Plywood vs Solid Wood: Which Should You Use ?

Wooden furniture is always the first choice to decorate the living space to become more cozy and luxurious. Today, there are many choices in terms of designs, types, colors and materials of wood planks. In this article, we’ll help you distinguish plywood vs solid wood.

What is plywood?

Plywood is the creation of the wood industry with the combination of many layers of wood veneer. The manufacturer arranges these layers of wood at right angles to each other. These boards are fastened with glue, usually Formaldehyde or Phenol glue. After that, it is pressed with a hydraulic machine to ensure that the layers of boards stick together.

What is solid wood?

The manufacturer saws wood slabs from logs to make solid wood. Then, dry the wooden slabs with a kiln. After drying, the wooden slabs will reduce moisture and stabilize in size. After a while, solid wood will shrink or expand depending on the humidity of the weather.

The difference between Plywood vs Solid Wood

Solid wood is more durable than plywood

Most solid wood products have a lifespan of up to decades. Many types of solid precious wood can be up to hundreds of years. Solid wood is very resistant to water and is less damaged when soaked in water.

Solid wood is a homogeneous material so it is heavier and stronger than plywood. Meanwhile, plywood has a shorter lifespan and requires more care. The glue layers in pressed wood are less durable and easily expand when exposed to water.

Plywood vs Solid Wood: Which Should You Use ?

Solid wood is more aesthetic than plywood

Solid wood grain is more beautiful than plywood wood grain. Plywood is created with ridges, but it is still not as sharp as the real grain. Teak, for example, is not only durable, but has straight, golden brown veins.

Production time

Solid wood takes longer to produce than plywood. Processing time of natural wood is quite long. It has to go through a lot of stages such as drying, chiseling and abrading. Meanwhile, plywood can be created from standard and fast molded machines.

Different in design style

Most plywood products are designed in many modern styles. They’re available in a variety of designs as well as colors to suit many different architectures. And solid wood has the advantage of sophistication. Solid wood products are intricately carved.

Solid wood and plywood differ in warping and shrinkage

When it comes to warping, solid wood is more prone to these phenomena than plywood. Because solid wood has a natural bond to the wood inside. Plywood is made from wood chips compressed with glue.

Solid wood is easier to warp and shrink than plywood


Solid wood and plywood differ in installation time

Furniture products made of solid wood will take longer to process. Wood textures are complex and cannot be mass produced. This type of wood has to go through stages such as sawing, cutting, drying, chiseling, abrading, painting, etc. As for furniture from plywood, there are only simple details. You do not have to spend too much time in production as well as installation.

Solid wood is more expensive than plywood

Solid wood is more durable and beautiful than plywood, so it costs a lot more than plywood. Many people also have a higher demand for solid wood. Meanwhile, the supply of solid wood is very limited because the production of solid wood is strictly controlled. That is also one reason why solid wood is more expensive than plywood.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is solid wood or plywood easier to clean?

Plywood has high scratch resistance and moisture resistance. Just use a damp cloth for wiping them clean. It should be noted with thin plywood because its resistance to moisture is very low.

Solid wood is very durable and highly resistant to moisture. It can be made into heavenly furniture. So you don’t need to clean too much. After several years of use, solid wood can darken. Please polish to get back the original color.

2. Should you choose solid wood or plywood?

The choice of solid wood or plywood depends on the needs of each person. If you love wood grain and rustic beauty, solid wood will always be the choice for you. However, if your investment level is not too much, you should choose oak or peach. Using rare woods with very high prices. Oak and elm are also good quality and affordable.

If you like simplicity but sophistication, then plywood will be the most ideal choice for you. Currently, the line of furniture products from plywood is very popular. They are also very affordable and of excellent quality. You can use it with complete peace of mind.

The choice of solid wood or plywood depends on the needs of each person

Final Words

Above is the difference between plywood vs solid wood. We hope that this information will help you choose the right wood for you. Choosing the right wood is very important to make your home more beautiful and modern.

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