How To Remove Algae From Deck? Useful Tips For You!

The method of removing algae has long been a matter of concern because this organism can grow very quickly in hot and humid environments. They can even grow on metal surfaces like decks! So, how to remove algae from deck? If you’re wondering about this, you probably shouldn’t skip this article.

How To Remove Algae From Deck

Algae can grow rapidly with large areas on the surface of the deck despite the metal surface. However, there are many ways to get rid of it completely. That’s why you don’t have to worry about your algae-covered deck. Here we will talk about the five most basic and effective methods that you can implement.

How To Remove Algae From Deck

Algae removal products

Nowadays, it is not difficult to come across quality algaecide products on the market. They are all designed with special properties and are dedicated to killing algae, and can prevent algae from growing back quickly.

Specifically, most of them are sold as concentrated solutions. When using, you have to mix them with water and spray them on the surface to remove algae. The only back draw is that their prices are quite expensive.

Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is known to be a cleaning agent; however, it does not kill the algae. It has the effect of causing the algae to separate from the surface that the algae are clinging to, so you need to combine manual cleaning.

Distilled white vinegar

Here we will talk about getting rid of a fungus with white vinegar – an eco-friendly natural cleaner. This type of method is very popular because the ingredients are easy to find, easy to clean, and harmless.

In terms of usage, you will find simplicity in it! You only need to mix white vinegar and water according to the available recipe – one gallon of water and one cup of white vinegar for each mix. After the solution is sufficient, spray on the deck’s surface, and the algae will be removed quickly.

Washing under pressure

For those who don’t want the deck to be damaged by chemicals, a pressure washer is a perfect choice! All you need to do is turn on the machine’s switch and adjust the nozzle to where the algae clans to the deck.

However, this method also has some limitations. Pressure washers are convenient for cleaning – but not everyone owns them. Although it’s more expensive than other methods, you can use it as many times as you want – anytime you want. 

In addition, make sure you are experienced enough to adjust the machine at a reasonable pressure and distance because if you put the nozzles too close to the floor surface, or the pressure is too great, they can completely damage the soft parts of your deck.

Use pressure washer to clear the algae


 The last method – also the most radical method, is to use bleach. This type of product is famous for its high cleaning properties, with just a little bit can kill large numbers of algae.

However, it is limited by its properties that can be toxic to users and the environment. Not only that, but it also has the potential to erode the surface of the deck – including metal. That’s the reason when using this method, be careful not to come into direct contact with the bleach. 

Please wear gloves and eyeglasses, protective gear, boots, and a mask. In addition, make sure your water is not released directly into the natural environment without treatment.

Nowadays, there are more and more eco-friendly cleaners to choose from. Therefore, please pay close attention to the ingredients when buying them.

How To Prevent Algae From Growing Back

The methods that we have just shared with you are extremely effective; however, they only work temporarily. There is no guarantee that the algae will not return. Therefore, besides killing algae, you also need to apply some methods to prevent algae from growing back on the deck.

Clean the deck periodically

The most important method to prevent algae from returning is to clean the deck regularly. New algae will not have a chance to grow on your surface, thanks to this. To ensure the deck’s surface is free of algae, clean it at least once a week.

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Use water repellant

The deck is designed to be difficult to drain completely, so when it rains or when cleaning the deck, the water that has been stagnant for a long time creates a favorable environment for algae to grow. Therefore, use a water repellent substance so that the deck is always water-resistant.

Keep the deck dry

This is also the method that you need to pay special attention to – keep the deck dry. Algae only grow on wet and humid surfaces, so if the deck is always dry, they won’t have a chance to grow. That’s why you always need to keep the deck as clean and dry as possible.

Our Final Thoughts

Algae can be such a problem with their sheer number and rapid spread. However, follow the methods mentioned, and you will get rid of this worry. After the article How to remove algae from deck above, we hope you have found the right algae removal method. Thanks for reading!

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