Reciprocating Saw Uses that You may not Know. Useful Article For You

The piston saw is a useful product for wooden and metal products. It easily cuts off a metal or wooden pipe. If you know how to use it properly, it’s more useful than you think. In this article, we will tell you about some reciprocating saw uses.

What is the reciprocating saw?

Reciprocating saw is a small hand-held saw. Workers often use it to cut metal and woodwork. Reciprocating saws use the reciprocating motion of the saw blade to create force on an object. That’s why many people often call this type of saw a motion saw.

How Does Reciprocating Saw Work?

The Reciprocating Saw’s motor also powers the saw blade to move it back and forth. This motor also provides a tremendous amount of energy to create movement. This movement will cut through wooden and metal ranges at high speed. The average speed of this movement is 2,700 SPM per minute.

What are reciprocating saw uses?

The most common use of a reciprocating saw is for pruning. It creates straight lines and cuts. However, that is not the only use of reciprocating saw. Here are some uses of reciprocating saw that you probably didn’t expect.

Trim metal or wood

You can use a reciprocating saw to prune overgrown branches. It is cordless and lightweight. You can easily hold it in your hand without feeling tired. You can easily move it to trim trees or metal anywhere or on the roof. This is the most convenient tool in trimming without much effort and time.

Reciprocating Saw Uses that You may not Know

Demolition of wooden and metal objects

Reciprocating saws have long, sharp blades. It can easily destroy everything. This is thanks to the powerful reciprocating saw’s leverage system. You can also replace its saw blade in different length and widths to facilitate demolition.

Creating art with wooden objects

Not only has the effect of trimming, reciprocating saw can also help you unleash your artistic creativity. With just a simple wooden board, you can trim it into beautiful patterns for decoration. 

You can even shape the wood panels yourself and put them together. A simple wooden panel will become a decoration for your home depending on your ingenuity and creativity.

Creating curved or straight cuts

You can easily adjust the cut to curve or straight. There are narrow locations or obstacles that prevent other saws from working. But the reciprocating saw will be easily accessible for cutting thanks to its compact design. 

On wood and metal surfaces, the reciprocating saw can move according to the cutting path you want. It is also compatible with a wide range of saw blades for the best performance.

Creating a framework for things

Reciprocating saws are very compact so you can easily cut wood or metal in straight or curved lines. That makes it easy to shape with a reciprocating saw to create the best frames. However, this use will be useful to experienced workers.

Otherwise, they will produce chipped and inaccurate cuts. This is also a function that not everyone knows about.

Cutting Out Sill Plates

When you cut the sill plate with other saws, it will be difficult and may not be possible. But with a reciprocating saw, cutting the sill plate will not be difficult anymore. Install the correct saw blade for sill plate cutting. Then make a meticulous and precise cut. Therefore, this is a special use that not all saws can do.

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Dealing with plumbing systems

When installing the pipes, you will have to adjust the pipes to each other. A reciprocating saw will be an effective solution for your home’s plumbing system.

This type of saw is very easy to cut through pipes, holes and grooves. It is also easy to move in pipeline works without causing any damage. It is for this purpose that most plumbers own a reciprocating saw.

A reciprocating saw will be an effective solution for your home's plumbing system

Using in construction

A reciprocating saw will be very useful in the construction field. When building roofs, reciprocating saws create movements for the saw blades to shape. You can cut the shingles to fit and look good to fit on the roof.

Effective sanding tool

Reciprocating saw is also considered a sanding tool for rough surfaces. It can even sand the holes. 

Other types of saws often produce dust, debris, and saw marks. If you use reciprocating saw this will not appear under these conditions. Because of that, it can clean cuts as it pierces through.

Final Thoughts

Above are a few reciprocating saw uses that we found. These uses will be very useful in your daily life with metal and wooden objects. Apply these uses with your reciprocating saw. It is important that you follow the rules to ensure safety during use.

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