How To Remove A Stuck Screw From Wood? Try These Effective Ways

Knowing why the screw is stuck in wood will help you find the proper solutions. In the article, the experts of us will help you about How to remove a stuck screw from wood? The method to remove a stuck screw from wood. 

Here are some effective methods to remove a stuck screw from wood:

  • Remove paint from the screw
  • Use lubricant to loosen the screw
  • Use a screw extractor
  • Remove the stuck screw with a hammer
  • Use a drill

Let’s check out how to do these methods:

Remove paint from the screw

Painting on the screw can make it stuck in the wood. In the case, you may remove the paint. It will make the screw easier to take out. You can scrape the paint from the screw with a chisel. If you don’t have a chisel, a razor knife can be a good replacement.

Another way to clear the paint is using paint remover. Spray the paint remover on the painted screw and wood around. Wait for some minutes until the paint disintegrates. Wipe the paint out with a piece of cloth.

After clearing paint from the screw’s head, use a screwdriver to remove it from the wood.

How to remove a stuck screw from wood? Try these effective ways

Use lubricant to loosen the screw

Sometimes a screw is stuck in wood because people leave it there for a long time. Under external influences, rust forms around the screw and makes it get stuck. To remove it, you have to loosen it first. Add a few drops of lubricant such as WD-40 to the screw. 

Wait for 15-30 minutes so that the oil can dissolve the rust and loosen the screw. For heavy rust, you may need to wait for some hours. After that, you can remove the stuck screw with the screwdriver. 

Use a screw extractor

A screw extractor is a specialized tool for removing screws.  It’s very useful for removing broken head screws. Its structure is quite similar to that of a drill bit. But screw extractors always come in a set of bits with different sizes and configurations.

Screw extractors always come in a set of bits with different sizes and configurations

Here’s how to remove a stuck screw using a screw extractor.

  • First, you should find a drill bit having the matching size with the screw’s head.  
  • Then drill a pilot hole on the head of the screw. Choose a fit screw extractor with the hole and place it securely in the hole with a hammer. 
  • After that, use pliers to clamp the screw extractor. Turn the extractor to the left to loosen and remove it.
  • If you have an electric screwdriver that works with screw extractors, use it. Fit the screw extractor with the screwdriver and unscrew the stuck screw. This can be faster than using a drill, hammer, and pliers.

Remove the stuck screw with a hammer

A hammer is a great helper in handling stubborn screws. To remove a stuck screw in wood with a hammer, follow the direction below.

  • To begin with, put the screwdriver on the screw’s head
  • Next, while turning the screwdriver with one hand, use the other hand to tap on the hammer’s back. 
  • If you find it a struggle to do, ask others for help. One will turn the screwdriver, and the other uses the hammer to tap. The inertia will help you dislodge the stuck screw. 

This is an effective way which can work on almost stuck screws.

Remove the stuck screw with a hammer

Use a drill

Another way to remove a stuck screw from wood is using a drill. Choose a drill bit that has the same size as the screw’s head. Then, drill down the length of the screw to take it out. 

Using this method will leave a deep hole in your wood. So you will need to fill it with epoxy or wood filler.

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Some tips to handle stripped screws

Sometimes you can’t remove a screw from wood because its head indents have been stripped. This makes the screwdriver can’t fit the screw’s head to turn it. There are some useful tips for this problem:

  • Use a rubber band to cover the bit of the screwdriver and turn the screw loose
  • Make a notch on the screw’s head with a mini rotating saw. This method works with screws that are not too deep in the wood. After cutting a notch, use a flat head screwdriver to remove the screw.
  • Use pliers, preferably locking pliers, to grab the screw’s head and pull it out

Final Words

We have shown you some ways to remove a stuck screw from wood. Hopefully, with these useful tips, you will not feel annoyed with stuck screws anymore.

Reference source: How to remove stripped screws – 7 different ways


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