How To Measure A Bandsaw Blade – The Must-Know Tricks 

How to measure a bandsaw blade? There are two basic ways for users to measure the length of the blade. One is to roll the blade on the floor and determine the extent of the created path. 

The other way using a mathematical equation, you can calculate the circumference of the circle made by the blade. Either way, you can have an accurate result of your blade’s length. So, let’s dive into our detailed guide to get your job done with ease!

How To Measure A Bandsaw Blade 

To measure a bandsaw blade, we have two basic ways. Below are the detailed explanations. 

  • The Traditional Way 

The first technique is very simple. All you need is a measuring tool, a marker, and a clear floor. 

Step 1: Mark a line on the table

How to Measure a Bandsaw Blade

You can have one piece of masking tape on the inside of the blade and use a pen to mark a line. Or, if you have a marker, directly draw on the blade.

Step 2: Mark the floor

Use masking tape or something that can stay stably on the floor and mark a line aligned with the one on the blade. 

Step 3: Roll the blade in a straight direction

Roll it until the point hits the floor. Then, take another piece of tape and mark down the second mark.

Step 4: Measure the span between the two marks 

If you have a tape measure, use it. Otherwise, it’s alright to use a shorter ruler as long as you keep it straight. 

  1. Using Mathematical Equation 

Step 1: Fold your blade into circles 

Fold the blade into circles. You’ll notice that every blade can only create an odd number of circles when folded. 

Step 2: Measure the circumference of the circle

Use a measuring tool to go across the center point to determine the diameter. 

Then, to calculate the circumference, you use this equation: 

C = π.D

With: C represents the circumference 

 D represents the diameter 

Step 3: Calculate the whole bandsaw blade’s length

Since one circle above is just a part of the whole blade, we’ll have to multiply the result (C) above with the number of circles that constitute the blade. If your blade folds into 3 circles, for example, the equation will be Length = 3. π.D 

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And there you go. Two easy ways on how to measure a bandsaw blade without any special tool. You have your choice of either the traditional method or using the mathematical equation. We hope this article was helpful to make your task easier.

Reference source: How to Measure the Length of a Bandsaw Blade

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