Porter-Cable PCE211 7.5 Amp Impact Wrench Review

Porter Cable has been manufacturing quality tools for over 100 years. People turn to Porter Cable because their prices are always decent and the quality is great. They offer a wide range of tools, but the one we will be focusing on today is the Porter Cable PCE211.

1. The Basic of PCE211

The Porter Cable is an impact wrench that is specifically designed to take on the tougher challenges that you might find in the workplace. Intense, rugged, and larger-than-life situations call for an impact wrench that can take on the challenge with ease. First and foremost, the ergonomic design and sleek appearance is nothing to balk at, while the padded handle and large 2-finger trigger make holding and operating a breeze. It’s strong, with plenty of torque and includes a heavy-duty motor to handle all types of applications.

Porter-Cable PCE211

2. The Design of PCE211

The design of the Porter Cable PCE211 is designed with the user in mind. The sleek design is contemporary and masculine, with a combination of white, black, gray, and red. Aside from the unique appearance, the Porter Cable PCE211 has a graspable handle that’s comfortable and easy to use. Finishing off with a larger 2 finger trigger, it’s never been easier to control your impact wrench, even when dealing with heavy duty applications.

3. Power of PCE211

There’s a lot of power behind the Porter Cable PCE211. First and foremost, it comes complete with a whopping 7.5 amp motor which can handle large and tough applications without a problem. It delivers an astounding 450 ft-lbs of torque for heavy duty applications, with 2,200 RPM and 2,700 BPM for speed. Speed combined with power ensures all of your bigger problems are taken care of with no challenges, and a ½ inch hog ring anvil can change sockets unlike ever before.

4. Accessories and Warranty Information

The Porter Cable PCE211 comes with a variety of beneficial warranties. It is backed by a 3-year limited warranty automatically, including a 1-year free service contract. There is also a 90-day money back guarantee in case something goes wrong with the tool or you simply do not like it.


  • Contemporary design.
  • Graspable handle with large 2 finger trigger.
  • 7.5 amp motor for heavy-duty applications
  • 450 ft lbs torque, 2,200 RPM & 2,700 BPM
  • ½ inch hog ring anvil
  • Forward/reverse switch
  • Impeccable warranty


  • Corded device
  • Slightly heavier than other models at around 7 pounds.
  • Has a potential to lock up with lug nuts that are stubborn/rusted.

Things we liked

There are many things to like about the Porter Cable PCE211. Perhaps our favorite feature is the 450 ft lbs of torque combined with the 7.5 amp a 2,200 RPM & 2,700 BPM which allows for heavy duty applications. It’s a sturdy, powerful device that is used for tougher and sturdier applications that require a lot more power than a smaller, cordless device. If you need something powerful that can take on tough challenges while still being slick, comfortable, and easy to use, the Porter Cable PCE211 is an excellent option; and if you don’t like it, send it right back thanks to the 90-day money back guarantee.    

Things we didn’t like

First and foremost, the Porter Cable PCE211 is a corded device. This makes it more difficult to maneuver and versatility is limited. It is also heavier than other power tools on the market and a bit longer as well, making it a bulkier style. Lastly, some users have noticed that the impact wrench will lock up when dealing with stubborn bolts that do not want to be removed.

5. How does Porter Cable PCE211 compare with others

Porter Cable PCE210 vs Porter Cable PCE211

When it comes to the Porter Cable PCE211 and the Porter Cable PCE210, the two are almost interchangeable. They have a lot of the same features, with just a few specs that are slightly different. With the Porter Cable PCE210, you get 250 ft lbs of torque instead of the 450 found in the Porter Cable PCE211. The Porter Cable PCE210 also comes with 2,700 IPM and 2,200 RPM of speed. Finished with a cast metal gear housing, the impact wrench has the ability to dissipate heat more easily.

Porter Cable PCE211 vs Dewalt DW292

The Dewalt DW292 is also fairly similar to the Porter Cable PCE211 in terms of capabilities, however, the Dewalt DW292 is a bit smaller in terms of size. It is, however, about a pound heavier than the Porter Cable PCE211, making it the more compact but heavier design. It is also a corded impact wrench that delivers 345 ft-lbs of torque, slightly less than the Porter Cable PCE211. It comes with a detent pin anvil instead of the hog ring, which will come down to personal preference when it comes to deciding which one is better than the other.

Porter Cable PCE211 vs Porter Cable PCC740la

The big difference between the Porter Cable PCE211 and the Porter Cable PCC740la is the price. The Porter Cable PCC740la is pricier than its counterpart, and that’s likely due to the fact that it has a bit more features. With the Porter Cable PCC740la, you get a variable speed trigger that allows for utmost control when it comes to operation and speed levels. Aside from that, it comes with a lithium battery that allows for maximum performance and versatility, with plenty of working time. If having a cordless impact wrench is important, you would opt for the Porter Cable PCC740la, although it does only have 260 ft lbs of torque and a maximum of 1,650 RPMs.

6. Conclusion

The Porter Cable PCE211 is a powerful device that has the ability to take on heavy applications. It’s designed with a sleek appearance that has plenty of power behind it with a 7.5 amp, a whopping speed of 2,200 RPM and 2,700 RPM, and 450 ft-lbs of torque capabilities to take on tough challenges. It’s a corded impact wrench that is a bit bulky, but its strength and power make it a tool that is an excellent addition to any toolbox.

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