter saw vs circular saw after determining which one best suits your needs and preferences. 

If you are looking for a tool going with you in the long run, a miter saw is an ideal option. You will have to make an effort to learn how to use it, but it will be easier to handle this type after that. 

Hopefully, our article will help you figure out the differences among the three types of saw, and you can use the information above to find the best one. 

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