How To Make Wood Molding With A Router In A Proper Way. Discover now

How to make wood molding with a router? It may seem to be a hard job but it really isn’t.  If people still can turn a big wood stock into a stunning molding with beautiful curved lines then you can too!

This job is quite simple with our detailed instructions. With these guidelines, you can make whatever form of wood molding you desire.

Let’s get started!

How To Make Wood Molding With A Router

Making wood molding may seem simple with helpful equipment, however choosing correct materials and guaranteeing accuracy are the real challenges.

How To Make Wood Molding With A Router In A Proper Way

Don’t worry! There is a solution to every difficulty. Here is a step-by-step guide to assist you in avoiding making any mistakes during your work:

Step One: Pick Up Suitable Wood Boards

The quality of the board determines the value of your products. Please do not mind spending time at this stage.

To choose good materials, you should:

  • Eliminate all the boards with fasteners because they are difficult to detach.
  • Skip the pieces with chemical applications. 
  • Choose the boards that fit the finish you have planned to use.
  • Exclude cedar and redwood in case you want to repaint your product since these kinds of wood are hard to acquire a new layer. 
  • Find thicker boards than those in your plan because you may want to adjust their thickness during the process. If you do not use any thickness planer, try to get the boards with the exact size.
  • Take advantage of abandoned boards to save money.
  • Collect more than you need to fix the flaws in your work.

Wood boards are important part to make a molding

Step Two: Setting Up The Tools

Your wood must be clear of metal-free at the beginning of the procedure to protect your machine from being broken. You can make use of the metal scanner to wipe all the unnecessary objects away from the boards.

After that, make sure you do not miss anything in the list below:

  • Wood boards 
  • Router
  • Router bits
  • Table saw

Step Three: Making Wood Molding With A Router

  • First, place the desired form on the router’s broader board.
  • Then, mill the wood stock with the router to shape it. 

Mill the stock with a router

  • Choose an appropriate bit. A router bit offers numerous profiles. You can take advantage of them to create preferable shapes for your workpiece.

A router bit offers different shapes


  • After that, locate the bit and test its height to optimize the precision of your cuts. The bit’s height refers to how much of the bit is visible or how much of the bit will cut the workpiece. We can modify its height by using the router’s depth settings or a router lift.
  • Next, attach the bit to the table saw. The bit must be firmly tightened. Router bits get hot very rapidly, causing the expansion. There will also be room for expansion between the bit and the collet. In this case, just use a wrench to fasten the locking nut of the collet.
  • Setting the fence of the table saw is extremely important. It depends on the size of the bit you chose.

You have to put a ruler across the bit’s middle; fix the cutting tip of the bit towards the fence; modify the fence to the appropriate height and width. Fasten the fence, cut a testing piece, and then the fence is ready.

  • Finally, pass the wood boards you have cut through the router bit. Take a few passes if you want to ensure a flawless finish.

Pass wood pieces through the bit to form the shape

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Words Of Caution

Your job is easy, but it may be deadly if you are not cautious. While carrying out the work, remember to:

  • Keep an eye on the router and the table saw: They can grind and cut wood. If you do not devote enough attention to your goods, they may injure your finger instead.
  • Be careful with the wood dust: It is harmful to your ears, eyes, and lungs. You should wear a face mask and goggles with hearing protection to protect yourself.


We have just figured out how to make wood molding with a router. In general, good planning can help you achieve a 50% success rate. You also need to be cautious, creative, and patient to obtain the rest of 50%.

You might contact us for any queries. We are always willing to assist you.

Reference Source: How to make ANY moulding with REGULAR router bits! (Crown molding, baseboards, picture frames, etc)


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