Safety Tips for Your Impact Driver

For mechanics and automotive or similar professionals, the ‘Impact Driver’ is a tool very commonly and frequently used. With its powerful torque generation, the impact driver undoubtedly is a great addition to your tool set.

Available in different types and forms, an impact driver can either be operated manually or electrically. For more specialized and heavy duty jobs, the pneumatic form of impact driver is there to facilitate you with the best of its features.

But using an impact driver demands some safety tips and specific precautions to be applied in a proper way. In order to use your impact driver in a safe manner, you must decide which type of impact driver you need for the required job.

  • Manual impact drivers are the most physically challenging ones.
  • Electrical impact driver is the powered form that can be availed either in the corded or cordless form. With an efficient battery, this impact driver makes your job quite easy to be accomplished.
  • With Pneumatic impact drivers, your heavy duty projects are done proficiently.


Safety for impact driver


Take Safety Measures for Efficient Use:

When you are done with the decision;  which impact driver is best suited to your needs. Next step is the efficient use of your Impact Driver. This efficient use can be guaranteed while implementing some precautions and safety measures.

How much you take care of your device, how much properly you are utilizing the related accessories, how you are protecting yourself and the surroundings – all these are significant measures one should take in order to guarantee a proficient use of an Impact Driver.

Read The Instruction Manual:

Before using your impact driver, take out the instruction and safety manual provided by the manufacturer. Following through the safety tips and guidelines, you will be familiarized with the correct way to operate the driver.

The manual will guide you in the following aspects:

  • How to keep the battery charged.
  • How to turn on/off the device.
  • What necessary parts or accessories must be used in order to operate the driver.
  • Some particular instructions or warnings for a specific type of impact driver.
  • How to be appropriately dressed in order to be safe while operating the device.

Declutter Your Work Space:

Impact Wrench safety

Make sure the workspace is safe and free of clutter. It is highly recommended not to use Impact Driver in an area that is crowded with people, as it increases the risks of accidents or injuries. In case of corded impact drivers, ensure the wires are organized. Some specific precautions related to work space may incorporate:

  • Keep sign boards to keep people away from the area in order to make the work space safe.
  • Do not let anyone stand behind you while operating the impact driver.
  • Always work in the areas with proper lighting system or the ones where sunlight has a direct access. Working in damp and darker areas might cause dangers.

Keep Your Device Clean:

If you want your driver to be operated flawlessly for a long time, you must keep it properly cleaned. Make sure:

  • The battery is properly charged.
  • The device should be cleaned.
  • For corded versions, the cords must be in organized form.
  • Keep the device and related accessories in a safe place.
  • Do  not expose the driver and related parts to sunlight or water.

Wear Protective Accessories:

You must take care of your personal safety as well. It would be great if you use protective accessories including, proper gloves, eyewear (special googles), headgear and a protective shield.

Usually in the home based repairs, such protective equipments are not that much necessary. But in heavy duty jobs and construction projects, such protective accessories provide additional safety and prevent huge losses or damages.

Ensure A Proper Use of Impact Driver:

You must be familiar with the types of impact driver before using one. Do not use an impact driver for the task, for which it is not suitable. (Like the heavy duty projects are appropriately performed with Pneumatic Impact Wrench/Driver.)

  • Ensure to have a firm grip on the device.
  • Keep an eye on the applied torque.
  • Read instruction manual in this regard that what is the recommended quantity of torque for different sockets.

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