Impact Wrench vs Drill: Which is the Best Choice?

Both Impact wrench and Drill are valuable tools for your repair operations. Whether it’s work at home, in the workshop, or on the job site, both tools deliver great results. 

However, Which is the best choice between Impact wrench vs drill? Follow the text below to see which tool you need more!

What do you need between Impact wrench vs Drill?

In any equipment repair or installation, you may need an Impact wrench or Drill.

  • Drill is suitable for DIY projects, drilling holes or removing scraps.
  • An Impact wrench is suitable for jobs requiring large capacity. It works best when loosening tight bolts and screws. Ideal for garage work or heavy equipment repair

However, if you have to choose between the two, you need to know the pros and cons of each tool. Distinguish between them to see which tool you need more.

These two tools both help you get the job done easier. However, each tool will be more efficient for a certain position.

Impact Wrench vs Drill

They can support each other and help you get things done faster.

If you want to understand them better to determine how to use an Impact wrench or Drill? Follow our subsequent analysis!

What is Drill?

Drill is a tool that helps you drill holes in materials or remove waste materials. They usually come in two types, cordless and cordless drills.

Drill is a tool that helps you drill holes in materials

Drill operates under a constant torque force, and the drill bit rotates clockwise. Inside they contain the control unit.

You can also replace the drill bit to install screws or bolts. If you want to remove the screw, you can also reverse the direction of the drill bit.

When you want to drill a deeper hole or encounter hard material, apply force to the Drill. The pressure from your hands on the Drill will make the drill harder.

You can press the fast, continuous drill button multiple times to quickly screw a screw. It helps the screw to go into the material not too deep. Working this way makes it look like an Impact wrench.


  • More utility than Impact wrench
  • Can both Drill and drive
  • Has low cost


  • Difficult to control when there is the force on the wrist, hand, arm
  • The latch is difficult to pre-drill

What is an Impact wrench?

Impact wrench is a miniature version of the Drill. Its parts and operation are similar to a drill.

It has a small body, but its Impact force is enormous. It would be best if you put in a lot of effort to fix it and control it.

Users often use Impact wrenches for removing bolts and nuts or automotive components. Some assembly lines also make great use of this tool.

Impact wrench is really not suitable for DIY jobs


In garages, air compression Impact wrenches often appear. They make perfect collisions.

An Impact wrench is really not suitable for DIY jobs. The excessive force of the motor in it can damage the appliance.


  • You can loosen the toughest nuts and bolts with strong Impact
  • Compact, flexible design helps reduce wrist fatigue during use
  • There are different types of Impact wrenches so that you can choose the right one for your job
  • Works very quickly and efficiently


  • Need someone with a lot of driving experience
  • Not suitable for DIY jobs at home
  • Very noisy

Difference between Impact wrench and Drill

To determine which tool you need to use more, let’s find out the differences between them to compare. Here are the basic differences between an Impact wrench and Drill:


At first glance, we can already see the larger size of the Drill.

Drills are quite large, they are also heavier. The purpose of using the Drill is to drill holes and to ream.

It is a tool that works well even with hard materials. Therefore, the significant weight will be an advantage to help it operate stably.

In contrast, users use Impact wrenches for tight areas. So it has a compact design and is much lighter than a drill.

Drill works better for drilling holes



Drill can be compatible with a broader variety of drill bits than Impact wrenches.

Drill holds drill bits with a three-jaw chuck. It is compatible with hexagonal, circular and triangular shanks.

The Drill’s three-jaw chuck can clamp drill bits of different diameters. As long as the drill bits and bits are in the shape of the shank, I just mentioned. Thanks to the three-jaw chuck, the Drill can work efficiently and accurately on a variety of materials.

Impact wrench is different. It has quite limited incompatibility with bits and has a 1/2 square drive to hold bits. And, of course, it will only work with bits that fit into its 1/2 square drive. To overcome this limitation, the manufacturer has produced different types of 1/2 square shank bits.

You can find them at a reputable address somewhere near your home.

Working efficiency

Drill works better for drilling holes or boring. It can also work effectively with hard materials. With a unique internal mechanism design, users can adjust the operating speed of the Drill through the button. However, at high torque, the user must use a lot of force in both hands to control the Drill.

Impact wrench is the opposite, and people use it to remove tough nuts and bolts. Its operating speed is extremely high and mighty.

However, it has a compact design, large capacity and is easy to handle. If you want to use an Impact wrench, you need to have strong arms. Because their vortex force and operating speed are very high.

Impact wrench use to remove tough nuts and bolts

Bottom line

From the analysis, you can draw the following to choose the right tool:


  • you can use it with hard materials due to strong torque action
  • The three-pair chuck is compatible with a wide range of bits and drill bits. Includes circular, hexagonal and triangular shank bits
  • Very good for drilling or reaming work
  • More weight and larger body Impact wrench
  • When the drill operates at high speed, you need to use two hands to be able to control it better
  • Low cost

Impact wrench

  • Compact design, extra-large capacity for easy removal or loosening of stiff bolts and nuts
  • Effectively used in car maintenance, repair or heavy equipment assembly
  • Only compatible with 1/2 . square drive bits
  • You cannot use it with soft materials or household furniture

Frequently Asked Question

1. Is Drill suitable for drilling construction materials?

Drills can work effectively with any building material you want. For example, brick, concrete or stone veneer.

Thanks to their muscular body and performance, you can put them to good use.

2. Can the Drill screw well?

The Drill can screw the screw, but it’s not quite as effective. The manufacturer creates drills with the primary function of drilling holes.

In some cases, you can use it to drive screws. But believe me, it doesn’t quite work.

3. Can I use an Impact wrench to drive a 3-inch screw?

Can not! Even if you have a high level of skill and experience in using an Impact wrench, this isn’t easy.

The Impact force and torque rotation speed of the Impact wrench are too strong for tiny screws. It may break the screw or screw it too tight.

To ensure accuracy and safety, you should use an Impact driver. It will work great with 3 inch screws.


To realize which tool you need more between Impact wrench vs Drill you need to understand them well. Includes different pros and cons. Hopefully, through our detailed sharing, you will have the correct answer.

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