Leveling Up Your Pit Bull – Short Guide on How To Make Pit Bull Bigger

When we talk about pit bulls, it usually crosses our mind that we are talking about American Pit Bull Terrier, or Staffordshire Bull Terrier, although there are other varieties of the pit bull breed. So far, you probably know that pit bull are descendants of bulldogs and variety of terrier breeds. They have a medium-size body, which comes with overall friendly behavior towards human on one side, and sometimes with the moody and aggressive attitude towards other animals.

By their nature, pit bulls are lean but very muscular, but this can differentiate through the variety of breeds. It is the usual thing that the owners are looking to add them more muscle mass so that they could look more powerful. Well, through this short article, we will try to give you useful answers and advice related to how to make pit bull bigger?

The Basics of Bully Body Building

Indeed, it doesn’t take a lot to for you to make your pit bull bigger. When we say “bigger,” we think of increasing the overall muscle mass of your bully, so that is the goal you are trying to reach.

Defined muscular appearance surely speaks that the dog’s owner is someone how is responsible, cares about his pet and works with him, to enhance the overall health of the dog. In time, as your bully progresses with muscular training or diet, he will become stronger and powerful, so you must be aware that you have physical condition has to answer the awesomeness of your dog. Therefore, you are advised to provide your pit bull heavy and thoroughly obedience training on a daily basis because your energetic and strong dog must be well balanced together with his physical boosting.

Another important fact that you must have in mind is the genetic predispositions of your dog. Yes, some muscles that you will be able to pull out from your bully will be related to dogs genetic heritage, with no matter how hard you train your pet, or how many nutrients you provide – there will always be a certain level to reach. The punchline is, you must be reasonable with your dog, and consider maximum pets effort as a fact. But, if you are a person who has high expectations for your dog, you should look for a dog that comes from a muscle building and well-defined lineage, because the pup from that lineage will quickly develop and gain muscles.

Next thing you should have in mind is that you should start any training at the right time and be patient. If you give your pup hard physical training, or if you provide powerful nutrients above allowed levels, you could easily hurt your dog. You should not give hard and exhausting training programs for a dog that is under one year age, so you must be very patient and calm. Further, you have to be aware that female pit bulls will not be so massive and muscular as the male ones, but this doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to have a well-defined dog.

The physical training must be continuous and on a daily basis, because the body structure of the pit bull requires stimulation to stay fit and in shape. If you somehow neglect the physical needs of your pet, it will become fat, slow and the overall health will be bad. So, don’t be lazy, take your dog for a walk at least half a mile per day. In time, you can increase the length and dynamics of the walking by adding some short jogs, or weight pulling exercises.

Basic and the most common pit bull training will include treadmill, drag weight with harness, and the most favorite the spring pole. Here you can discover more about these exercises.

Feeding the Bully

The healthy and happy dog is also a well-fed dog. Usually, some of the people think that only hard training and exercises will build up the muscle structure of their pit bulls, and they are rather wrong than right. Training will damage the muscles, and the only way to restore them is to provide your dog with proper nutrients.

How does this work? Well, if the amount of dog training becomes hard and heavy, the dog's body will start to react by adding more volume to restore and regenerate the muscles, but that volume can be present only if your dog receives the proper amount of nutrients in his diet. When your bully gets enough nutrients to recover from the training, there won’t be anything left to promote the muscle growth and your dog will get more definition. But, the size of muscular construction will remain the same. Provide to your dog proper amount of vitamins and proteins, and be sure that your dog has plenty of water nearby.

The good and responsible pit bull owner should do serious research work and see what type of food is the best for his dog. Remember that food types along with their nutrient charts can and will differ from one breed to another; therefore you should take notice when choosing the best dog food for pit bulls. Have in mind that cheap or expensive food doesn’t have to be the right one because pit bulls can be allergic to many ingredients which are in the food.

If you ask any serious body builder, you will hear that 80% of muscle building job comes from the kitchen. Well, there is nothing different when it comes to dogs. You have the task to provide a proper diet to your bully that is rich with proteins.

So, the best choice would be natural and organic dog food, and if the meat is the main course, you won’t make any mistakes. We are aware that frequent buying of the meat can be expensive, but if you can provide your dog with a delicious treat, it will be the best option. Instead of canned food, provide your dog with dry kibble because it contains a higher nutritional value, and it is excellent for dog teeth and jaw.

Further, the raw meat is also a good choice because your bully will receive a natural and extremely healthy meal. It is no secret that some dog owners are providing their dogs only with a raw meat diet, while the other ones are mixing dry kibble with raw meat as the supplement. Even the bones from your local butcher shop can be an excellent additional choice for your dog. Finally, if you are giving your bully a dry food diet, you should visit your vet, or local pet store and ask what his best dry food available on the market are. Remember, the food types are different for the puppies and the grown up dogs.

Finally, you have to understand that your pit bull is an athlete by its nature, but if you don’t take care and don’t balance the dog’s diet, your pet can easily gain unwanted weight. Mainly, owners are doing the wrong job by giving their dogs treats without monitoring, many times a day. Instead of that, you should limit the treats and break them into smaller portions which are for smaller dogs. On this way, your dog will have what he needs with no matter if the portion has a smaller amount of food.

Another good tip is that you can find substitutes for treats, and these substitutes are also healthy, and your dog will enjoy them. For example, baby carrots and celery are something that your bully will like, due to a crunchy feature of the vegetable. Also, you can add fruits to dogs menu and treat the pet with something sweet. Apples, strawberries, blueberries, watermelon, and bananas will be the good option, but always wash the fruits and vegetables and remove any skin before giving them to the dog.

The Space for the Dog

For the conclusion, the advice we can give you is that you should provide and secure the space for your pit bull because he is like any other dog or animal and likes to roam around. Therefore, indoors or outdoors, your bully must have plenty of space for his endeavors. If you are about to go outside the house, the spring pole can be there for a workout while you are away. Don’t forget to leave plenty of water, because the pit bulls are liable to heatstroke and dehydration.

We hope that this article will help you while you strive for achieving the healthy life for your pit bull. Enjoy your time working with him, and treat him with love and respect.

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