How To Remove Black Mold From Wood – Useful Woodworking Tips For Carpenter

Treating moldy furniture is a burning problem that is of particular concern to the online community, especially in the current situation of high humidity. If you are wondering how to remove black mold from wood properly, please refer to this post.

Why Does Mold Appear On Your Wood Furniture?


Everyone knows that mold grows very well in humid environments. In fact, there are fungal spores in the air and on the surface of wood furniture. However, mold only grows in the right environment.

How To Remove Black Mold From Wood

Air humidity is considered high when it exceeds the 70% value threshold. This is when mold will grow strongly and damage goods. 


Heat is one of the basic requirements to support all life. And this is also an indispensable factor for mold to form on surfaces of wooden furniture.

Normally, the favorable temperature for the growth of mold bacteria is 21 to 32 degrees Celsius. However, the temperature for mold growth, as a group, can range from 0 to 50 degrees Celsius.

Besides the unusual weather changes, the two intersecting hot and cold air currents are also favorable conditions for microorganisms. It will cause a physical phenomenon that causes the humidity of the air to rise, and the appearance of small water vapor particles that condense right on the surface of the wood will give mold a chance to multiply.

How To Remove Black Mold From Wood 

Prepare yourself

This is an indispensable step!

Your health is of great importance. The first thing to do when in direct exposure to mold and chemical cleaning products is to protect yourself. You don’t want to poison yourself with detergent or get sick from just one cleaning session, right?

First, make sure you’re wearing a mask. It not only helps your facial skin from dirt during the cleaning process, avoids the risk of acne and allergies, but also protects the airways, preventing dust from entering the nose, penetrating deep down your throat and lungs during work.

Protect yourself first

Next, wear gloves to prevent skin from being in direct contact with chemicals or avoid dermatological diseases caused by bacteria and fungi.

Clean the area

Today’s vacuum cleaners are used to clean floors and carpets and help remove mold, bringing a cleaner atmosphere to your family. A multi-functional vacuum cleaner with an attached HEPA filter will completely remove mold. Please vacuum from top to bottom, left to right, and on wooden surfaces for the highest efficiency.

If there are still stains, make a solution of water and a few drops of soap. Then, rub this on the wooden surface, wait for the mold layer to peel off, wash it again with cold water, and dry immediately.

Sand the wood

This is also very simple. Hold and rub the paper on the wood. Be patient until you see layers of mold come off of the furniture. Once finished, take a soft cotton pad or damp cloth to wipe away the humus particles. Keep in mind not to use a towel that is too wet because it will cause water to soak into the cabinet, causing mold to grow even stronger.

Protect with specialized products

You should paint the wood before the interior of your home is ravaged by mold. Prevention is better than curing, right? The technique of painting wood gloss is also quite simple. However, you should find a professional carpenter to get the best results.

It would be best to paint the wood surface with protections

In addition, wood paint also brings a luxurious appearance to your wooden furniture with its gloss and vivid colors, adding value to these items. Paint also has high durability, often up to 15 years.

Besides, users also need to pay attention to the surrounding environment to best protect wooden furniture. Store furniture in a cool, dry space. On hot summer days with humidity from 80 to 90%, use a dehumidifier for a few hours or use a hygrometer to know the temperature and humidity and adjust to the optimal level to protect the wood surface from black mold.


These are all steps you need to know on how to remove black mold from wood.

However, these are only solutions that solve immediate problems. For wooden furniture to last long, remove dirt with a soft bristle brush and do not leave the furniture in direct sunlight or in a humid location. Thank you for reading, and hope to see you soon!

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