Safety Tips to Follow When Using A Table Saw

If you are in the business of woodworking it is certain you will be having a table saw within your premises. You will understand how this tool can make it easy for you to work fast and improve your productivity without being troublesome at anytime. You will also have information about the safety tips, which you should be looking forward to following without fail. Failure to follow the tips can result in accidents that will prove harmful to you or your colleagues. Please find below some safety tips you should be looking forward to following when using a table saw.

  • Personal Safety: You must understand it is essential for you or your colleagues always to wear some safety gear when using power tools of any kind. By safety gear we just do not indicate towards protective clothing but would also like to point out the need for wearing protective gear for the eyes and also to give some protection to your ears by getting protection for them.You will do well to understand you cannot afford to have loose clothing, jewelry, wristwatches, neckties and any other material, which can and will prove to be a hazard against your safety.
  • Understanding the Power Tool in your Possession: As a precaution, you must also take a close look at the safety features mentioned in the instruction manual of the table saw in your possession. The manufacturers will provide information about the features, and these are specifically designed for the protection of woodworkers. The instruction manual should be followed without exceptions and parts like the saw blade guard; the anti-kickback pawls and other parts of the table saw to be checked properly before beginning to use the same.
  • Precautions during the Operation of the Power Tool: As a habit, the operator of the table saw must never attempt or try to make any adjustments to the blade when it is still moving. He or she should be looking forward to waiting until the blade has come to a complete stop before reaching forward to make the adjustments that may be required.
  • Proper Usage: When woodworkers decide to use a table saw they must ensure they also have appropriate zero clearance in search of the blade, and these are the ones that must be used. When using a dado blade which is stacked it is advised that a suitable insert also be used. In the absence of a proper insert, some stock could fall into the cabinet of the saw turning it into a projectile. This is a matter, which must be avoided by taking some of the precautions mentioned.
  • Do’s and Don’ts: The woodworker must never attempt freehand cuts when a table saw is being used. On the contrary, in order to guide the stock a miter gauge can be put to use. Woodworkers will do well to bear in mind that they cannot use the fence and the miter gauge together because it can cause problems when the final grains of a piece of stock can come against the fence.

There will be times when you think about using the table saw before it has reached the optimal speeds after being switched on. You must understand you cannot indulge in such activity and must wait for the blade to reach its full speed before you begin cutting some wood. 

  • Mistakes to Avoid: Some of the most common mistakes people make are related to common issues, which we think everyone should know. Not disconnecting power before attempting to change the blade is one of the most common among these mistakes and should definitely be avoided. You must understand the possibility of accidentally turning on the table saw when you are in the midst of making some changes to the same. This can be dangerous and is best avoided.
  • Good Habits for Proper Usage: Maintaining a good balance is habit woodworker must develop when they are required to work with power tools. A table saw is no exception to the rule, and woodworkers are advised to maintain a good stance that will help them to keep a wide base to maintain proper balance. Standing in front of the blade is also a definite negative in order to avoid unforeseen circumstances.
  • Visual Verification: Apart from the safety tips mentioned in this discussion, wood workers must also visually check boards or other pieces of wood they are required to cut and look for foreign objects like nails, staples or screws which could be in the board or the wood. These objects can become dangerous projectiles when they come into contact with a spinning blade. To avoid such problems it is advised that woodworkers keep a metal detector, which is specially designed for this purpose around them.
  • The Benefits of Using Hand Tools with Power Tools: Trying to keep the woodworkers fingers away from the blade is another matter, which should not be overlooked. This is usually the case with boards or stock that is around 6 inches in width. In such case's arrangements to have a push stick within reach will help. These tools are easily available from woodworking suppliers and can even be designed by a woodworker with plenty of experience.


The tips mentioned are with an intention to provide woodworkers the knowledge to handle power tools in a proper manner. It is always essential for them to follow the safety tips as mentioned in the instruction manual of the tools apart from the tips in this discussion, which have been considered after practical research.

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