Milwaukee 2554-20 M12 Fuel Stubby 3/8 Impact Wrench Review

Whether you’re screwing things together or taking them apart, you need a handy gadget that can stand by your side and get the job done; and that’s the Milwaukee 2554-20. This wonderful piece of equipment is small enough to reach into those nooks and crannies while remaining powerful enough to remove even the most stubborn bolts and screws with ease. It’s the ultimate tool that any handyman needs to take on the everyday challenges that present themselves.

1. The Basic of Milwaukee 2554-20

What’s not to love about this sturdy, compact tool? Only being 4.8 inches in length, Milwaukee 2554-20 fits smaller crevices that aren’t likely to be reached with other gadgets on the market. Milwaukee 2554-20 combined with a 250 ft-lb torque, removing bolts and screws that are jammed and not wanting to budge are no match for this intense tool. Milwaukee 2554-20 completed with a 4-mode drive control and an auto shut off mode, you can do more while wasting less power so all of your jobs can be completed in a flash.

Milwaukee M12 Fuel

2. The Design of Milwaukee 2554-20

Milwaukee 2554-20 is meant to be a smaller, more compact model, so reaching smaller areas is finally a possibility. However, while this tool may be on the smaller size, it can handle the toughest projects thanks to its torque power and 1-3 RPMS. Milwaukee 2554-20 made with 4 different drive modes, so the simplest challenges are just as easily accomplished as harder, more intense projects. With size and ease of use combined, the design of 2554-20 is ideal for anyone out there who needs all types of jobs completed without needing an oversized, bulky, and heavy piece of equipment.

3. Accessories and Warranty Information

This tool comes with a warranty for up to 5 years. This means that if anything goes wrong with your gadget, you can send it back and get a new one without problems.


  • Small and compact to get into the toughest, smallest areas.
  • 250 ft-lb torque to handle the roughest bolts and screws.
  • 4-Mode drive control to take on any job and all tasks.
  • Auto shut-off ensures there’s no over fastening and increases overall productivity.
  • Brushless motor.
  • Red link plus intelligence included makes sure that the tool does not overheat or overload causing damage to the battery and/or tool.
  • No cord for ease of access and use.


  • The smaller tool may not be able to handle larger, oversized projects that require more durability and sturdiness.
  • Does not include a battery.

Things we liked

There is a lot to love about the Milwaukee 2554-20. Our favorite thing is the size of the tool, which ensures that smaller areas can finally be accessed. Most impact wrenches are larger and can’t get an entryway too tough bolts and screws, which means your job won’t be completed as easily. With 2554-20, you can rest assured you will be able to reach all locations, and with the 250 torque, you don’t have to struggle with removing stubborn bolts.

Another great thing about this gadget is the fact that Milwaukee 2554-20 comes with 4 drive mode so all of your tasks can have a customized drive mode for removal and assembly. 2554-20 auto shuts off so you never have to worry about over fastening anything or using too much power at one time, which saves the tool and battery in the long run.

Things we didn’t like

For some people, a small model like this may seem flimsy or weak. While this model can handle tough jobs, Milwaukee 2554-20 may not be ideal for someone who is doing a more intense job that requires the removal of several bolts and screws in larger quadrants. 2554-20 may also be more difficult to handle in terms of power, as it is not corded and will require battery changes often.

4. Conclusion

If you’re looking for a handy tool that can reach smaller areas with ease, you will love the Milwaukee 2554-20. It’s small and sturdy, which means it can take on even the tougher challenges you may experience. With 4 auto drive options and an auto shut off mode, you can rest assured you will be getting ample use out of this piece of equipment and never struggle with small crevices and tough bolts ever again.

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