How To Use A Jigsaw To Cut Curves  In 5 Simple Steps? 

If you want to DIY furniture like a new storage table and round some parts with an appliance, you’ve landed at the right place! This How to use a jigsaw to cut curves guide will illustrate how you can use a jigsaw to make curved cuts the easy way. 

But have you ever tried to use the jigsaw and found it is rolling and the blades are not going straight? It may not be the jigsaw to blame, but rather your method.

Understanding your jigsaw parts, choosing the right blade, controlling your speed, cutting the smooth curves, and applying some tips effectively will be the solution. It’s time to get jiggy with one of these saws!

How To Use A Jigsaw To Cut Curves?

Required Tools

You will need:

  • A superior jigsaw: Follow the manual to set it up or assure all parts undamaged.
  • Appropriate blades: Insert the correct blades such as scrolling or curve-cutting based on your cut materials.
  • Ear and eye protection: Put them on to avoid accidents when you operate the machine.
  • Boards with curves marked
  • Pencils or markers
  • Clamps to hold the fork down
  • Saw bench

Easy Step-by-step Cutting 

  • Examine The Tools And Workspace 

Check your workbench or workpiece carefully so that the blade can move smoothly. Half of the board and safety clamps should be placed on the board and the working table. You may use at least two clamps and have enough space to use the jigsaw on desired materials. 

You must also wear personal protective equipment such as earplugs and eye protection goggles. To guard yourself against the loud sound and sawdust that potentially cause long-term negative effects if not cautious.

  • Draw Cut Curves

Draw clear and narrow lines which are not bigger than the thickness of the blades. You can use a stencil, a maker with a pattern or a mold, or freehand. Another protractor or circular object can be applied to mark out special paths.

Put the objective material on the surface of your workbench,  cinch it down to keep it from sliding.

  • How To Cut A Curve With A Jigsaw

You can start pressing the trigger lightly to set up the movement. Begin slowly with one corner to the last corner of the curves. When you press the blades into the materials, press the trigger more to speed up. 

Cut in the ideal lines and remember to move outside the marking. Ensure that the jigsaw foundation lays on the surface of the material and slides serenely while you cut.

Starting a curved cut at the edge of the piece is not recommended if you cut complicated patterns. Drill a hole in the area of your materials. It should be large enough to fit in with the size of the blade and enable a 360-degree turn.

  • Set A Suitable Speed

Control the speed of the machine tightly so that the blades are not sloping. Decrease the rate with the speed dial for a tight curve. 

When it comes to wood shapes, you have to set the dial to a lower speed. This measure makes it easier for the blade to cut through the cross grain. 

  • Complete The Cut

If you finish the cut, tidy up your workpiece with a sanding block and check your final result. If necessary, you can purchase a power sander to sand the curves, ensuring that the outcome is clean, professional, and without rough edges.

Other Tips

How to use a jigsaw to cut curves also provides several tips to help you achieve a great performance:

  • Use a new sharp blade that can steer correctly, and you can count on it doing its job properly. T-shank blades are the best offers to support you switching easily between various jigsaws.
  • Hold on to the saw at the front, only to hold it down. When you are going through a curve, do not be tempted to pull on the front in any direction at all. It must be equal pressure left and right. 
  • Test some sample pieces with the same target material before attempting the blades on the target objects. As a result, you can confirm the suitable speed and sharpness of the blades.

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Jigsaws are perfect choices for cutting curves. Also, they are relatively inexpensive in comparison to other tools such as miter saws, circular saws, and table saws.

Now you have all the information needed on How to use a jigsaw to cut curves. The method mentioned in this article is straightforward and beginner-friendly, and we hope it will become your holy guide whenever you need to perform this task.

Do not worry if you make mistakes in the process, as you can always learn by doing. Hopefully, we will see some clean and precise results from your amazing designs.

Reference source: How to Use a Jigsaw (Youtube Video)

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