How To Make A Table Saw Fence At Home. Best Tips For You!

The saw fence, together with the saw blade and a miter gauge, are considered indispensable parts of the saw table. 

However, after a period of use, your saw fence is damaged or its quality is not up to the standard you need. Then you can completely make a saw fence yourself. The method is quite simple. We will guide you now.

How To Make A Table Saw Fence At Home

How to make a table saw fence?

To make your own sawed fence, please follow the steps below:

  • Step 1: Fabrication of aluminum rail
  • Step 2: Install the rail
  • Step 3: Create a sliding mechanism
  • Step 4: Assemble
  • Step 5: Transport Bolts
  • Step 6: Create a fence
  • Step 7: Check the accuracy

We firmly believe that as long as you follow the steps that we guide you, you can create your own saw table fence. Now we will go into detail step by step!

Detailed steps to make a table saw fence

Before getting started with detailed instructions. We will list the requirements you need to prepare.


  • Aluminum rectangular profile
  • Wood screw (50mm)
  • A square piece of wood 2.5×2.5cm
  • 2x7cm wooden board for fence
  • Some plywood
  • Transport Bolts
  • T beads


  • Table saw or hand saw
  • Drill and bit
  • Hammer
  • Clip

Step 1: Fabrication of aluminum rail

You take a long rectangular aluminum bar and then cut it twice with a cutter to get a 9mm groove in the middle of one side of the aluminum bar. You need to make this groove because it will be the groove to slide the bolt. Then drill 5 holes in the aluminum bar to screw it back into the wood.

This is what you need to create

Step 2: Install the rail

Now place the aluminum rail you just created in the appropriate position with the eyeball on the edge of the table. Then you use a wooden board or whatever you have to make sure the rails are level with the tabletop. 

Based on the holes, you have drilled to screw on the rails, use a pen to mark them on the wooden board. Then you use the 50mm wood screw to secure the rail to the board.

Step 3: Create a sliding mechanism

To create a sliding mechanism for the saw fence, add the square piece of wood you prepared earlier. This piece of wood should have an eyeball and mark a groove center. Now drill 3 evenly spaced holes on this board. 

With the second piece of wood, you also drill 3 holes at the same distance as the first piece of wood. However, only the middle hole is fully drilled, the two side holes are only half drilled.

Please ensure the accuracy of the scale

Step 4: Assemble

On the two square boards that you just drilled the small holes, punch two T-nuts in the side holes. Using the chisel, slowly remove a few millimeters of wood to offset the back of the T nut. Next, you glue, clamp and screw both pieces into a solid block.

Step 5: Transport Bolts

It’s time to use transport bolts. The bolts will act as a slider. A middle – will tighten all mechanisms.

Transport bolts have round bolt heads, so grind both sides to make them fit your rails. You then attach these transport bolts to the 2 square boards and connect it to the rails.

Hope you find it easier

Step 6: Create a fence

To create a fence, use 2 x 7 cm wooden boards. At the same time, you glue and screw a piece of plywood for a stronger fence.

In this step, to make every stroll perfect, you need to check the perpendicularity of the blade to the edge of the rail. 

When everything is good, align the fence, check for squareness, clamp, and screw with 50mm wood screws. You do the same until the fence is finished. You can test again. Let’s check about squareness is the most important. Finally, you remove the wood screws and then add wood glue to start using.

Step 7: Check the accuracy

After the wood glue dries and you can use it. Please check the movement of the fence to see if it is easy or not. Make some test cuts, until you see thin strips of wood and you can be confident that the fence you have created is perfect.

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Final Words

Here’s our simplest and most detailed how-to guide for you. Hopefully, you can easily create your own table saw fence and serve your work better. Please rate our article as helpful!

Reference Source: Make A Table Saw Fence For Homemade Table Saw

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