How to Stop a Crack in Wood from Spreading?

Having cracks is a common problem in wooden items. Dehydration is the main cause of cracks in the wood. Sometimes, it may be due to other impacts such as collisions or sudden temperature changes.  If you ignore these cracks, they will spread and ruin your furniture. How to Stop a Crack in Wood from Spreading? Today, let’s learn the common methods to stop a crack in wood from spreading. 

How to Stop a Crack in Wood from Spreading

Method 1. Stop a crack in wood from spreading by wood putty or wood filler

This is the simplest way to fill a crack in the wood and stop it from spreading. You can find wood filler or wood putty in every home improvement store. Here’s the detailed guide to use them to treat your wood crack.

Step 1: Make your choice between wood filler or wood putty

Both wood filler and wood putty work in filling the wood crack. But you can’t use them together because they will give different results. You can choose either wood putty or wood filler depending on the situation.

Wood putty will be more suitable for filling cracks in outdoor wooden items.  Outdoor furniture is often affected by temperature and humidity. 

These impacts make the wood contract and expand. Because wood putty can expand and contract along with the wood, it will not damage your furniture. 

Moreover, the wood putty has high resistance to harsh conditions. So it is better for outdoor use than wood filler. But you can’t sand wood putty, so you should consider this before use.

Meanwhile, people usually use wood filler for fixing indoor items. Because it will harden after drying, it can’t shrink or expand like the wood putty. But wood filler dries fast. It is also easy for sanding and painting. 

Whether you choose wood putty or wood filler, the process to fill crack with them is similar. Remember to choose the color that matches your wood.

You can consider the situation to choose either wood filler or wood putty to fill the wood

Step 2: Wear protective gear

Both wood filler and wood putty are chemical compositions. So, when you use them, wear protective gear to protect yourself. 

You will need gloves, a facemask, and goggles. They will prevent toxic substances from wood filler or wood putty from harming you.

Step 3: Prepare the wood

Before applying wood filler or wood putty on the wood crack, you have to clean the area. Remove all dirt or debris in and around the crack, even the smallest one. Any dirt or debris left can make it difficult for the filler to bond. 

Besides, if the crack passes all the way through the wood, tape the backside of the wood. This is to avoid leaking of wood filler or wood putty out the backside of the wood.

Step 4: Apply the filler

In this step, you will need a putty knife to fill wood filler or wood putty in the crack. First, read the instructions for use of the filler. Do the mixing or stirring if necessary. 

Then, use the putty knife to apply the filler. Remember to overfill the crack to ensure that the crack is full.

Step 5: Smooth the area and let it dry

Before the filler dries, use the putty knife to remove any excess filler. Try to make the area as smooth as possible. Because, it is difficult to smoothen when the filler dries. Then let it dry. It can take 9-10 hours, or overnight to be completely dry.

Step 6: Sand and paint

If you use wood filler after it dries you can make a light sanding. This will make the surface smoother. Besides, sanding can help you paint easier. 

You can’t sand with wood putty. So try to smoothen it as much as possible before it dries. 

Method 2. Stop a crack in wood from spreading by sawdust and wood glue

Another effective method to prevent spreading wood crack is using sawdust and wood glue. Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Prepare sawdust and glue

You can use sawdust from the same type of wood as your item to match the color. It is easy to buy sawdust or you can make it yourself. Remember to buy the standard wood glue.

Step 2: Apply sawdust and glue to the crack

In this step, you can apply the sawdust and glue in two ways.

  • Pour wood glue into the crack until the crack is full. Then cover the crack with sawdust and press the sawdust down. Make sure that the sawdust completely covers the crack as well as glue.  
  • Fill almost half of the crack with wood glue. Then add sawdust to fill half of the crack.  Continue pouring glue to fill the crack. Finally, cover the crack with sawdust.

Step 3: Let it dry and sand

Wood glue and sawdust usually require at least 24 hours to completely dry. After the glue dries, you can use sandpaper to make it smoother. 

If you properly do this method, you will be surprised with the result. The sawdust and glue have perfectly hidden the crack. You may not believe that there had been a crack on your wood before.

You can use sawdust and wood glue to stop a crack in wood from spreading

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How to Stop a Crack in Wood from Spreading? Some useful tips to get the best result

There are some tips you need to know when fixing wood crack to get the best result.

  • Make sure that the area you need to repair is clean and dry. Otherwise, these methods won’t be as effective as they should be, or won’t even work.
  • Your working space should be well-ventilated. If possible, take the item outdoors to fix it. If you have to work indoors, always wear a facemask or respirator and use ventilators. Remember to wear full protective gear to protect yourself from toxic chemicals.
  • Always read the instructions for use of everything before you use them. This will help you to avoid mistakes such as using the wrong proportion.
  • Avoid repairing on rainy days. It is ideal to work on a warm and dry day. But remember to keep out of the sun, because the sunlight can make the glue or filler dry too fast.
  • With deep and narrow cracks, it is better to use wood filler or wood putty. These fillers are also good for cracks that pass all the way through the wood. They can penetrate and fulfill the crack.
  • For wide and shallow cracks, the sawdust and wood glue method is more suitable and economical. 
  • After repairing, always wait until the glue or other materials dry completely.

Final Words

Above are two common and effective methods to stop a crack in wood from spreading. With these methods, you can fix your wooden items instead of throwing them away. To do these methods can be a bit time-consuming. But, they will help you save your money and protect the environment as well.

Reference Source: How to Stop Wood Cracks from Spreading

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