How To Jump Higher Basketball? Detailed step-by-step instructions

For basketball games, the ability to jump high is one of the very important factors. Therefore, most basketball players are always working to improve their jumps. You do not have to be a professional player to improve this skill. Let’s learn some tips to jump higher basketball via the article below.

How to jump higher basketball – Step by step guide

There are many methods to make you jump higher. The following are the simplest and easiest methods for beginners.

  • Improve leg strength through basic exercises
  • Practice to make your vertical jump better
  • Advanced practice for better skills

1. Improve leg strength through basic exercises

  • Do exercises with dumbbells

The first thing is keeping your back straight. Your knees are slightly bent so you can rest your hands on the weights. Then, using your legs as support, push your butt forward and lift the dumbbell.

How To Jump Higher Basketball

You should do about 8 reps per set. You should also rest for 30 seconds between sets. This activity is excellent for your back as well as leg muscles.

  • Practice squats

Find an exercise bench and stand close to it. 

Put one foot on the bench and squat on one leg. Next, you need to slowly get up and return to the starting position. To increase your leg muscles, you should use dumbbells

You should do about 8 – 10 reps/set. Do 3 sets of each leg.

Practice squats

  • Jump rope 

Start with an upright position, Each hand holds one end of the jump rope. Start swinging the rope and jump by both two feet when the rope reaches your foot position. 

Repeat this movement until you reach your goal. If you are a beginner, you should jump rope for 8- 10 minutes and rest.

Do not forget to gradually raise the target to get better results.

2. Practice to make vertical jump higher

  • Do vertical jump exercises

Before you start, make sure that you are in a straight posture. Don’t forget to raise your arms straight up in the air. 

After that, slightly bent back and knees. Remember to bring your arms straight behind you. 

Finally, jump with all your might and raise your arms in the air. Make sure that after jumping, your position is not changed. You just jump vertically.

You should do this exercise about 10 -15 times in one set.

Vertically do single jump exercises

  • Jump forward

You will still start out in the same position as you did for the simple vertical jump exercises. When jumping, you will jump forward a bit and jump with all your might.

  • Perform high jumps combined with squats

For better results, you should perform this exercise with an exercise bench. You still start with the same position as the two exercises above. 

After that, jumping onto your bench and finish in a squat. Always remember to try to jump as hard as you can.

High jumps combined with squats

3. Advanced practice for better skills

  • Practice gaining momentum before jumping

In fact, gaining momentum and running speed is very effective for high jumps. However, running too fast is not necessary. You need to control your speed to easily switch from fast running to high jump.

  • Practice lowering your centre of gravity

In fact, gaining momentum and running speed is very important for the high jump. 

But, that doesn’t mean you have to run really fast. In fact, you need to control your speed to easily switch from fast running to high jump.

You need to lower your centre of gravity while remaining upright. That means you try not to let your body lean in any direction.

  • Raise your two arms straight up when doing a jump

Right before you start to jump, you need to lower your centre of gravity. Do not forget to swing your arms back.

When doing a jump, do not forget to straighten your arms behind you

Perform a jump

In fact, the only thing that determines the height of the jump is gaining momentum.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I practice without equipment?

The short answer is yes. The use of equipment only helps to increase the effectiveness of the exercise!

2. What is the secret to jumping higher?

The key is that you need to do the right moves and be persistent. Your skills will improve over time.

3. How long does it take to improve my jump higher basketball?

There is no exact answer to this question. Just be patient, you will soon get great results.


After reading this article, you have a clear understanding of the tips to jump higher basketball. In general, you do not have to be a professional player to master this skill. Just persistently follow the instructions above, you will get great results.

Reference Source: #1 SECRET To Jumping Higher for Basketball


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