Miter Saw vs Chop Saw: What Are The Differences? Best Tips For You!

A mitersaw vs chop saw look so alike. Therefore, they make us confused sometimes. If you also can’t distinguish between these saws, this article is what you need. We will include a clear comparison between Miter Saw vs Chop Saw. The possible options for your project are also available at the end. 

Let’s read on to discover!

Miter Saw Overview

A miter saw is a powerful tool that can make miter, bevel, and crosscu

ts. It’s high-precision equipment with excellent consistency and accuracy.

Miter cuts are very basic cuts that almost every woodworker, carpenter, and even plumber is familiar with.

A miter saw creates a 90-degree cut along the length of the materials. Crosscut refers to a 90-degree cut all across the length.

Miter cuts are important for complicated tasks involving the fitting of parts together.

A miter saw has a handle and a guard, much like a regular saw. People use the miter saw for cutting molding, woodworking, and so on.


Miter Saw vs Chop Saw

Chop Saw Overview



A chop saw is the opposite of a miter saw. It doesn’t aim at accurate and complex angle cuts.

A chop saw can only cut 90-degree strai


ght lines. The tool doesn’t offer accurate cuts. Yet, users find it wonderful to cut extremely tough materials.

The goal of chop saws is for the user to be able to cut through the hardest materials with the shear cutting force.

Chop saws typically employ a 14” disc. It has the cutting ability required for large jobs like cutting metal structures.

A chop saw can deal well with tough materials

Miter Saw vs Chop Saw Comparison


A miter saw and a chop saw may appear to be identical at first glance. Both tools include circular blades on a movable arm and a fixed base that holds the workpiece. 

A chop saw deals with hard materials. As a result, it typically has a stronger motor and a bigger blade than its competitor. The blade must be ideal for trimming the angles, cutting molding pieces, and creating cleaner cuts.

A chop saw features a disc to perform the cuts. It has no standard-shaped cutting teeth or edges. The cutting wheel and motor are on an arm attached to a stationary base plate.

On the other hand, a miter saw features a laser guide to ensure its precision. It also has a guard to cover the teeth of the blade. A dust bag is available in each miter saw as well to avoid the workpiece from sawdust.

Cutting materials

Chop saws and miter saws have different applications. We often use a miter saw to deal with wood. We can also apply them to other materials. 

However, it works best when it comes to wood, plywood, and some soft materials such as plastic.

A chop saw, on the other hand, can serve various purposes. It can cut through metals, concrete, and tile. It is the most common choice for metalworking too.

A chop saw can serve various purposes

Types of blade

The various types of blades used by the two saws account for the variation in what they can work. The blade of a chop saw is from abrasive materials. It appears quite similar to a grinder. This is one of the main reasons why the chop saw can cut through almost everything.

Meanwhile, a miter saw utilizes a smaller, more accurate blade. The blade of a miter saw is mostly circular steel with teeth. 


Chop saws are quite simple to use. One thing you need to remember is to firmly hold the workpiece at the right length and gently move the blade onto the piece.

When using a miter saw, things may become complicated. Although a miter saw may be a very flexible tool, it requires a thorough grasp of the angle adjustments to get the required results.


Both saws can deal with wood and metal cuts. However, a chop saw is more commonly associated with construction sites or manufacturing facilities. 

Chop saws have larger cutting abilities than miter saws. Hence, they are suitable for house construction and framing projects. We can even use chop saws for metal and wood to be cut at a 90-degree angle.

The miter saw capacity to make bevel cuts would come in handy for a nice woodwork finish. They can be useful for carpentry jobs like baseboard molding and installation. 

Because you have to secure the piece in a fixed position while cutting, a miter saw seems to be low-hazard.

Using a miter saw is safer 

What Are The Differences Between A Miter Saw vs Chop Saw?

The major difference between these saws is their spinning ability. A miter saw can rotate and create angled cuts. Meanwhile, a chop saw can only produce 90-degree angles.

Chop saws also appear to be bigger and more powerful than other types of saws. Chop saws are tough devices that can cut through a wide range of materials.

On the other hand, miter saws look like a finesse tool. A decent miter saw is a far preferable option for creating precise, clean, completed cuts on little pieces of material like molding, framing, or small pipework.

Pros and Cons of the Miter Saw vs Chop Saw

Miter saw


  • You can cut plastic, metal, and wood with a miter saw.
  • You may swivel a miter saw’s blade to create angled cuts.
  • The size of the blade enables you to produce smoother, finer, and cleaner cuts.
  • Because the miter saw enables you to secure the materials, it appears to be safer to use. 


  • A miter saw cannot cut big-sized workpieces.

Chop saw


  • The saw is capable of cutting through almost any material.
  • It can cut a variety of metals rapidly and easily.
  • Larger variants have a foot or knee switch, helping you feed material into the saw with both hands.


  • Injury is more likely due to the enormous force and big blade.
  • This saw does not provide angled cuts.

When To Use Each Saw?

A miter saw

A miter saw may assist with any buildings or woodworking projects. So, if you’re going to be making chairs, frames, or flooring, a miter saw is a worthwhile option. It may make your work easier and more productive.

Miter saws, on the other hand, are not must-have equipment for carpenters. However, they are quite useful to be around, especially when you have a competent table saw. They can assist with these tricky chores.

A chop saw

Chop saws are necessary for some applications that need plain force cutting. A chop saw is the best option for a range of difficult materials. 

You can also cut the metal sheets. If you need to cut a large number of metal rods and bars quickly, a chop saw is your only alternative.

As a result, adding a chop saw to your work is always a good idea.


So now you may distinguish between a miter saw and a chop saw. They differ in function, appearance, usage, and cutting abilities. After considering all the factors, you will surely have an exact answer for what you need.

Hopefully, you may find this article helpful. 

Thank you for reading!

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