10 Small Wood Projects For Beginners To Try

Many people believe that making wooden furniture is still not simple at all, even for experienced people. However, that statement is only true when we have to create large works of art or furniture. As for the projects mentioned in the article below, even newbies will be able to do it. So don’t hesitate and let’s immediately refer to 10 small wood projects for beginners.

Small Wood Projects For Beginners

The products below are not only easy to implement but also help a lot in our daily lives.

  • Personalized Planter 
  • Wooden Smartphone Dock 
  • Log Candleholders 
  • Small Wooden Boxes
  • Wooden Bookends
  • Magazine Holder
  • Wooden Welcome Mat
  • Wooden USB Drive
  • Tree Swing
  • Wooden Mug

Personalized Planter

small wood projects for beginners

You just need a few wooden planks arranged in a box with screws or wood glue to make yourself a lovely Personalized Planter. If you want your product to be more impressive, you can also engrave a few letters or numbers on it.

In addition, fixing the potted plant on a board and hanging it on the wall to make a mini garden is also a very good idea that you should consider. These hanging pots are not only a great decoration but also a space saver.

Wooden Smartphone Dock

A Smartphone Dock will be essential if you want to fix your phone or tablet to watch movies or video calls for hours on end. But instead of having to spend a fortune to buy products from metal or plastic, you completely create one for yourself.

It must also be said that making a Smartphone Dock is not difficult at all. From choosing materials to making finished products, everything is extremely easy and suitable for beginners. 

You can use a piece of scrap wood or even solid wood and then cut a groove of the right length on top, and you’re done. The rest of the steps depend on whether you want to add variations or not.

Log Candleholders

Candleholders will be a very eye-catching decoration for your home, especially on occasions like Christmas. In addition, this is also a great gift for the people you love.

To create these bases, you will have to have a pre-drill to punch holes in the stem of the material first. But you also don’t need to worry too much about the cost because we just need a hand drill with a not too high price to operate it. 

After drilling is complete, the remaining steps are also quite simple for us to perform. You just need to use the tool to smooth the newly created hole.

To add to the aesthetic, a red bow or lovely stickers attached to the stem used as a base are also reasonable options.

Small Wooden Boxes

The storage box is always number one on the list of suitable items for beginners to learn how to woodwork because of its simplicity in implementation. But do not let that make you look down on creating these products because a good box to store valuables is extremely sturdy and has no openings.

So in addition to creating boxes to serve the needs of the family. You can also consider crafting this type of object as an exercise to enhance your abilities and experience.

Wooden Bookends

Your bookshelf will become much more luxurious and fashionable if there are additional wooden Bookends on it. Even the item, if standing alone, is extremely suitable as a decoration to beautify the living space.

Despite its high aesthetic value, Wooden Bookends are not difficult to craft at all. You just need a few pieces of wood and the most basic tools to make one for yourself. All the rest depends on your skills and imagination, and preferences only.

Magazine Holder

Placing a Magazine Holder in the living room or bedroom helps us optimize the space and highlights the beauty of that room.

On the current market, there are many models of Magazine Holder for you to choose from. But why do we have to spend a lot of money to buy this thing when we can completely make one ourselves. 

Except for a little difficulty finding wooden boards of good size and strength, the remaining stages in the processing stage are extremely easy. When making a wooden box, we just need to join the bare wooden boards in the desired shape. And then, you can cover it with a protective layer.

If you want to take the difficulty up a notch, we recommend trying out the unusual designs and other embellishments.

Wooden Welcome Mat

Wooden Welcome Mat will be a pretty unique choice to replace the carpets made from fabric or synthetic fibers that we often see. With this special carpet, you will not need to spend too much time and effort cleaning every week anymore. 

Besides the ability to simply clean, this product is also very suitable for creating a good impression of the house with guests.

At first glance, this wooden object seems very difficult to make, but the truth is quite the opposite. A quality wooden carpet does not require us to have high techniques or too expensive materials to create. 

A few pieces of the right size wood and a rope from your favorite fabric are enough to do. Our job is simply to skewer the wire through the wood and fix it.

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Wooden USB Drive

USB is extremely important to us in the age of advanced technology because of the convenience and great storage capacity of this device. To protect as well as increase the aesthetics of this tool, nothing is more appropriate than a wooden case.

You will probably need to be a little more meticulous when crafting wooden cases than making other objects. But to be honest, cutting the wood or cutting holes to fit the USB and grinding the edges to your liking is not too difficult at all.

Tree Swing

The kids in your family will surely enjoy it if you make them a Tree Swing. We can even go back to our childhood with this kind of toy.

We firmly believe that you will not have to spend too much effort and time to make Tree Swing. No one will pay you to just polish the wood surface and apply a protective layer on it.

Wooden Mug

Wooden cups require a bit of skill in surface treatment as well as cutting and manipulating solid wood. But it is not difficult for you to learn and practice these skills after you have finished making the 9 items above.

The results of the process of practicing your woodworking skills are not far away, but in the delicious cool drinks in the cup made by your own hands.


After completing the 10 projects above, we think you have enough skills and experience to continue making wood furniture. Hope you will try to hone your ability to make more great items.

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