How To Restain A Deck Without Stripping Is Easy!

How long has it been since you built the deck in front of the house? No matter how long, it’s time to test its appearance. Does it look older and peel off some layers of the stain cover? If you can see the changes, let’s find the methods to clean and renew but we can still keep the original look. Today, we will show you how to restain a deck without stripping.

How To Restain A Deck Without Stripping

How To Restain A Deck Without Stripping Is Easy!

Before Restaining: First Things To Do

Surely, you need to prepare an empty deck by moving furniture and items such as mats, planters or flower pots, and other sundries outside the deck. Besides, you need to use something to cover everything that cannot be moved if the stain splashes. In addition, sweep dust and leaves and keep the deck clear of litter. The surface needs to be ready to restain well without obstacles.

Collect Furniture Before Restain

Next, look for areas with screws, tighten them or drive into the blanks. While you are checking the screws, you should recheck the situation of the planks because some damaged or decayed areas require replacing new ones too.

The last thing you need to do is remove stains to avoid becoming hard spots. You can rinse with some soap or detergent and water or brush to remove most dirt. Don’t forget to put on safety clothes and safety devices to avoid stains on your clothes or skin.

Restain A Deck With The Same Color And Brand

Now it’s time to start to restain the deck. It’s better to find a stain sample having the same color and brand as the original version. All you need is some detergent to tidy all dirty traces, and then you can restain the deck without stripping. Now, let’s get started to clean the deck.

Look! Is it a deck with oil stains? Deck cleaners with mild detergent help you get out of grease and grime from oil. If the decks caught mildew, you should look for a kind of cleaners for mildew.

How about the weathered decks? If they change into dark or gray colors, restore the original color or brighten the deck with a refreshing cleanser. You can scrub the surface to get rid of the most stain, but you do not need to spend your time trying to remove all because a new layer will be applied anyway. 

After completing the cleaning process, the deck should be dry for 24 to 48 hours before you can coat a new stain.

Restain A Deck With A Different Color And Brand

Because you are using a different color from a different brand, you must remove and clean the old stain with a stripper.

First, spray the solution around the deck with a stiff-bristled synthetic brush. Scrubbing the deck with this brush also helps to remove hard spots.

Second, clean and flush the surface to get rid of the stripper. When the solution permeates into the soil, soak the contaminated area or put some plants to make the concentration watery. In this step, make sure to rinse the deck with water carefully to remove the solution and the dust before using another liquid.

After cleaning the humus, balance the pH to keep the wood color with a brightener.

Please note that the surface should be allowed to dry from 48 to 72 hours before you can start to stain the deck.

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Restain A Deck That You Stained At Least One Time

This case means you have stained the deck before, and now you want to restain the old stain layer.

Firstly, cover by paper or canvas where you don’t want to restain this time. Last time, you have already stained a new protection layer on the deck, so the layer limits as much as possible the dust and stain. Now you need to check for the cracks or space in the planks. You have to check all areas on the deck to make sure that you don’t miss any.

Secondly, instead of choosing the same brush as in the two above cases, use a natural bristle stain brush. It is more convenient because this brush has a long pole, so you don’t have to bend to stain.

Let’s stain now! It’s better to stain along the length of the planks to soak the liquid and limit the stain desquamation.

Finally, wait until the stain is dry completely, and then you can set up the furniture on the deck again.


You can check if your deck falls into any of the three cases on our post –  how to restain a deck without stripping and follow the proper way. We hope our information is useful to renew your deck effectively. Let’s try and show us the result with some photos as feedback!

Reference Source: How to Re-Stain a Deck | Ask This Old House

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