Everything You Need To Know About Your Pitbull German Shepherd Mix

Aggressive and independent – these two words have pervaded the perspective of many when dog breeds such as Pitbull or German Shepherd come into question. Not really the gentle kind of dog breeds that would flicker into one’s mind. But if each breed is known to be ferocious and dauntless, what character can you expect with a combination of the two? Well, that’s an interesting thought.

Unbeknownst to many, a Pitbull German Shepherd mix is not very rare but a common breed for strong guard dogs and if properly trained, as great family dogs. Also known as a German Pit, Shepherd Pit, German Sheppit or Sheppit, this hybrid is truly one-of-a-kind amongst dog breeds because of its incredible characteristics.

The Behavior of a Pitbull German Shepherd Mix

If you are familiar how a German Shepherd or a Pitbull behaves, you’ll at least have an idea how this hybrid will turn out. But, since it is a merge of two different worlds, it is hard to tell what the behavior will be as it can incline to either of the breeds.

Although their temperament constantly changes, there are distinct traits or characteristics that you might notice when you have a German Pit.

1. Calm and timid around people.

German Pits are known to be well-mannered and calm around people. Although they are tagged as aggressive dogs, the proper training that takes place in its earliest days will affect its interaction with other people in the long run. Thus, your adequate training and frequent socialization with other people will help your dog be on its best behavior.

2. Aggressive and dominant toward other dogs.

As they are also members of the German Shepherd family, they tend to dominate other dogs and act as leaders of the pack. However, dominance is one of their distinct traits, that needs to be carefully looked over. Otherwise, it could lead to aggression and they’ll definitely get themselves into trouble with other dogs later on.

Socialization at an early age is one of the keys to keep this large breed in a good manner. You can take them out for a walk in the park to socialize with other dogs. Let them meet and play. Pitbull German Shepherds are incredibly intelligent and will learn quickly when introduced to a comprehensive training.

3. Energetic and active.

They need plenty of exercise. You should keep its training and exercise on schedule or else, it will wreak havoc and end up chewing on your sofa and pillows or digging holes out in your yard. Take it out for a walk or let them run through the fields. They are full of energy. So, if you want to keep up with this hybrid, you should maintain a very active lifestyle. If you can’t and don’t have enough time to engage with outdoor and vigorous activities, this breed is not for you.

4. Loyal and affectionate.

Despite their strong and terrifying image in public, German Pits also love being around people. Although they don’t seek too much attention from their owners, they are capable of showing affection and loyalty. If you think cuddles and sweet kisses are the least gestures you can get from them, you’re on the wrong track. You’d be surprised how gentle they could be if you raise them well. They can be among the best family dogs you could ever have.

Because of their strong attachment to people, especially to their handlers, leaving them alone for long periods of time is the very last thing that you can do. They cannot usually take being left alone. A time to play and exercise is what they are always up to.

Proper Diet

Another major concern about raising a Pitbull German Shepherd is the proper diet. What type of food should you feed them? If you’re considering of giving them the best dog food for German Shepherd, you’re also doing it right. But since they belong to large breeds, you can feed them with a healthy dog food that is rich in protein as what most German Shepherds and Pitbulls eat.

Keep in mind that a strong, healthy, and fit dog depends on how much and what you feed it during its puppyhood. A healthy dog is always a healthy beginning. If you’re quite uncertain about what to feed it, it is always best to consult your vet on what brands and type of dog food are ideal for this breed.

Proper Grooming

German Pits won’t likely to have a furry and thick coat like German Shepherds do. Hence, grooming won’t be much of a problem. This type of breed does not require high maintenance and may only need some brushing at least once a week. A tooth comb or a hard bristle brush will do.

Ear cleaning and nail trimming should also be part of your dog’s grooming routine to keep it healthy and free from any possible infections, allergies or disease. When it comes to ear cleaning, always make sure you’re using the right dog ear cleaner.

Take note that grooming your dog is not always an easy thing to do. It might feel uncomfortable which could lead to aggression. But to prevent such bad behavior, it is best to start its grooming routine when it is still a puppy. In that way, your dog would take it as an enjoyable thing to do until it gets older!

Common Health Issues

As much as you want to keep your German Pit healthy, they are not exempted from getting sick. However, it is hard to tell what type of disease your dog might be prone to unless you can trace the health history of its parents. Skin irritation or skin diseases and hip dysplasia are some of the common health issues that you should be aware of.

Life Span of a German Pit

German Pits are fortunate to live up to 12 years to enjoy each and every day with their loving furry parents. So, if you’re planning to get one for your family, make each day count and give your dog the best life it deserves.

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