The Ultimate Guide On How To Square A Miter Saw

You can use a miter saw to make high-precision cuts. However, over time, the saw blade will decrease in accuracy. This greatly affects your work performance. But don’t fret. Through this article, you can learn how to align your chainsaw yourself. So, how to square a miter saw?

Basic steps for squaring a miter saw

If your miter saw can no longer cut straight or square, it is time to try these tips:

  • Clean the saw properly
  • Check the blade
  • Align the table
  • Align the fence
  • Adjust the miter angles
  • Adjust the bevel angle
  • Test for accuracy

1. Clean the saw properly

When you use a miter saw, it can create wood chips or sawdust. If you don’t clear them, they can stick to your saw blade. Over time, they can cause your saw to misalign.

Therefore, it is best to clean the saw after each use. If you didn’t have this habit before, now is the time to start it.

The easiest way to get rid of dust is to use an air compressor with an air nozzle. Thanks to this, you can remove sawdust from every crevice of the saw.

After removing the sawdust, you need to wipe your saw with a damp cloth.

2. Check the blade

One of the things you need to do when squaring a miter saw is to check the blade. Make sure it is still good. We mean it stays clean and sharp.

In case your blade is rusty, you need to use a stain remover or rust remover to solve this problem.

3. Align the table

In fact, most people who use a miter saw combine it with a saw’s table. Initially, the table may be misaligned. However, over time, it will gradually deviate due to corrosion.

Therefore, after discovering your table is misaligned, you need to make some simple adjustments to restore it. If that’s not possible, it’s time to buy a new table.

4. Align the fence

After making sure your desk is in great shape, it is time to check the fence. The hedge of the circular saw helps you in handling long materials.

To check if your fence is perpendicular, simply place a ruler along the length of the fence.

If you spot any areas that aren’t square, loosen the ducks and adjust the spot. When you have finished adjusting, tighten the screws and try to check again.

5. Adjust the miter angles

After you’ve finished aligning the table and fence, it is time to adjust your miter angles.

You need to make sure the miter angle is perpendicular to the fence. You can test this with a rafter layout square. 

You then need to place this rafter layout square against the front edge of the fence. Finally, lower the saw blade very low.

Or when you lower the blade to a low enough level. You will have to place the other edge of this square against the blade. Make sure you fixed this square to the fence.

You must check for gaps between the blade and the fence.

If you find any uneven gaps, you need to make some adjustments. All you need to do is loosen the miter and tighten the knob. After that, let’s make some adjustments to the miter angle.

You will have to keep adjusting until the blade and fence are square with each other.

The Ultimate Guide On How To Square A Miter Saw

6. Adjust the bevel angle

Adjusting the bevel angle is one of the important parts of squaring your miter saw. 

Placing one side of the square against the tabletop while the other side is facing vertically upwards.

Then you need to move the square close to the blade. Finally, look to see if there is any gáp between the blade and the square. 

The Ultimate Guide On How To Square A Miter Saw 1

7. Test for accuracy

This is a very important step. It ensures that your adjustments above are effective.

It is also a step to ensure that your miter saw can work correctly. You can check the accuracy of your saw by making basic cuts, such as 90-degree cuts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What causes misalignment in my miter saw?

There are several causes of misalignment in your saw: 

  • You are not using the miter saw properly
  • Using the miter saw too much
  • Do not clean the miter saw regularly
  • Use miter saw to saw unsuitable material
  • manufacturer error

2. How often should I clean my blade?

It is best to clean the blade after each use.


Hopefully, this article contains useful information for you. Squaring a miter saw is not complicated. It is important that you know exactly what you are doing.

Reference Source: How to Square your Miter saw

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