MDF vs Solid Wood: Which type is best for interior decoration?

 Today, both natural and engineered wood are very popular in the production of furniture. It is difficult for us to make choices for ourselves. MDF and solid wood are two types of wood worth your consideration. In the article, we’ll clarify the difference between MDF vs solid wood for your reference.

What is the MDF?

MDF is a wood product formed by breaking down hardwood or softwood into wood fibers. This process usually takes place in a defibrillator.

The manufacturer combines it with waxes and resin binders. Then form the plates by applying high temperature and pressure.

MDF is usually very dense. It is derived from separate fibers. People use MDF as a building material similar to other types of wood. It is much stronger and denser than a chipboard.

There are some misconceptions about MDF boards. It is often confused with plywood and fiberboard. This wood is taking over the industry as a useful material for household furniture.

What is solid wood?

Solid wood is wood from natural forests. Solid wood does not have to go through the process of processing wood into other materials. Solid wood furniture will be very durable and beautiful. Solid wood is a very popular material in the field of furniture.

The unique feature of the beauty of solid wood is the unique shapes of wood grain and different colors. Because of this, solid wood furniture products bring a very unique beauty to each product.

What are the differences between MDF and solid wood?

Here are the differences between MDF and solid wood that we’ve found to help you make the right choice.

MDF vs Solid Wood: Which is more durable?

The solid wood internal bond is very strong. Its toughness is at a high level, so its ability to withstand impact is at a good level. 

In that case, MDF wood is actually glued wood fibers. That’s why solid wood is more durable than MDF. Most especially, precious woods such as walnut, incense, mahogany and rosewood can be used for more than ten years.

Solid wood is more durable than MDF

Warping or cracking

MDF is less prone to warping and cracking than solid wood thanks to its special texture. Meanwhile, solid wood will be prone to cracking, shrinking, warping, and termite attacks. 

If you encounter poorly skilled construction workers, it is easy to create products of poor quality and not high durability. 

These products are only used for a few years and will experience cracks and warping. Even termite attacks.

Waterproof ability

There is a huge disadvantage of MDF being afraid of water. This disadvantage comes from the structure of MDF. It is wood pulp and glue. So, when it comes to water it is easy to swell. 

Water-resistant MDF boards are quite expensive. But, solid wood without a waterproof coating will also mold if it is in a high humidity environment.


Solid wood brings the beauty of nature with beautiful wood grain patterns. Each type of solid wood has its own beauty in the wood grain. 

Depending upon the preferences of each person, choose the type of wood grain and suitable paint color. People often paint cockroach wings or can keep the natural color of the wood.

Solid wood has a more beautiful color than MDF thanks to the natural wood grain


Solid wood has a solid and solid structure. Floating furniture products made from solid wood often have sophisticated and beautiful patterns. 

They have to go through the process of cutting, planing, carving, painting… to create many shapes and colors. 

MDF has a less durable texture, so the manufacturing process is not too complicated. Products made of MDF demand simplicity and sophistication.

MDF vs Solid Wood: Which is more heat resistant?

Solid wood is more heat resistant than MDF. We can decorate solid wood furniture both inside and outside. Because solid wood is resistant to sun, rain and high temperature. 

In contrast, MDF is not resistant to high temperatures. If exposed to high temperatures it will break the glue layer in it. That is why MDF products are not placed near the stove, fireplace or outside.

Solid wood is more heat resistant than MDF


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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Should you choose solid wood or MDF?

It cannot be concluded which wood is better than the other. The choice will depend on the preferences, needs and economy of each person. 

If you want to have sophisticated and luxurious designs, you should choose MDF. Solid wood will be the best choice for those who love classic style and need durability.

2. Which type of wood is more expensive? Solid wood or MDF?

MDF is much more affordable than MDF. Because solid wood is more durable and more sophisticated to manufacture. Meanwhile, MDF does not take much time to produce but is very convenient and environmentally friendly.

Final Words

Above are the differences of MDF and solid wood. We hope that the information we find out will help you in choosing the most suitable wood. Choosing the right wood will be very important to make your home more modern and beautiful.

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