How To Play Basketball Overseas – Ultimate Tips

The most frequent question basketball players ask is, “How to play basketball overseas?”. Especially for those who have never traveled outside of their home country or do not know anybody who has played pro basketball in other countries, starting this procedure may sound like being in the middle of the desert. 

Getting a job as a professional basketball player in another country is challenging and will demand a significant financial investment without any assurance of a return.

Hopefully, the actionable tips below will show you which proper direction to go.

How To Play Basketball Overseas - Ultimate Tips

Useful Tips

The dream of making a career playing basketball may come with many uncertainties and complications. Where will you begin? Who do you communicate with? So, what are your options?

You should determine whether you have the ability to play in the D-League, NBA, or any leagues at this stage in your career. After having the right assessment of your skills, come up with a strategy and try your best.

Once you have decided this is the career path you want to pursue, now it’s time to talk about how to execute it and bring your dream to life. Here are some tips for playing professional basketball in another country.

Making A Decision

The first stage is to commit fully to making playing basketball in a foreign country a reality. 

It implies that you will have to choose a simple part-time job, such as selling gym memberships, to be as flexible as possible to attend exposure camps or leave the country for a newly-offered position.

You will need to inform everyone about your plans, and it would also mean that your whole existence would revolve around achieving your goal of being a professional basketball player. Everything else follows in the footsteps of that overarching goal.

However, less than one percent of collegiate athletes go on to play professionally. Everyone aspires to be a member of the one percent.  so, You have to make 100 percent effort on this to make it happen.

If you’re not all the way in, you’ll be hesitant to take advantage of chances. You’ll offer less than your best effort since you’re sure that you have a Plan B in place.

Plan B is only necessary when you are unsure about Plan A. If you have a Plan B for making it to the NBA, start with it from the beginning to save yourself the time and effort.

How To Play Basketball Overseas

Training And Joining

There’s still a chance if you’re a little older and haven’t started your basketball career yet. For example, Dikembe Mutombo, an eight-time NBA all-star, didn’t start playing basketball until he was 22. All you have to do is adhere to a plan and give it your effort.

Training as hard as you can and joining from small to big competitions are fantastic methods to learn how to play basketball overseas.

Playing At The Top Level In Your Own Country!

Ensure that you maintain a record of your progression. You will not get better if you do not know where to improve.

Create trademark moves and strategies that help you step up your game. Invite your friends to join you in your practice sessions. Professional basketball is a sport in which recruiters and coaches look for the finest players to join their teams. so, play as best as you can.

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Joining School Or Local Competitions

It is appropriate to leave practice fields and play games when you are confident in your abilities. Managers may hire the greatest players from high schools or colleges. Such scholarships are even provided. 

Teams in school will enhance your skills and assist you in signing up for a professional squad. Meeting experienced coaches also increases your opportunities of entering big leagues in basketball. Try to  join up and play hard at your local competitions, even if there’s no cash. 

Playing well enough may lead coaches to a higher league, and you will notice your tenacity. Another significant advantage is to meet and learn from experienced players.

Joining Basketball Academies And Training Camps

You get excellent exposure to the field by participating in the sports camps. It is also an occasion for mentors and coaches to get your routine in small camps. Once you improve, strive for larger camps to expand your opportunity to train with mentors and other advanced players. 

Better,  you can take part in direct trials. Look for USBA (United States Basketball Association) announcements to see whether clubs are in search of fresh players in other countries.

Most professional basketball players used to attend one or more training camps throughout their careers.

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Finding An Agent

Pro Skills Basketball advises that you work with an agent to assist you in navigating the procedure of playing basketball in another country. However, they are aware that finding agents and determining who to work with may be a difficult task in and of itself. 

They recommend that you ask yourself the following question: “Do any of your old teammates or basketball-playing buddies have agents who might be interested in representing you?”; “Is there a particular agent who has been approaching you that you like?”

Saving Your Money 

If you’ve ever gone to a pro ball tryout, you know that no events are free! For-profit organizations and individuals organize camps earn from your participation, which is not a negative thing and does not imply they are attempting to defraud you.

If their event allows you to get a contract while also allowing decision-makers to select their next player, they should benefit from it.

You ought to be ready to pay for anything that can help you progress. Workshops for exposure are no exception.

Ensure that you will have the financial means to attend as many exposure camps as you can. This implies that budgeting money would be a significant priority for you if you were starting today.

Basketball is a for-profit business. So, in this scenario, many players will need to spend money to earn money.

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Creating Exciting Videos

If you were a collegiate athlete, make a collection of every game you participated in that you can get your hands on. Nowadays, most schools videotape their games; make sure you get your hands on the footage as soon as possible!

There is no telling what will happen — you could transfer, have a falling out with the coaching staff, or the coach might be fired — so find an ally in the sports department and get your videos. The person in charge of the videos is generally quite easy to get in contact with.

It is unnecessary to make a big fuss about obtaining your film since coaches may get impatient with players who request videos during the midst of a season. Instead, discreetly gathering those tapes/DVDs and storing them in a secure location is the way to go.

Remember to keep an eye on the originals at all times. Still, make duplicates in case you need to send them to multiple agencies. 

When it comes to professional teams, the video serves as your job interview. If they haven’t seen you play in person and you don’t have the playing footage, your only option is to attend an exposure camp, for which you must pay for travel, lodging, food, and entrance fees.


Another option for getting opportunities to play basketball in other countries is to make use of your existing networks. Find someone you know from college or high school who might assist you in getting over there. Keep in mind that networks are beneficial in any area, not just basketball.

People associated with you might be pro basketball players, high school’s trainers, or anyone who has additional connections with basketball scouting agencies. Thus, trying to make the best out of your social relations is a smart move.

It just serves as a suggestion in this case. For example, if you are an excellent basketball player, coaches or recruiters may contact an international scout to schedule an interview for you.

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Having The Right Expectations 

Many people have a misunderstanding about playing basketball overseas. They hear about people making vast sums of money and assume that is international basketball.

If you come from mid or low-level schools, be ready to start at a lower level than you anticipate and earn less salary than you want.

Investigate international leagues and get acquainted with the kinds of players that play there. This may assist you in establishing reasonable expectations.

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If you desire to know how to play basketball overseas , there are many chances for you to pursue your goal. Simply stated, it all depends on how much effort you put out. 

Professional basketball is a competitive industry with far too many suppliers and far too few customers. As a result, you must take things to a higher level to make yourself stand out. Hopefully, you’ve learned helpful tips from this article.

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