Porter Cable PCCK647LB 20V Max Review

The PORTER-CABLE PCCK647LB Cordless Impact Driver is a powerful impact driver that delivers more runtime than most Porter-Cable tools.  Its manufacturer claims it is 20% more powerful and 20% more bit retention. It is built for heavy applications.

I. Porter Cable PCCK647LB – Specifications

1. Motor

The PORTER-CABLE PCCK647LB Cordless Impact Driver is equipped with a powerful brushless motor and has 50% more runtime than a brushed impact driver. It has more longevity, too. This is so because brushless motors do not have carbon brushes that burn out over time.

2. Torque

The Porter-Cable PCCK647LB delivers 1,400 in-lbs of torque making it ideal for large fastening applications. It has an auto torque adjustment so there is no worry about having excessive power that may strip out the material.

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3. Drive System

This impact tool has an easy-to-use ¼-inch chuck. Putting in or removing a bit is only a push or pull process that can be done with one hand. It can hold various lengths of bit. It also boasts of 3,100 IPM.

4. Speed 

The Porter-Cable PCCK647LB runs at a supersonic speed starting at 900 RPM and with a maximum of 2,700 RPM. Its speed variations are ideal for different types of work.

5. LED Lights

The Porter-Cable PCCK647LB comes with a built-in LED light for sufficient lighting in area workspace. The LED light turns can be turned on before the tool runs and will automatically shut off as the tool is stopped.  

6. Battery

The Porter-Cable PCCK647LB includes two 20-volt lithium batteries delivering 50% more runtime than other impact driver batteries. Its battery has a charge time of about an hour. This tool comes with a battery gauge located on the base to indicate low battery power.

7. Size and Weight

This impact driver comes with a compact design. It is only 5.8 inches and 2.9 pounds. It comes with a balanced feel allowing you to work with ease on fragile materials such as thin wood.

8. What’s in the Box?

  • (1) Impact Driver
  • (2) PCC680L 20V Lithium-Ion Batteries (1.5Ah)
  • (1) PCC699L Compact 1 Amp Charger
  • (1) Bit

II. What Users Say about Porter-Cable PCCK647LB

A user says this tool is slightly shorter thus it is extremely easy to get into tight spaces. He says it is also not as tall making it easy to maneuver. It comes with a sensitive trigger allowing easy and precise control of the tool’s speed.

A user says this is his first impact driver and is extremely pleased with its performance. He says this tool has a lot of power. He says the kit is only a few dollars more than the tool alone so the added cost for batteries and a charger was well worth it.

A user says this impact driver is great because it is durable and comes with a lot of power. He says he used it all day installing doors and windows and averages about 400 screws a day and this tool was able to compete with most high-end name brands.


  • Brushless motor
  • Compact design yet speedy and powerful
  • Easy to insert and remove bits
  • Easy and quick to change ¼-inch hex
  • Practical LED light


  • It comes only with a single-speed.
  • Not ideal for short bits
  • It can get a bit warm during continuous use.

III. Who should buy Porter-Cable PCCK647LB?

The Porter-Cable PCCK647LB is a well-built and sturdy tool. It is only 5.8 inches long, yet it comes with a lot of power and great balance. Amateurs will feel comfortable using this tool. It is an ideal tool to have in the house.  Professionals will also find this tool ideal for some tasks.

IV. Frequently Asked Questions – PCCK647LB

1. Does this kit come with a belt clip and a place to hold bits?

Yes, the kit includes a belt clip and a bit clip.

2. Is it normal for this tool to have a whining sound?

Yes, it is a normal occurrence for all impact drivers to make a whining sound.

3. How many Ah do the batteries have?

20 V Lithium-Ion Battery (1.5 Ah)

4. Does this tool have a 3/8-inch drive?

It is a ¼-inch hex drive. You can however purchase adapters so you can use 3/8-inch and ½-inch drive sockets as well. Be careful with the adapters you buy because this too comes with a large torque rating. If you buy the cheaper adapters, it may twist the adapter into half.

5. Does it come with variable speed?

Yes it does but only on the trigger.

6. Can the battery charger be connected to 110V and 120 V?

Yes. This model supports 110 V and 120 V.

7. Will this tool work with a 20V battery of a different brand?

No. With this tool, the batteries and chargers are not interchangeable so you can only use PorterCable batteries and chargers.

8. Can this tool loosen and tighten lug nuts?

Yes it can loosen and tighten lug nuts but you need to make sure that it is not the cross-thread type. You also need to make sure it is really tight.

9. Does this tool have magnets for holding bits?

No and it’s a good thing. All those magnets do is collect metal chips.

10. Does the kit come with batteries and a hard case?

The kit comes with 2 batteries and a battery charger but without a hard case.

11. How long does the LED light stay ON?

The LED light stays ON for 20 seconds.

12. Can this tool remove a car’s lug nuts?


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