How to sharpen table saw blades? Detailed Implementation Steps

 Even if you own a high-end saw blade, they will become dull saw blades after a period of continuous use. A dull saw blade does not mean you have to replace another blade. You can still use them with a simple re-sharpening method. How to sharpen your table saw blades? Follow the sharing below to sharpen blades better!

How to sharpen table saw blades?

You can sharpen table saw blades perfectly with these simple steps:

  • Prepare the necessary tools
  • Prepare safety measures
  • Prepare the saw blade
  • Fixed diamond blade
  • Align the teeth
  • Fill the teeth
  • Remove the diamond blade
  • Reinstall the saw blade

To get better at sharpening the table saw blades above, follow our detailed sharing!

1. Prepare the necessary tools

To complete this process well, you need to have all the necessary tools. These include:

  • Diamond saw blade
  • Table saw machine
  • Dull saw blade

You must attach the diamond saw blade to the table saw. The diamond saw blade would be the tool for you to sharpen the table saw blade.

How to sharpen table saw blades

2. Prepare safety measures

Any saw blade, whether sharp or dull, can cause injuries to your body. To protect your body, you should still use protective gear.

Follow these instructions to protect yourself:

  • Turn off the power to the table saw completely. Including turning off and unplugging
  • Wear safety glasses to prevent iron dust particles from entering your eyes
  • A good pair of gloves will help you avoid bruises or cuts
  • Earplugs will help you block out the noises that give you headaches
  • The respiratory mask will help you prevent small metal particles from entering the body

3. Prepare the saw blade

A dull saw blade will be the main character in this stage.

Remove the blades and continue with another job

You should completely remove the table saw blade from the table saw. Some people think that leaving the table saw blade in the table saw is easier to do.

However, it is a big mistake. When the saw blade is on the saw, it will cause difficulties in the grinding process. 

Because they cannot fix themselves in one position at all. It will move continuously and reduce the accuracy when grinding the saw teeth.

On the other hand, dull saw blades are not sharp, but they can still cut your hand when they lose control.

You should seek safety in the first place. Please remove them and continue with another job.

4. Fixed diamond blade

We made the saw blade dull, and replaced it with a diamond blade. You can use the blade switch or the nut to fix the diamond blade.

In case you use a nut to tighten the diamond blade, you should do so carefully. Do not squeeze them too tightly, and it may warp the blade.

 On the contrary, a loose nut will not help you fix the diamond blade. You should tighten the nut to a moderate degree.

5. Align the teeth

To sharpen the saw blades completely, you need to sharpen all the teeth they have. However, there are many jagged edges and the enthusiasm to work can make you forget where to start.

You need to sharpen all the teeth the blades have 

The best way to fix it is to mark the cog where you started. Marking with a short piece of tape or a splash of pastel can be a good solution.

Sawtooth also has different types. If they all point in the same direction, you can grind each tooth at a time. In contrast to the more complicated aliasing, you should do it more than once.

6. Fill the teeth

This step is the most crucial. You connect the power of the saw, turn it on. Once the diamond blade has rotated steadily, bring the tooth marked on the saw blade closer to the diamond blade.

Carefully touch the tooth blade to the diamond blade. Make sure the edge of the tooth blade touches the diamond blade.

Fill the teeth 

The fast speed and hardness of the diamond blade will help the blades become sharper.

After grinding, continue with another blade. Repeat the process until the last tooth blade.

7. Remove the diamond blade

After finishing sharpening the saw blade, remove the diamond blade. Use a clean cloth or brush to remove any remaining dirt on the diamond blade.

Cleaning it before storing it away will ensure it lasts longer.

8. Reinstall the saw blade

We will check the sharpness of the saw blades right after sharpening them. Install the finished table saw blade into the table saw. Close the lock switch or tighten the nuts tighter to secure them. Then turn on the button.

Start cutting with any piece of wood. If you see a smooth cut, the cut is easy. You have sharpened the table saw blade properly. You should carefully apply some oil to the table saw blade to maintain it.

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How to recognize a dull table saw blade?

Not everyone can recognize the slag table saw blades for sharpening them. Dullness is not expressed in color but sharpness on the teeth.

You can’t see them, but you can tell by the following signs:

  • There is resistance and difficulty in making cuts
  • When touching the material surface, the blade makes a loud noise
  • The surface of the cuts is not smooth, creating a lot of debris
  • The appearance of burns on the cutting surface
  • Engine load increased

How to maintain the saw blade well?

Even if your saw blade is a high-quality product, it will easily lose its effectiveness when you don’t maintain it.

Sharpen table saw blades as soon as they show signs of dullness

Regular maintenance of the saw blade will help it work well and use it for a long time. Take the following precautions to take care of your tongue:

  • Clean the saw blade regularly. Especially the wood plastic stains
  • Apply lubricant to the saw blade after each sharpening
  • Do not use the saw blade to cut materials that are too hard
  • Fix the saw blade at a moderate level
  • Sharpen the saw blade when it shows signs of wear

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there a saw blade that I cannot sharpen?

Have! With specialized saw blades for cutting hard materials, you cannot sharpen it this way.

When the saw blade is particularly hard, you will need a specialized grinder. You should bring it to experts or experienced people for help.

2. Should I sharpen or replace a new saw blade?

If you just bought a saw blade, then you should sharpen it. It is still in good use after grinding. Conversely, if your saw blade is old. It would be best if you replaced it with a new one for better performance.

3. Can I sharpen the saw blade without a table saw?

You can sharpen the saw blade without a table saw. You can sharpen it with a file or a special saw blade sharpener.

Anything that can make your saw blade sharp can be used.


Dull table saw blades would not work correctly. Your cuts will be ugly and difficult to make. Sharpen table saw blades as soon as they show signs of dullness.

Hopefully, through our sharing, you will know how to sharpen your table saw blades. Good luck with this process!

Reference Source: Table Saw Blade Sharpening – How to Sharpen Saw Blades – Simple Method

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