How to spin a basketball? Everything you need to know. Best tips for you!

Have you ever watched a basketball game live?  If you’ve watched it, you’ve seen players spinning the basketball on the finger. This is not a difficult trick. You can do it with some effort and practice. How to spin a basketball?

To spin a basketball on your finger, follow 3 steps to make preparation, practice spinning the ball in the air, and spin it on your finger.

How to spin a basketball

Preparation for spinning a basketball

Here is what you have to prepare before learning to spin a basketball.

1. Find an old basketball

Don’t rush to buy a new ball for practice. An old one will be better for beginners. The grooves on an old basketball are worn out and the friction has decreased. This will help your fingers easier to hold the ball and keep balance.

2. Remember to trim your fingernails

Having little fingernails can help you balance the basketball easier. But if your nails are too long, trim them. Long nails can break or even injure your fingers.

3. Find a wide and empty space to practice

When you start learning to spin a basketball, the ball can slip from your hand and damage objects. So it is ideal to practice in a wide space without any fragile objects around.

4. Stretch your fingers and arms before start

Spinning a basketball too quickly can strain your wrists or even break your fingers. Spend some minutes stretching your fingers and arms to warm up before practice.

5. Prepare a patient and persistent spirit

Spinning a basketball is not difficult. But it will take you quite a lot of time to do it proficiently. So, patience and persistence are necessary to ensure the success of this trick.

Practice spinning the basketball in the air

Before you learn to spin a basketball on your finger, you have to know how to spin it in the air first. Follow the instructions below:

1. Find the intersection of the basketball’s grooves

On a basketball, there are many grooves to increase the friction of the ball. Find the point where the grooves join up. This is a steady point to balance the ball on your finger.

2. Decide whether to use one hand or both hands

There are 2 ways to toss the ball: use one hand or use both hands. You can try both of these methods to choose what is more suitable for you.

  • Spin with both hands: Hold the ball with a hand on the bottom of the ball, the other on its side. Make sure that the grooves on the ball are vertical. Twist your hand slightly up to spin the ball and release it up into the air. Start with slow motion until you get a good steady spin, then increase the speed.

How to spin a basketball 1

  • Spin with one hand: This method may seem a bit harder. But it can make the ball spin on your finger easier.  Hold the ball with your dominant hand so that the grooves are vertical. The ball should be on your splayed fingertips. 

Twist your hand and fingers at the same time to spin the ball. If you use the right hand, twist to the left. If you use the left hand, twist to the right. Then release the ball up into the air.

How to spin a basketball

3. Practice spinning the basketball in the air

Use one of the two methods above to practice spinning the ball in the air. You should do it well before spinning the ball on your finger. Bend your elbows so that the hand holding the ball is facing up (at face level). The position of the elbow is slightly above the waist.

Don’t toss the ball too high because it will be difficult to catch it with your finger. 6-8cm is the ideal height.

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 Spin the basketball on your finger

Now let’s move to the steps to spin a basketball on your finger.

  • Step 1: Hold the ball with the fingertips of your dominant hand (if you use the one-hand method). Or hold it with both hands (if you use the two-hand method). 
  • Step 2: Spin the ball in the air (see the detailed directions above)
  • Step 3: When the ball comes down, catch it with the index finger of your dominant hand. The finger should contact the intersection of the ball’s grooves. It is easier to balance the ball on your fingernail. Adjust your hand back and forward to keep the spinning ball balanced. 
  • Step 4: Keep the momentum of the spinning ball by slapping it on the side. Remember to slap with slight force to avoid knocking it off.

Final Words

So, above is a detailed guide to spin a basketball. Learning to spin a basketball is not as struggling as your imagination. You may fail a few times, but don’t be discouraged, keep practicing. Be patient and you will make it. Good luck!

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