Most Physically Demanding Sport In The World

Which is the most physically demanding sport in the world? Have you ever wondered about this? Do you know other high physical demand sports besides those popular ones such as soccer, basketball, boxing?  

If you are curious about the answers, scroll down to read this article for more interesting information!

Most Physically Demanding Sport In The World


The first name on this list is definitely boxing.

To be more specific, this is a 1:1 combat sport with a very high injury rate because the players will directly attack until their opponent is knocked out completely.

Most Physically Demanding Sport In The World

The concussions to the head that boxers suffer are extremely terrible. If you are not physically fit, the injury will inevitably have long-term consequences. In fact, many boxers have died in the ring due to severe injuries.

After competing, the players on the floor might suffer injuries such as bruises, dislocations, skin scratches, etc.


Rugby is one of the most popular team sports. Specifically, a team will be divided into small teams to win the ball and attack the opponent’s home field to win.

Because of the suffocating competitive nature of fighting for every inch of land on the field, rugby is quite dangerous. Hence, ballers are equipped with full-face helmets and armor, protective gear of all kinds that make them look like warriors in battle. 

Dramatic butts, collisions, acrobatics require athletes to practice a lot and have amazing health. Otherwise, they will have to lie on the field immediately due to injury as soon as they start the game.


Basketball comes from the United States with the famous NBA professional basketball tournament, worth millions of US dollars.

This is a direct competition sport between 2 teams; each team has five people. The teams will perform dribbling and throwing the ball into the opponent’s basket with their skillful skills.

Basketball is extremely physically demanding when running continuously on the court, accelerating, blocking the ball, jumping. Interestingly, you can burn up to 300 calories in one workout and burn up to 700 calories to match teammates. Even playing a 3×3 match for just 30 – 45 minutes can help a player burn more than 500 calories.

Ice hockey

Hockey – considered a “violent” sport, attracts a large number of spectators. In detail, this is a sport that requires great muscle strength of athletes to be able to withstand injuries.

You must balance on ice and move at high speed for a long time in ice hockey matches. Not only that, but players on the field also have to combine with competing for the ball and attacking the opponent’s net, so ankle and wrist injuries are almost inevitable. 

In addition, hockey sticks can also become a dangerous weapon if you are unfortunately fouled.


Tennis matches require players to have a great deal of strength to continuously pressurize and attack the opponent. They must use all their upper and lower body strength to create support and push balls with speeds up to 200km / h as far as possible. What can be harder than that!

Tennis games usually last over 2 hours and are played under outdoor and sunny conditions. Therefore, players need to have extremely good endurance to maintain fitness for a long time.

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Alpine skiing 

Skiing is an attractive sport for those who love to explore, challenge, and train their endurance. Professional skiers must have an extremely strict training and nutrition regime o endure the constant intensity of exercise under the cold in the snowy mountains. 

Furthermore, your body also needs to be prepared to cope with injuries such as head, ankle, and wrist. It’s tough, isn’t it?

Motocross riding

Racing, a sport that is full of excitement but also demands strong physical training.

In racing tournaments, racers will have to control cars weighing hundreds of kilograms through roads with different difficult terrain. With speeds that can reach 200 km / h, the heart rate of the racers often fluctuates at 165-200bpm, and the body needs to have tremendous strength to regulate activities. 

The nervous system of the racers also needs to work at full capacity to be able to stay awake and focus during the journey.


A sport that is beautiful and flexible but with high demand for strong physical strength. Specifically, most movements in gymnastics acquire athletes to use all muscle groups in the body to keep balance and perform in competitions. 


There you go, some of the “Most physically demanding sport in the world.”

However, those sports we mentioned above are only the most common ones, not all of them. These sports are apparently dangerous, but you could not deny that they are full of excitement, isn’t it? 

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