How to Use a Miter Saw – Ultimate Guide for Beginner



Mount your miter box. There is a chance of sliding if miter boxes are used without mounting as miter boxes are less in weight and very small.

First you need to find a small piece of wood that should be of 19mm, plywood is referred. Now you have to keep your miter box on the scrap wood. After that you can drill screws so that holes can be seen. For further precautions you can keep the wood on scrap of carpet pad.


Next step is to add cuts that are made on your board. You have to make it according to your board. Try cutting your board in the vertical position rather than horizontal position. With the help of a pencil mark the cut and note down all the measurements so that accurate cuts can be made. You need to also mark the position of the cut on the board.


Next step is to line the board. This you can do by placing the board into miter box after that add lines with the help of pencil and check for the proper guide slot. You can take help with clamp or your hand to make your box steady. This is one the important step for using miter saw.


After lining the board you have to cut the board according to the measurements made. This is done by placing backsaw into two different slots. You need to lower the blade attached. You are advised to use board for saw by using smooth and different strokes. You should keep the miter saw in the guide slot.


Last step is to sand it smooth and remove the cuts made. This is very next step after making the cut. It is necessary to remove cut from the miter saw and remove the scrap end. You can sand if any useless or rough cuts made by the help of sandpaper. Then you can go for finer grit after sanding it.

Miter saw use differently for cutting and framing and for all the wood working. There is a miter box that is basically used for making cuts of different angles that are 45 and 90 degree angles. The main purpose of this miter box is to trim or frame.

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At the bottom of the miter box you need to place a piece of scrap wood. This is done to avoid damaging with the help of contractor.

  • You need to stand your miter box to a flat surface with the help of quick release clamp. Nut and bolt are also used to secure the box.
  • After that measure the cut and its angle. You can use carpenters square or even triangle so that easy cut can be made on your wood work. Keep in mind about the measured angle of 45 degree miter.
  • Next step is trimming of your wood after placing your wood. As mentioned above use proper clamp or hold downs so that your box can be secured. You should orient the cut properly also check for the cut around the wood face or across the height of the wood that is miter.
  • Next step is to use light passes, you should use pencil to make cuts prominently and more effort is used to cut the wood piece as it is not an easy task. Proper cut must be made on the board.

Almost all the steps are similar for using power miter saw as that of normal miter saw.


  • Place wood on the table with the help of set angle and bevel.
  • Check for the proper position of the board on the table.
  • Start the saw and plunge the blade into the wood.


Few safety measures must be taken when using miter saw. These precautions include:

  • While changing the blade, keep in mind to unplug the saw so that no damage may occur
  • It is advised to place your fingers at least 6 inch from where the blade is attached. Few modern miters saw contains lines that help to tell that from here danger zone begins. This is mostly seen in power miter saw.
  • You should also take other precautions like wearing glasses and protection for hearing when using the miter saw.
  • When the blade is in spinning position, do not touch the blade.
  • Before lifting it, allow the blade to stop properly.

You should learn all the safety measures that help to keep yourself protected and safe. Miter saw is normally dangerous too if no precaution taken. There are many reviews related to its safety measures that you can read.

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