7 Common Plunge Router Uses You Should Know

The Plunge Router is one of those pretty essential power tools and can be seen in most furniture stores. With many advanced features, you will need a plunge router in many cases.

So in the following, we’ll list some plunge router uses. Plunger router promises not to disappoint users.

7 Popular Plunge Router Uses


If you are looking for a suitable tool to cut a mortise, then a Mortising router will be the most effective one. This is the most effective and easy way that many people who want to miss a mortise use. All you need to prepare is to amortize the router along with the accompanying instruction sheet and amortize.

First, you should check that the device is set to zero to avoid injury when using it. Once the safety check has been completed, start using it by selecting the cutting level you want the machine to work at. 

You should use the device according to the instructions for use that the manufacturer has attached.

In addition, the user should make sure that setting the cutting mode will produce the desired results. At the same time, you can also use the delay to keep the router from automatically moving when working.

Next step, you need to fix one end of the mortise. Then slide the router to the other side to get your job done without any extra cleaning.


7 Common Plunge Router Uses You Should Know

The plunge router has great portability. With this feature, you can do the trimming job easily. Pruning can be difficult, but it will be simpler if you use a router named.

The machine allows the user to adjust the settings to ensure the production of perfect results as expected. Many surveys have shown that the TB router can complete the pruning job with 90% efficiency.

Therefore, if you need a tool to support pruning, the plunge will be the best solution.


The plunge router is the best product for doing inlays. This product is like other routers, and it has high accuracy. The machine can produce extremely delicate and clean cuts.

In terms of usage, you need to have a good understanding of how to use it for this router. Because the machine requires a precise operation to produce the same results as installed, this machine will not be suitable for you if you are just a novice or a first-time user.

However, we have a few tips to make it easier for you to use. You should read the user manual carefully before using it. At the same time, users should also refer to how to use it from experienced people. 

Besides, adjusting the settings of the machine according to the manual is also important to do.

Making signs

Making signs is one of the most interesting functions of plunge routers. If you have experience in using different types of routers, using this product will not be difficult.

The main function of making signs is to make signs for you to do things like trimming or flattening…

Making Keyholes

Making keyhole with plunge router

With keyholes, you’ll be able to hang things without having to install additional hangers or wrap extra rope.

If you are looking to create keyholes without asking someone else, you can refer to the Plunge router. With the main function of creating keyholes, it is sure to please you.

There are quite a few routers on the market that have a keyhole function. However, this router is the product with the easiest to use. On the other hand, this session is also suitable for women because it is quite light and easy to set up.

Circle routing

Circle routing with plunge router

Creating a circle will not be too difficult if you use a plunge router.

Prepare your router and the product you need to do. For a circular shape, attach the router to a fixture. Then rotate the machine around this fixture to get a perfect circle.

Not only that, thanks to the plunge router, you can also cut a perfectly round piece of wood without the need for additional tools such as saws, chisels, etc.

Cabinet making

Cabinet making is a highly artistic job in woodworking. Therefore, this job is also quite difficult if you do it by hand. However, with a plunge router, you can do this quickly.

First, you will set the machine settings to the mode used in Cabinet making. Then, you proceed to control the machine around the product to be worked on to produce the required results.

Pro tips

  • The plunge router has the same usage as the fixed router. However, reading and following the manual attached to the machine when working is an important issue.
  • Checking the safety level of the machine is a prerequisite. Whenever using a plunge router, you need to pay attention to this. Please turn it off immediately after use to avoid injury.
  • You should read the user manual carefully to get the most out of your Plunge router’s capabilities. From there, it will be able to best support your work.


Above is some information related to plunging router uses. As can be seen, the plunge router is a very necessary tool for the lives of those working in this field. This is an essential power tool for any woodworker. 

Hopefully, our information has helped you choose the right plunge router model.

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