Makita XWT08z LXT Cordless Impact Wrench Review

Makita has been a company since 1915, and they have consistently produced power tools that are easy to use, handy, and able to take on challenges of all shapes and sizes. There’s plenty of options when it comes to Makita power tools, but one that particularly stands out is the Makita xwt08z.

1. The Basic of Makita XWT08z LXT

Standing at only 9 inches long and weighing 7.9 pounds, the Makita xwt08z is a compact, lightweight tool that can handle any project big or small. Aside from the compact structure, the Makita xwt08z uses an electronically-controlled brushless motor that will save energy for more working time. Built-in dual LED lights ensures you can have visibility during all aspects of the job, and an easy to operate forward/reverse switch makes working with bolts a breeze. XWT08z LXT also comes with a 3-speed power selection for precision and utmost control.

Makita XWT08Z LXT

2. The Design of Makita XWT08z LXT

Being a lightweight and compact utility tool, the Makita xwt08z works wonders in all types of spaces and jobs. Aside from his smaller stature, the Makita xwt08z comes with a tool hook that can secure quickly and easily when not in use. The built-in electric brake provides maximum productivity for the user, using the 3-speed power selection and forward/reverse switch with ease.

3. Power of Makita XWT08z LXT

The powerful Makita xwt08z includes 740 ft. lbs of fastening torque with 1,180 ft. lbs of breakaway torque. The run time, speed, and power are unmatched, providing the user with a strong, powerful tool that can work with jobs in regards to auto, carpentry, pipes, and so much more.

4. Accessories and Warranty Information

The Makita xwt08z is the tool only. There are no accessories included (the battery and charger are sold independently of the tool, but are necessary for operation).  Makita xwt08z offers a three-year limited warranty on all purchases. If you are unhappy with the tool, you can return it in 30 days. If something malfunctions with the tool due to the construction and design of the Makita xwt08z, it can be fixed or replaced by the company.


  • Lightweight and compact design.
  • 740 ft. lbs fastening torque and 1,180 ft. lbs breakaway torque.
  • 3-speed control operation
  • Easy forward/reverse switch.
  • Brushless motor.
  • Tool hook included for easy storage.
  • Dual LED lights
  • Impressive 3-year warranty.


  • Some consumers have had difficulties with the product starting to smoke with larger, more difficult projects.
  • A little expensive for the kit

Things we liked

There are a lot of enjoyable qualities found in the Makita xwt08z. From the compact, lightweight design down to the brushless motor for extra running time, this sturdy and capable power tool has what it takes to be a comfortable, handy piece of equipment that can get the job done.

We love the 3-speed operation combined with an easy operated forward/reverse switch and dual LED lights to help during every task. With high-level torque capabilities, you can handle large projects and hang it up when you’re done using the secure tool hook.

The impressive 3-year warranty ensures that you won’t waste your money if things go haywire, and the price tag on the Makita xwt08z isn’t too shabby either.   

Things we didn’t like

The biggest downside to the Makita xwt08z is that it does not include the battery or charger. This requires consumers to purchase separate, which means more money spent in the long run. Some users have also claimed that the Makita xwt08z has difficulties with stubborn bolts and can end up smoking or smelling like an electrical fire.

5. How does Makita XWT08Z compare with others?

Makita xwt08xvz vs xwt08z

The Makita xwt08z and the Makita xwt08xvz are almost entirely the same power tool. They offer the same specs, design, and unique features that are trademark to Makita. However, it is noted that the Makita xwt08xvz is designed to handle a lot more electromagnetic fields than the Makita xwt08z, making it the ideal power tool for those who work in high voltage environments. With this design, you won’t have to worry about the battery short-circuiting inside of the power tool. Aside from this fact, the Makita xwt08z and the Makita xwt08xvz are nearly identical.

Makita xwt08z vs Milwaukee 2767-20 vs Dewalt dcf899m1

When it comes down to the Makita xwt08z, the Milwaukee 2767-20, and the Dewalt dcf899m1, they are all truly magnificent tools. The major difference between these tools is what is included and how much power they provide. The Milwaukee 2767-20 has the most torque at 1,400 nut-busting torque, but the Dewalt dcf899m1 includes the battery (unlike the other two models). The Milwaukee 2767-20 offers a 4 drive mode while the Makita xwt08z only offers 3.

Makita xwt11z vs Makita xwt08z

The major difference between the Makita xwt08z and the Makita xwt11z is the size. The Makita xwt11z is a very compact design that still holds plenty of power in the 5-3/4th-inch long tool. The compact device offers 210 ft lbs of torque with reverse rotation and auto-stop mode. It’s the ideal tool for those in the automotive industry.

Makita xwt08z vs Dewalt dcf899

The Makita xwt08z is almost identical to the Dewalt dcf899. They have many of the same features include a brushless motor, 3-speed selector switch and LED work light. However, the dcf899 is designed with a detent pin which offers secure socket retention, which is helpful in a multitude of projects.

Makita xwt08z vs Milwaukee 2763-20

 There are minor differences between the Makita xwt08z and the Milwaukee 2763-20. First and foremost the Milwaukee 2763-20 comes with only 2-speed controls, while the Makita xwt08z comes with 3. It’s also heavier than the Makita xwt08z, coming in at around 13-14 lbs. You will also not find any LED lights on the Milwaukee model, making sight more challenging in dark areas.

6. Conclusion

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