Top 11+ Tips of Table Saw Safety – Ultimate Guide

 Table saw safety is extremely crucial to a carpenter. Most of them see the saw as the main tool in their work. Besides the benefits of table saws, we cannot underestimate the dangers they bring if used in the wrong way. Today, this article will guide you on some tips to avoid occupational accidents when using table saws.

In-depth table saw safety methods

Because the table saw has been born and used for a long time, people can foresee and avoid dangerous problems. We believe the tips below will help you avoid most if don’t want to say all.

1. Do not wear thick gloves while using the table saw

This is the first cause that many newbies meet. Many people have the wrong point about wearing gloves to protect their hands when using a table saw. It may be right, but not for the table saw.

The reason is that when wearing gloves, there is a loss of sensitive feeling between the hand and the material being sawed. This will hinder when you use force to move the wood. On the other hand, it limits the feeling of contact and easily causes occupational accidents.

Therefore, the user of the saw should not wear thick gloves to avoid unfortunate incidents. If possible, let’s wear gloves with good grip, creating a realistic feel when holding objects.

2. Eye protection equipment when operating the saw is essential

The eyes are the most vulnerable part of the human body. During the sawing process, agents such as dust and wood chips are easily thrown out. Therefore, you need to prepare a good pair of glasses to protect your eyes if you do not want unfortunate incidents to happen.

The disadvantage of a saw that everyone knows is that the motor it makes is very noisy. Besides, it lasts for a long time will make the ear uncomfortable. For people with weak hearing health, it is extremely harmful and can cause complete hearing loss. Therefore, equip yourself with a suitable noise-canceling earring to use. 

On the other hand, if you regularly use a table saw, you need to pay attention and check your ears with period to avoid the worst case.

Table Saw Safety

3. Wear appropriate clothing

During the operation with the table saw, you should use neat and well-fitted clothes. Note that absolutely do not wear baggy, long clothes or wear fancy jewelry.

These are taboos in sawing work. Because, just a second of not paying attention, these objects will cause you to get into a work accident before you can react.

4. Tie your hair neatly

Like the above item, letting your hair down will also cause you a lot of trouble during work. You should tie your hair neatly before proceeding with your work.

5. Comfortable standing posture

This is very important. Only when standing comfortably can you work for long periods of time. A little advice for you is that you can also wear shoes with non-slip soles.

Body position should not be in a straight line with the saw blade. Wood and sawdust will be thrown out. Therefore, with this position, you will avoid being shot in the face by sawdust. More specifically, in the worst case that the saw blade is loose and splashed out, the posture will help you be affected.

6. Make sure the saw blade has stopped rotating before adjusting the saw table

Adjusting your hand too close to the saw blade can injure you. Before you turn on the power, you ought to make sure that the saw blade is not caught in anything. In other words, you can test the saw blade a few times without power to make sure nothing is stuck inside.

7. Power off

You should turn off the power after use and when changing the saw blade

It is paramount to always disconnect the power before changing the saw blade or any other maintenance operation. This will help you avoid electric shock. Besides, if you accidentally start the saw table when not paying attention, it will endanger you.

Another thing is, you should position the outlet in your sight to make sure you have disconnected the power or not.

8. Keep the work environment clean

It is best to keep the floor clean. Let’s collect sawdust from time to time.

Stumbling or slipping on a working or stopped saw can also cause serious injuries. You know, sharp objects are always dangerous. Saws can cut solid wood, then don’t let your skin touch it.

9. Check things before cutting

You should be extra careful by looking for nails, screws or pieces of wood – these can all become a bullet flying back towards you. It flies fast enough to cause serious injuries.

10. Employee requirements

Machine users must be thoroughly trained and use full protective equipment. If you feel that you are too clumsy or unskilled, it is best not to work. Otherwise, you could lose your balance so you don’t fall on the table or the saw blade.

In addition, the user of the saw machine must be in good health, without a heart attack, lung pain or nerve pain.

11. Machine requirements

The table saw must have adequate safety structures such as a saw blade cover, anti-return device. Make sure it is safe before you operate. A dirty and rough saw table requires you to use more force to push the material through the saw blade. It can also rust which reduces efficiency. So please maintain it periodically.

With modern technology improved in quality, there are many table saws for you to choose from.

In particular, you should avoid buying old table saws because the details may be worn out and not safe to use anymore.

12. Other advice

  • Do not use a saw blade that is warped, cracked or chipped
  • Before putting wood into sawing, the machine must be tested to ensure safe use of the circular saw
  • When your hand is 30cm away from the saw blade, you should use the extra support arm to push the wood.
  • Wait for the machine to stabilize the speed and then put the wood into the saw
  • Wood must be pushed slowly in the straight direction
  • The main worker had to stand to one side to avoid that the wooden hit 
  • Never press wood against your belly to push into table saw
  • Note that the height of the saw blade is always at least 15cm higher than the thickness of the wood from the surface of the machine.

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The table saw is one of the indispensable tools in the carpentry industry. How to use a table saw is probably simple for you. However, you should not be too subjective because if you are not careful in one second, it will endanger you at any time. Hopefully, the tips of table saw safety we shared above will notably help you operate the table saw safely and effectively.

Reference source: Table saw safety tips you forgot about (or never knew) – Youtube Video

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