Finding 12 Table Saw Projects For Beginners On The Market

A table saw is one of the tools that you should own to simplify woodworking. With this cutting table, we can easily split or shape the wooden blocks to our liking with much higher precision than when using a hand saw. 

However, mastering this tool is not an easy task, especially for those new to using it. If you also want to get acquainted and gain more experience using a table saw, do not hesitate to refer to the article below.

12 table saw projects for beginners

All 12 table saw projects that we would recommend are of very low difficulty. So, making these wood products is extremely suitable to help you learn using a table saw.

Scrap Wood Cutting Board

Making ordinary wooden cutting boards can indeed be done by hand. However, the product we are talking about is not a regular type but a Scrap Wood Cutting Board.

The difference with this type of cutting board is that you can use leftover pieces of wood instead of finding a large amount of wood. 

As a result, we will save more costs. In addition, our finished product is also extremely eye-catching thanks to the difference of each piece of wood that makes it.

If you feel that Scrap Wood Cutting Board is difficult to make, you are probably wrong. First, we just need to gather the right pieces of wood to put the food on top with some carpenter glue, and a table saw is enough. 

Then you turn the wood on the saw table and the wood into segments of the appropriate length. Finally, use glue to fix it.

Wooden Business Card Holder

Wooden Business Card Holders are also decorative objects to increase the elegance and nobility of your working space.

Wooden Business Card Holder is very easy to craft despite being so useful, especially when you get yourself a table saw. Because if you do it manually, small details or strange designs will make it difficult for you in the chiseling process. 

When using a saw table, we just need to sketch the style and then cut the wood according to the shape and fix it with rivets or glue. Besides, the process of finding materials to make Card Holders is also very simple.

Wooden Table

Everyone wants to have tables of all sizes in their home. Because this item is not only used for daily life but also helps your home become more beautiful. However, there are many different models on the market today. 

But we firmly believe that the wooden tables made by our own hands are the most beautiful and quality products.

Making a whole wooden table seems to be quite a difficult job and only for professionals. However, the reality is the exact opposite of this statement. Except for handling the joints, it will be a bit complicated, and the rest will almost be completed easily. 

Even manipulating a table saw to create the right wood panels is very simple. Because the tables will not have too many small details or strange designs.

Wooden Box

Surely Wooden Box is the most familiar object to us from the early days of making wooden furniture. When you switch to a table saw, the boxes will also be suitable items for you to practice.

In general, the Wooden Box is very easy to work with, so you can focus your attention completely on the processing of wood panels with the cutting table. If you want to increase the difficulty of the practice, try making a box that does not require nails or glue to fix. 

Our suggestion for you to realize this unique idea is to create perpendicular joints.

Wooden Shelf

Wooden Shelf is always a great tool to help us store and preserve our things. Not only that, wooden shelves also play a very important role in beautifying your home with neatness.

There are many different styles of Wooden Shelf depending on the purpose of use that you can choose in the manufacturing process. But no matter which model, with the help of a table saw, it will be easy to chisel the wooden frame much more. 

The rest you need to pay attention to is choosing the decorations and calculating the stamina to put the right amount of stuff in.


A Bookcase with your design will be an impressive highlight for the rooms in our house.

Having a separate shelf for books also makes it easier for you to work and play. Because we will no longer have to flip everything in the house just to find a book.

Because of these great benefits, many people choose to make a Bookcase to practice in the process of learning to use a table saw. Two other equally important factors are the simplicity of the assembly process and the somewhat complicated preparation. 

In fact, the practice is not as complex as you think. And, we just need to calculate the full strength and forced to choose good anti-termite wood. Surely after completing the bookshelf, you will learn a lot of experience

Wine Rack Tower

Wine Rack Tower is the right choice if you are looking for challenges that are a bit more difficult than building tables or making wooden boxes.

A wine rack must not only be able to keep our fragile but precious bottles in place. This type of bronze also must have a ventilation design not to increase the temperature too quickly and spoil the wine.

To meet the above needs, you will have to manipulate and calculate more every time you decide to cut a piece of wood with a table saw. In addition, we also need to use more tools to strengthen the joints firmly.

So you may have to spend a bit more effort when you decide to build your wine rack tower. However, the difficulty of these wine racks is just a little more complicated to manipulate and calculate. And of course, newbies like us just need to try a little bit to do it.

Wooden Picture Frame

The lovely Wooden Picture Frames created by ourselves will be a meaningful gift for relatives and friends on important occasions.

You don’t need to be too proficient in the steps of table saw manipulation to create a complete picture frame. However, if we want to make a qualified product to become a gift, we need to practice a lot.

In addition, you can also enhance the aesthetics of your photo frames by adding patterns to your liking. In addition, the addition of a light system is also a pretty unique idea for your reference.

Planter Box

If you are a person with a passion for gardening and carpentry, why not try creating an object that satisfies both interests. At this point, you probably think that the item we are talking about is a planter box.

There is no need to spend too much effort and materials, but we will still complete a very quality planter box. 

All you need to prepare are neatly trimmed pieces of wood with a table saw and some nails or glue. The next thing is just to put the wooden frame to your liking and fix it.

Although the structure is quite simple, the planter box still helps us create green areas without taking up too much space.

Indoor Swing

Hanging an Indoor Swing in the living room will make a huge impression on our guests. If you find the usual styles of chairs too boring, don’t hesitate to replace them with a DIY swing.

Just like the outdoor swing, the indoor swing is extremely easy to do. You just need to find a few pieces of wood that are strong enough and then smooth and cut with a table saw to complete the preparation step. 

Depending on our preferences, we will choose the material to connect these wooden panels is rope, iron wire, or any kind of strong wire.

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Cabinet Doors

You will hardly make complete Cabinet Doors without the help of a table saw. But thanks to this tool, the process of making the cabin doors also becomes surprisingly simple. Even the decorative details on the surface that seem difficult to do will be many times easier.

Although we know it’s not difficult to make. But you should still try to master crafting cabinet doors and all other types of doors. This is because this knowledge will help us a lot in some emergencies.

Table saw

Using a table saw to work out the pieces of wood used to make another table saw sounds rather strange, doesn’t it? But reality has proven that this idea is extremely reasonable in many different cases. 

Especially, it works when you need an extra saw table but don’t want to spend another large amount of money.


Crafting your table saw projects is not too difficult. With the table section, you just need to apply the usual tabletop design but leave a groove. As for the saw blade and motor, we can easily find them in specialized stores.

We believe that you have made the best choice after reviewing the 12 table saw projects for beginners included in this article. Of course, it’s not always easy to start anything. So try your best to practice more skills every day.


Reference source: Small Box Table Saw Project

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