How To Sharpen A Pole Saw Blade? Step-By-Step And Notes

The pole saw blade differs from other saw blades in that the saw blade is mounted at the extreme end of the saw. With this structure, the pole saw blade works effectively with pruning high branches, helping users save time and energy. 

To maintain these saw blades will also be extremely different from other conventional saw blades. How To Sharpen A Pole Saw Blade?In the article, we’ll help you sharpen your saw blade properly.

How To Sharpen A Pole Saw Blade? Step By Step And Notes

How to sharpen a pole saw blade?

The most accurate way to sharpen a pole saw is to start sharpening the saw blade from the back. In order for each tooth to be sharpened, you need to match them to the angle at which it is fixed in a vise. 

You can take a chopstick to place on the serrations at a 45-degree angle and grind each tooth vertically. Repeat this action with the front and all the edges!

To ensure safety, avoid accidents or unnecessary injuries. In the process to sharpen the saw blade, please hold the saw blade tightly! Holding tight will prevent fast and powerful buckets of fluid, which can cause unfortunate accidents.

Step-by-step instructions for sharpening pole saw blades with different tools

To choose the right sharpening tool for your pole saw, it’s important to understand your saw blade. There are different types of pole saw blades, most of which are divided into 2 types. That is manual pole saws and powered pole saws. Details for sharpening these two types of saw blades, we will guide you in detail shortly.

Sharpen a pole saw blade by hand?

This method is suitable for manual pole saws. Manual pole saws have long curved saw blades, along with three-sided teeth. 

How To Sharpen A Pole Saw Blade? Step By Step And Notes

The necessary tools

  • Orange oil
  • Copper bristle brush
  • Air compressor tools
  • Clip
  • Tick
  • Knife set


Sharpen the saw blade in a well-lit place so that you can see the teeth clearly.

Step by step instructions:

  • Step 1

Remove all sawdust along with the sand that is adhering to the saw blade. Apply orange oil to the saw blade. Then use a copper bristle brush and slowly remove the dirt from the tooth. 

  • Step 2

As for the dirt stuck deep in the small holes, use an air compressor to push them out! After making sure your saw blade is clean. At this point, you proceed to wipe off excess oil and stains that are still attached to the saw blade. In order not to miss any blades during manual sharpening, mark the teeth with a light-colored marker.

  • Step 3

You need to fix the saw blade tightly using clamps to avoid shifting during sharpening. The position of the saw blade needs to be uniform, and must be clamped tightly so that it does not move.

  • Step 4

You may begin at any point on the saw blade, on the marked teeth. While sharpening the saw blade you need to make sure the file matches the angle of the teeth. Then you just need to make a few strokes on each tooth. You repeat this until all the teeth and sides of the saw blade are sharpened.

Sharpen a pole saw blade powered?

Power pole saw blades in addition to the saw blade also have a chain blade. So, sharpening this saw blade will be a bit more complicated. 

The working mechanism of a powered saw is that the chain blade is attached to the guide bar and forms a new cutting edge. You need to know what type of chain your saw is using. You can find it on the saw’s specs.

How To Sharpen A Pole Saw Blade? Step By Step And Notes

The necessary tools

  • Round file
  • File Instructions
  • Flat file
  • Depth measurement


Before you start to check the condition of the chain to determine if you have damaged the saw blade. Or your saw blade is just dull from regular use. Once you have determined the condition, you will decide how deep you will sharpen the saw teeth.

Step by step instructions

  • Step 1

Use a round file and start at the point where the serration is most damaged. Choosing a set point to start filing should ensure that you will file from the inside to the outside of the saw blade and chain.

You must file from the inside out. Because the file will wear out due to excessive friction with the hard chromium outer layer during grinding.

  • Step 2

Make two points of contact – one with the tip of the cutting tooth and one with the tip of the file guide.

  • Step 3

Keep the saw blade flat with the cutter and make sharpening strokes. You keep repeating this until the saw teeth have reached a certain sharpness

  • Step 4

At this point, you need to use a drop center depth gauge to achieve stable operation. Place the depth gauge on the blade. The falling center gauge will hide the total breaker except for the top part. You refinish the saw blade according to the depth of the gauge.

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Points you need to pay attention to

To make the most perfect way to sharpen a pole saw blade. You need to note the following points:

  • Using the Whetstone file and the diamond file will help you sharpen the blade in the fastest and most efficient way.
  • Whatever method you use, spraying orange oil on your teeth and tongue will help you clean the impurities as well as the dirt stuck in between teeth.
  • Make sure you can see the teeth of the blade during sharpening. That way you can adjust the depth and sharpness.
  • To preserve the best saw blade, spray orange oil on the saw blade after sharpening
  • Always be patient when sharpening the saw blade to avoid an unfortunate accident.

Final Word

Surely you already know the way to sharpen a pole saw blade, right? You can start with any method, but remember the notes we sent you! Thank you for reading this article!

Reference source: Pole Saw Blade Maintenance 


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